Morelogin Browser Alternative: Honest Review 2024

We continue our article series comparing browsers with antidetect and multi-accounting features. Today, we will research and test MoreLogin browser.

MoreLogin is a Chinese anti-detect browser that is pretty similar to its more well-known alternative AdsPower. Despite flexible pricing and good features, there are some important downsides to consider. These include online reputation that’s not authentic, which is connected to many AI-generated MoreLogin reviews.

Walk through our review to get a clearer picture if MoreLogin suits for your case.

TL;DR: see the table at the end for a quick comparison.


MoreLogin: Features And Usage Nuances

First Impressions & Comfort Of Use

You might have heard about this browser through its affiliate program, which encourages numerous users to share their positive experiences with MoreLogin. This program is prominently featured on their home page.


To start using the browser, you have to get to MoreLogin download page. Windows and MacOS are supported, with no mobile app or web version offered. Registration is smooth via Google auth or the standard signup option.

Like we said earlier, MoreLogin feels like a copy of the AdsPower browser. It is clear when you compare MoreLogin vs AdsPower looking at their UI, logo, pricing plans and structure and other things. This might be the normal way it is done in China.

AdsPower pricing
MoreLogin pricing seems to be almost an exact copy of AdsPower.

Profile Launch & Teamwork

When you click New profile, a browser profile fingerprint is generated automatically by default. You don’t have to set it up manually.

However, if you need to, you can change the setting during profile creation or later.

New Profile screen in Morelogin.

Browser versions available: Chrome 117 was added in September 2023, Firefox 111 ー in July.

As you see, it’s been half a year since the last update. Antidetect browsers need to always catch up with official browser versions, and here’s why. By ignoring this rule, websites will detect users as working through browser fingerprinting software.

Pro Tip: look at how often a privacy browser is updated when choosing one for work.

Aside from Quick Create and Advanced Create options, there is an option to bulk import your multiple accounts so you don’t need to manually fill login details in the platform of choice.


The system generates a profile automatically, but you will still need to add proxies by yourself.

There are no free proxies in the app, you have to paste third-party proxies to safely work with the browser profiles. The proxy paste screen can be a bit difficult to find for a newbie. Proxy credentials are automatically allocated to the right fields.

Proxy edit screen in MoreLogin

Buying a proxy inside the app is also rather difficult for a beginner. Some reviewers even mention this process is a bit complicated for beginners compared to browsers like GoLogin.

Proxy purchase in MoreLogin

In case you need to add a lot of proxies, you can mass-paste and manage them in the Proxy Service section.

Setting up work process is relatively easy and adjustable. You can customize the profile table fields.

The Profile Table columns can also be swapped for convenience.

Aside from that, Profile table allows for filtering profiles, creation of browser profile groups and mass actions.

Talking about teamwork, MoreLogin has average options to share specific profile groups or all profiles with different permission settings.

Protection Against Fingerprinting

As you may already know antidetect browsers protect your digital browser fingerprint from websites to identify and track you for various purposes, including analytics, advertising, and security.

MoreLogin claims they use a canvas fingerprint innovation gathering canvas fingerprints from billions of real users around the world and using machine learning to match them in real-time.

To access the feature, you will need to create (or recreate) a browser profile.


Though we don’t know how the innovation actually works, the idea of real fingerprints isn’t an innovation. Many anti-detect browsers use a database of real fingerprints alone or in combination with random or masked fingerprint parameters.

Now let’s check how safe it is to use browser profiles with MoreLogin fingerprints for multi-accounting and other privacy reasons.

Like other alternatives, MoreLogin has an IP check page on profile startup. This feature doesn’t allow you to proceed to browse if your profile fingerprint looks suspicious.


As with all other tools, we will check the protection level with two third-party services, Iphey and Pixelscan.


Surprisingly, MoreLogin was able to pass both checkers using the Chrome 117 browser core.

Note: The Proxy and Location points are not as critical as Browser and Hardware, as they depend on your proxy heavily. The browser itself is responsible for the device parameters directly.

Support Quality & Reviews

MoreLogin offers several options to contact the support team: email, Telegram, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

Community users report that MoreLogin support is decent. However, we met a lot of reviews that were obviously made by the team.

From our experience, Telegram contact works the best. There is a branded chat where users ask questions and can browse answers from other users. Aside from that, you can contact the support agent in private chat. They respond almost immediately during working hours.

However, there is no Live Chat option inside the app to comfortably contact the team. HelpCenter is detailed and beginner-friendly on specific topics but lacks answers to repetitive questions from Telegram chat.

Considering the reviews and feedback, we have met a surprising amount of suspicious mentions. A whole lot of comments and reviews on MoreLogin seem to be either AI-generated or obvious bot-like content.

An example of GPT-written review – this is at least disrespectful to potential clients.

We also met several reviews on G2 Crowd and other platforms that were written by the vendor team itself. For example, this 5-star review was left by Vivek N., whose name is also accidentally mentioned as author on MoreLogin documentation guide screenshots.

Verdict: If our claims and guesses on reviews are true, then MoreLogin’s features and mentions quickly lose their trust value. We believe privacy software, no matter cheap or expensive, needs to have community trust. After all, people are going to trust their personal data to the tool. Morelogin does not have it yet.

