Best SEO Proxies

Find the best SEO proxies for your web scraping needs. Our list features top providers for search engine optimization that offer reliable and cost-efficient datacenter or residential proxies, ISP proxies, and more.

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Soax is a premier provider of residential and mobile proxies, offering an extensive network of clean IP addresses spread across various locations worldwide. The service enables users to conduct web scraping, ad verification, market research,…


Infatica is a global residential proxies, mobile, and datacenter proxies designed to help businesses gather valuable data from the web without restrictions. The platform offers an extensive network of real-world IPs, allowing users to browse…


Explore the features of Smartproxy, a top-tier proxy provider. With a range of datacenter and residential proxies, advanced tools, and 24/7 support, Smartproxy is a popular choice. Our informational page provides you with all the…


The term “Rayo” refers to the greatest feasible finite number. A “byte” is a single unit of data storage. When you combine the two, you get Rayobyte, a corporation that can push your business forward…


Learn about GeoSurf, a proxy provider with over 3 million residential proxies in 130+ countries. Our informational page covers their subscription-based pricing, features like a premium static network and city targeting, and suitability for businesses.…


PacketSteam is the first peer-to-peer privacy marketplace in the world. Packeters make money by sharing excess bandwidth. Customers buy bandwidth to preserve their privacy and to keep digital snoopers at bay.

Bright Data

BrightData provides proxy services, including servers, APIs, a scraper, and pre-collected data. They offer 72 million residential IPs from 195 countries with options for payment and acceptable use policy. The company also provides tools for…


HydraProxy offers high-quality proxy services that include both data center and residential proxies. Their proxies are ideal for a wide range of applications including web scraping, SEO tools, social media management, and more. They aim…


Explore NetNut, a quality provider of residential and datacenter proxies. Consider factors such as pricing, proxy types, and notable features to make an informed decision.


FroxyProxy platform offers a vast pool of clean, reliable, and continuously updated IP addresses, ensuring a high success rate for all online activities. Froxy’s services are ideal for various applications, including web scraping, ad verification,…

Frequently Asked Questions
about SEO Proxies

SEO proxies are specialized proxy servers used for search engine optimization tasks, such as web scraping, data collection, and keyword research. These proxies allow you to access search engines without being detected or blocked.

Residential proxies are generally considered the best option for SEO, as they provide a legitimate residential IP address that is less likely to be detected by search engines. Datacenter proxies can also be used for certain tasks, such as site audits and Bing-level search engines.

When selecting an SEO proxy provider, look for a provider with a large proxy pool, automatic rotation, and a high success rate. Good customer service is also important, especially if the proxies will be used for mission-critical functionality.

Using free proxies is not recommended for SEO tasks, as they are often slow, unreliable, and may have already been detected by search engines. This can result in your IP address being blocked or banned.

The number of proxies needed depends on the scale of your SEO tasks. It is recommended to use a minimum of 10 proxies for most tasks. However, for larger-scale tasks or high-volume data collection, you may need hundreds or even thousands of proxies.