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  • Encrypted profiles
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Browser Profiles

Browser profiles located separately in the cloud. You can run them from any platform or regular browser.

Profile Sharing

The number of times, when you can share browser profiles. It allows you to assign viewing, editing, or managing rights to your colleagues.

Team Members

Your teammates with whom you can share access to your account. They will be able to create, manage and run all of your browser profiles.

Android App

You can use the anti-detect browser GoLogin from your smartphone wherever there is Internet access. Download Our app from the Play Market.

Database of the fingerprints

You can generate an unlimited number of different digital identities by creating profiles and changing their fingerprints.

Cloud Launches

Profiles that you can run in the cloud at the same time without installing Go Login on your device. It provides maximum anonymity when running from different devices


You can connect to API and integrate GoLogin with other programs.

You also have access to a free data plan that includes 3 profiles in the browser and all the benefits of Gologin, except for sharing profiles and team members.