GoLogin: An Overview Of A Trusted MoreLogin Alternative

Comfort Of Use

Compared to MoreLogin, most of the GoLogin functionality is placed on a clean main screen. It combines ease of use with advanced features.

GoLogin set up for SMM work.
An example of simple UI: you can add and manage proxies in this drop-down menu, and not search for a tab or another window. The mass actions are also right here.

GoLogin supports Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and even has a web app. The web app allows to run your profiles in the cloud, which is a great thing if you have a slower device or need to work without your laptop.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

Profile Launch & Teamwork

As with MoreLogin, when you click Add profile, GoLogin automatically generates a browser fingerprint. No need to adjust anything to work.

There is a Proxy section on each profile, where you can choose GoLogin free proxy in one click. You don’t need to manually change anything just to get started with the browser. Everything is very intuitive for a beginner.

Buying paid proxies in GoLogin is only a couple of steps on the main screen.

If you plan to use dozens of browser profiles, you can mass-paste proxies with one click right in the Table of Profiles. They will not mess up, whatever type they are.

Teamwork in GoLogin is very simple. You select a profile or group you want to share, invite members by email, and assign a role (view, edit, or admin).

One user can participate in multiple Workspaces (yours or someone else’s) to quickly interact with several teams from one account.

Protection Against Fingerprinting

GoLogin passes the Iphey and Pixelscan checks. The team updates the app with new browser cores in real time, which is necessary for smooth and safe work.

GoLogin passes checkers with no problem. All points green is what you should expect for good privacy.


Support Quality

You can access GoLogin support via Live Chat inside the app or on the website, compared to MoreLogin which offers only support via messengers. The support team works 24/7 and quickly responds to all user requests.

Any problem or concern? Feel free to chat with our support, available for you 24/7.

Also, GoLogin has a Help Center with articles on how to resolve different issues and a YouTube channel with tutorials gathered in playlists.

gologin review
Users mention simplicity a lot when telling why they switched over to GoLogin.

MoreLogin vs GoLogin: Counting Costs

Free Plans And Trial Periods

MoreLogin offers a free plan with 2 profiles, 2 users, and 20 profile startups. There is no free trial offered, though it’s advertised on MoreLogin website.
GoLogin offers a free plan with 3 profiles and no limit on profile startups. There is also a free 7-day trial of any paid plan.

Verdict: GoLogin offers full-featured free plan and free trial. MoreLogin offers an extra team seat, but it’s extremely limited on everything else.

Paid Plans

MoreLogin provides a pricing calculator – you can combine profiles and seats. GoLogin provides 4 fixed pricing packages and one Custom, so we will compare costs for corresponding usage scenarios.

Paid pricing of MoreLogin is not transparent at all: you simply don’t see what is offered, apart from profiles and seats.

MoreLogin offers 150 profiles for $40 per month.
GoLogin offers 100 profiles for $49 per month. This includes free proxies, mobile apps, REST API and cloud launches.

With its starter tiers, MoreLogin comes cheaper. If price is everything that matters to you for a start and you are tech savvy enough, MoreLogin might be a good fit for you.

morelogin price
MoreLogin pricing. Notice the free trial in the end: it also leads to the Free plan with 2 profiles. Paid features cannot be tested.

Next up, let’s compare middle sized packages.

MoreLogin offers 400 profiles and 10 team members for $140 per month.
GoLogin offers 300 profiles and 10 team members for $99 per month.

MoreLogin offers 1000 browser profiles and 20 team members for $250 per month.
GoLogin offers 1000 browser profiles and 20 team members for $199 per month.

With its middle tiers, MoreLogin already comes up more expensive than GoLogin. That’s the same with the top packages.

gologin pricing
GoLogin pricing

MoreLogin offers 2000 browser profiles and 20 team members for $350 per month.
GoLogin custom plan starts at 2000 browser profiles for $299 per month.

Let’s consider discounts for annual payments: MoreLogin has none, while GoLogin provides a generous 50% discount. Here is a yearly expenses sum up:

A year of 150 profiles on MoreLogin will cost you $480.
A year of 100 profiles on GoLogin will cost you $294.

In addition to that, GoLogin also provides 14-day refunds if you aren’t satisfied with the software.

Verdict: MoreLogin provides a bit more flexible pricing than GoLogin, but comes out more expensive for fewer features.

If you’re interested in checking out GoLogin, get your free 7-day trial period or request a demo.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

MoreLogin vs GoLogin: Review Recap

We’ll keep it short this time: GoLogin is simply safer, cheaper overall and easy for beginners. It is also well trusted in business communities, which is essential for a privacy software mostly used for earning money.

We are of course biased, but GoLogin is objectively better than MoreLogin for a business use case. Feel free to test both tools to make your own conclusions.

Comparison Criterium MoreLogin GoLogin
Free plan

Free trial of paid plans


Comfort of use


Country of origin



Updates frequency

Affordable paid plans

Mobile app

Profile cloud launch

Free in-app proxies

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

Run multiple accounts without bans and blocks

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