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Affiliate marketing is a method of making money online when you promote products, services, sites or businesses and earn a commission on every successful sale. Usually affiliates do it using multiple accounts. That’s why they need the best software to manage multiple social media accounts. One of the most common examples is a referral link that leads a user to another site. If he buys something by clicking on your link, you will receive a commission on that purchase.

There are other options for implementing affiliate marketing: ask the user to take an action, such as registering, filling out a form, or leaving an email address. Typically, you are provided with a unique link to an affiliate product or service.

Many people think they need to have a high budget to make money in affiliate marketing. In many cases, this is a mistake. Read our partner blog post MyLead and learn how to successfully promote affiliate programs on a small budget.

As for the amount of commission, it depends on the affiliate program itself. Some pay a percentage of the sale, while others pay a fixed amount for each conversion. There are many ways to track conversions. Some people use a link with a unique code for you to track where the conversion is coming from. Others may offer you a unique coupon code that you will offer to your users.

How to manage multiple Instagram accounts and multiple Facebook accounts?

Every affiliate in one day decides to try his hand at Facebook and Instagram. Usually he goes to the search engines and there he reads information about managing multiple instagram accounts and takes his personal account for the first time. Time passes, experience comes but one terrible day when he logs into his account, he sees that Facebook has blocked the advertising cabinet for suspicious activity or for some other reason. It will take another week of communication with support until he understands that his account is dead. What to do next? Of course, farm new multiple accounts! But with each passing day, Facebook’s management is tightening the rules. Multiple accounts are banned long before the first lead gets into the statistics. Perhaps the most discussed topic among affiliates is Facebook, or rather bypassing its anti-fraud system, because this is a real goldmine of traffic – crazy volume, cheap conversions and a powerful arsenal of advertising cabinet.

Today, in order to combat the antifraud system on Facebook, affiliate marketers are assembling their own farming teams, which are preparing multiple profiles for launch. Farming multiple facebook accounts is about gaining trust by an account by imitating the actions of a real user on the account.

Unfortunately, Facebook algorithms are constantly being improved and there is no 100% working method of farming: someone farms multiple Instagram accounts for a week, and someone for months; someone uses plastic cards for payment, and someone virtual; someone uses premium proxies, and someone does not use at all, there are a lot of options. It is no secret that in addition to the IP address and other network data, Facebook receives information about the type of device, its characteristics, operating system, browser, history of visits to other sites from this browser and other, more complex, digital prints – installed plugins, fonts, resolution device screen and others.

This allows the system to compare the distinctive features of ordinary users and fraudsters who bypass the anti-fraud system and deceive the platform, thereby defining certain patterns of behavior. If a similar scenario of actions on the part of the user is detected, the potential violator is blocked even before the actual violation of the rules. In simple terms: using special Google identifiers, Facebook tracks all user activity not only on the site itself, but also the user’s actions on the network, as well as information about his devices (computer specifications and operating system).

How it looks in practice: an affiliate marketer works with Germany, creates multiple facebook accounts with geolocation in Germany, imitates them for 3 days before launch, uses a proxy and a virtual card. Places ads and, having a debt of several hundred dollars, abandons an account, then registers a new one, imitates the same way and re-launches the ad. And so in a circle.

Facebook’s algorithms fix the violation, study the user agent’s data, and then, observing such a scenario, automatically block the ad cabinet. The bad news is that this was the case before, when the algorithms had not yet been trained. Now, due to the large number of multiple instagram accounts, Facebook has already formed portraits of scammers and bans multiple profiles very quickly.

Therefore, it is not necessary to prepare for work at once, not two or not three multiple accounts, but at least 5-10, so that in case of bans of half, resources remain for work. In this regard, there is a problem of technical resources, and first of all, hardware – usually there is one laptop, and, possibly, a couple of phones, which means that the probability of getting a trust account with each ban will gradually be reduced to zero. In order not to buy laptops at a flea market, you should try GoLogin for farming.

How to manage multiple Google accounts?

Technically, managing multiple Google accounts is almost no different from managing multiple facebook accounts using anti-detection browser. The main task of such a browser is to replace different browser fingerprints, such as User-Agent, JS.Navigator, Canvas, AudioContext, WebGL and others. We need this in order to hide the data of our real device from the Google tracker and create completely unrelated multiple accounts from the same device. And so that Google does not ban your real hardware, because then you can only be saved by buying a new one.

Work in Gologin begins with creating a new Internet identity, a profile that is a kind of container with its own specific set of proxy and fingerprint settings, which are saved and work after closing and reopening the tab. Each such container is isolated from the others. And data such as cache and cookies are also located separately and this data cannot get from one container to another.

Run multiple accounts without bans and blocks

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