IPRoyal – Genuine, Ethically-Sourced Proxies in 195 Countries at Great Prices

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IPRoyal offers premium proxy services for businesses and individuals who need reliable and scalable solutions for online privacy and data gathering. Here are some of its key features:

  • Different types of proxies: residential, datacenter, mobile, and sneaker proxies suitable for different purposes and needs.
  • Excellent customization: IPRoyal allows you to select the location for your proxies with city-level precision, set up rotation, protocol (HTTP/S and SOCKS5), and more.
  • Global IP address pool: Over 8 million proxies in every corner of the globe, suitable for individuals and large-scale business projects.
  • Outstanding support: IPRoyal provides support 24/7 with experts ready to answer your questions and help you make the most out of your proxies.

💰 Price

Residential proxies start at $7/GB, datacenter and static residential proxies start at $1.80/IP, sneaker proxies start at $1/IP, and mobile proxies start at $7/day.All plans offer great discounts, so buying more residential traffic or IPs for a longer period gets you significantly lower prices.

🌎 Locations

IPRoyal offers genuine residential proxies from 195 countries. Datacenter and sneaker proxies are available in nearly 30 countries, while mobile proxies come from US, UK, and Lithuania.

🖥️ Proxy Types

IPRoyal residential plan is ideal for web scraping and multi-accounting thanks to global coverage and advanced session control for each IP. Datacenter, static residential, sneaker, and mobile proxies offer affordable options for e-commerce, social media management, and more.

⭐ Trustpilot score

IPRoyal’s current Trustpilot score is 4.6 and rising, with over 900 reviews. Most users praise reliable proxies, great prices, and quick support response.

#️ Size of IP pool

IPRoyal offers over 2 million authentic residential proxies and over 6 million other proxies. While it’s not the biggest IP pool out there, it’s large and versatile enough for all types of proxy users.

🏷️ Notable Features

IPRoyal’s user-friendly dashboard lets you quickly and easily configure your proxies, track data usage, extend your orders, and more. The blog section offers a wide range of tutorials and guides to help you use your proxies to the max regardless of your usage scenario.

💳 Promocode

Use code GOLOGIN to get 10% discount on residential proxies.

😎 Best For

IPRoyal focuses on safe, fast, and accurate proxies for all purposes, from web scraping and SEO research to social media management, online shopping, and more. It offers one of the best price/value ratios on the market, so it’s perfect for those who need a reliable service without a premium price tag.

💻 Browser extension/API

IPRoyal offers API access for all types of proxies for easier integration, order management, sub-user administration, and more, depending on the proxy type. Users can also use the IPRoyal Proxy Manager extension for Chrome and Firefox for quick and easy proxy switching.

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Price from $7 per GB
Locations 195 countries
Proxy Types Datacenter, static residential, sneaker, mobile proxies
Trustpilot score 4.6 out of 5
Size of IP pool 2 million residential + 6 million other types
Promocode GOLOGIN (10% off residential proxies)
Best For All-round service for good price
Browser extension/API Proxy Manager browser extension + API

Frequently Asked Questions

IPRoyal offers genuine, ethically-sourced proxies in 195 countries at great prices.

IPRoyal offers datacenter, static residential, sneaker and mobile proxies.

IPRoyal residential proxy network covers 195 countries. Datacenter and sneaker proxies are available in nearly 30 countries.

Yes! IPRoyal can be used with GoLogin as a universal-type safe proxy provider.

IPRoyal’s has a great user-friendly dashboard to easily configure your proxies, track data usage, extend your orders, and more. The blog section offers good choice of tutorials and guides to help you use your proxies to the max.


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