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LightningProxies boasts one of the most extensive proxy networks, with over 10M+ monthly unique IPs,  less than 0.5s response time, and geo-targeting that allows you to scrape data at any scale.

Key features for efficient web scraping without blocks:
• Global coverage: Over 10M+ monthly IPs in over 180 locations worldwide.
• Proxy selection for any use case: Residential, Datacenter, IPv6, and ISP Proxies.
• Flexible & clear pricing: Get the most from LightningProxies; bulk orders
benefit from up to 80% discount.
• 24/7 Support availability: We are available all day long to answer or help you
with any queries you might have; we are your proxy partner after all!

💰 Price

Residential Proxies: from $4.5/1 GB and as low as $1.5/GB for 1TB+ amounts.
Datacenter Proxies: from $10/Day and as low as $135/Month.
IPv6 Proxies: from $10/Day and as low as $110/Month.
Static ISP Proxies: from $4.5/IP and as low as $2.1/IP for 100 IPs or more.

🌎 Locations

LightningProxies has wide coverage for their Residential proxies in 180+ countries. In fact, you can also target multiple countries in their Datacenter & IPv6 Proxies, including US, CA, UK, DE, and others. One unique feature is the ability to purchase Static ISP Proxies located in Australia. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Give them a try today!

🖥️ Proxy Types

• Residential Proxies
• Shared Datacenter Proxies
• IPv6 Proxies
• Static ISP Proxies

⭐ Trustpilot score

LightningProxies has a strong reputation for a relatively new provider, with 4.6 Trustpilot stars.

#️ Size of IP pool

LightningProxies offers the public one of the largest proxy network pools, boasting over 10M+ IP addresses in over 180 countries. Their Residential proxy pool has close to 10M unique IPs a month, along with Shared Datacenter Proxies featuring 20,000 IPs in multiple countries. Accelerate your web scraping projects with faster timeframes, free from geo-blocks or captchas.

🏷️ Notable Features

LightningProxies has multiple important and unique features, such as ASN targeting and IP whitelists in their Residential proxies, country targeting for IPv6 & Datacenter proxies in multiple locations, and a perfect and friendly UI dashboard allowing you to manage your proxy plans, track usage with a detailed proxy usage log, extend plan duration, and more. Give them a try, and you will become a returning customer!

💳 Promocode

Were the offers and features convincing? That’s not all! All GoLogin users benefit from a 10% discount on any order with the code: GOLOGIN10.

😎 Best For

LightningProxies is best for individuals and companies needing reliable, fast, and large IP proxy pool solutions. Their proxies are a good fit for web scraping operations, SEO, market research, and other use cases requiring top-notch proxy services and clean proxy IPs.

💻 Browser extension/API

LightningProxies provides Public API access to all its customers, including an instant API link generator for all proxy services they offer. Certain tools or setups might not directly support the common proxy string, which is why having an API link to access proxies is beneficial for those who need it.

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Price from $4,5 per GB, from $10/day
Locations 180+ countries
Proxy Types Residential / Shared Datacenter / IPv6 / Static ISP
Trustpilot score 4.6 out of 5
Size of IP pool 10 million
Promocode GOLOGIN10 -10% off everything
Best For All round + Large scale usage
Browser extension/API API

Frequently Asked Questions

LightningProxies offers Residential, Datacenter, IPv6, and ISP Proxies. Our main focus is ensuring that all our proxy products come equipped with lightning-fast speeds, high uptime, and top IP quality.

We have over 180 countries to choose from in our Residential proxy pool, as well as main countries in Datacenter, IPv6, and ISP proxy pools. Any location you might need is covered by our proxy service; don’t worry!

We provide both IP authentication and User:pass authentication, allowing our customers to access their proxies exactly how they want. We are aware that some tools/setups might not support a certain authentication type; that’s why our services offer them both.

Our team is available 24/7, even on holidays, to support you every step of the way, in case you need it. We provide support via Live Chat, Telegram, Discord, Email. It’s impossible not to get your query resolved with our service.

Of course, check our website blog section and learn how to set up easily in less than 10 seconds LightningProxies X GoLogin.


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