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Multiple Instagram Accounts: SMM Guide on Avoiding Downtime

For many regular users and businesses, running multiple Instagram accounts is not a curious social option – it’s life. Many individuals and businesses use it to grow their audience and reach customers.

However, various challenges await those trying to scale or at least grow steadily: constant verifications, suspensions, bans and shadowbans for reasons often unclear and blurry.

Since Instagram is the second most valuable social media platform used by marketers, they should maintain good and safe presence there and prevent downtime to ensure the brand’s message reaches the audience.

Sudden drops in engagement and reach are a marketer’s nightmare – they affect brand reputation fast. So, in this article, you’ll learn how to protect your account from downtime and avoid bans.

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multiple instagram accounts

What is a Shadowban on Instagram?

A shadowban on Instagram is an account restriction that limits the visibility of a user’s profile and posts without the user’s knowledge.

When you get shadowbanned, Instagram hides your profile and posts from public view – but you don’t see it. This means your content won’t appear in any hashtag feeds or on the explore page, making it much harder for people to discover your content.

But sometimes, innocent users can get caught in the crossfire and get mistakenly shadowbanned. This can happen if Instagram’s algorithms incorrectly flag your content as violating their guidelines, or if you engage in behavior that’s seen as spammy.

Why Do You Get Shadowbanned on Instagram?

Here’s why Instagram might shadowban your account:

  • Posting content that goes against their community guidelines
  • Sharing false or misleading information
  • Publishing violent or sexually provocative posts.

multiple instagram accounts

To avoid getting shadowbanned, you must ensure your content aligns with Instagram’s guidelines, however blurry they are. You must remember that Instagram might think you’re a bot if you follow more than 500 people per hour or behave like a robot.

So, avoid acting like a bot – engage with other users more naturally and authentically instead.

Repeating likes and comments over and over again can also get you banned on Instagram. Don’t just mass like or copy and paste – try being more creative.

It’s also worth noting that using banned hashtags can get you shadowbanned on Instagram. This is because Instagram will ban you if you use hashtags that are not allowed to be used – it’s often about politics, religion, local protests or illegal activities. Don’t underestimate simple google research: if you use hashtags that might get you in trouble, you won’t notice the shadowban.

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Why Does Instagram Ban Multiple Instagram Accounts?

The phrase “multi-accounting” is often connected to people creating and managing many accounts on an online game or a website to gain an unfair advantage. This is fair to some extent, especially for gaming. Getting around daily usage limits, character levels, reputation and review systems, or referral benefits is at least unethical.

Things are more complicated with SMM people. For social media marketers, managing multiple accounts is the living water – they need to reach a wider audience for their many clients. For an agency that needs a stable, effective growth strategy, social media downtime (verifications, suspensions, bans) is a major headache.

Instagram, in particular, has strict limitations on account creation. You can only create up to five Instagram accounts, but if you exceed that limit, your accounts might get flagged and banned.

But why is Instagram so strict about this? They claim it’s about fairness. Banning multiple accounts, Instagram ensures everyone has an equal chance to grow their audience and succeed on the platform.

That’s fair logic, but again – only to some extent. If you’re a brand specialist managing several 100k follower accounts for your corporate clients, even 1 day of a temp ban downtime might seriously impact your social media presence and following revenue.

What Is Browser Fingerprinting?

Have you ever wondered how Instagram knows so much about your interests, devices, favourite places to eat, location and search history? It’s all because of the sneaky method called browser fingerprinting.

Browser fingerprinting is a technique that collects data from your browser by analyzing your device and software settings. This data can include your browser and OS type, device model, screen resolution, fonts, and even your installed plugins. Compared to cookies and geolocation, fingerprinting is extremely hard to stand against as you would need to manage hundreds of parameters in a logical, “normal” order.

Like many other websites, Instagram uses browser fingerprinting to track your online activity and personalize your experience on the platform. By collecting this data, the platform pinpoints your geographic location, tracks your search history, and serves targeted ads based on your interests.

To protect your online privacy, you should take some steps to minimize the impact of browser fingerprinting. One option is to use a privacy-focused browser, such as GoLogin, that blocks tracking scripts and other trackers.

Do Other Anti-Tracking Methods Work Against Instagram Tracker?

Spoiler: no, but it depends on your needs.

Many people turn to anti-tracking methods like VPNs or proxies when protecting online privacy. A reputable VPN will override geolocation restrictions, but it is not an adequate protection on Instagram anymore, as it cannot prevent tracking scripts from collecting data from your browser.

Proxy acts as intermediary between your device and Instagram, also protecting your IP address and making it more difficult for Instagram to track some of your activities.

Modern tracking scripts like Instagram, Meta, Amazon easily track both proxy and VPN users. That renders them ineffective against Instagram’s sophisticated tracking mechanisms with browser fingerprinting. Instagram has sophisticated, highly customized and evolving systems with skilled teams to collect user data.

If you’re using Instagram and other social media platforms for work, we strongly recommend you to not rely your work on VPNs and proxies alone, as their use may lead your accounts into permanent ban for spam reasons. To protect your privacy on Instagram modern, high level third party tools are needed. One of them is GoLogin.

Run Multiple Instagram Accounts using GoLogin

Download and install GoLogin app.

multiple instagram accountsNext, create multiple profiles using the GoLogin browser using the steps shown below:

multiple instagram accounts

Now, you can run these profiles and sign in to multiple Instagram accounts at once.

Advantages Of Using GoLogin for Multiple Instagram Accounts

If you’ve struggled to manage multiple Instagram accounts for your business or personal use, GoLogin is your solution! Here are some advantages of using GoLogin to manage multiple Instagram accounts.

No verifications needed. If you’ve tried operating multiple Instagram accounts, you know how frustrating it is to keep verifying each account repeatedly. With GoLogin, you can manage your accounts without worrying about verification. Thanks to top level browser fingerprint management technology, all GoLogin profiles look like normal users to Instagram: you can work with no stress of being noticed.

Zero chances of IP bans. Instagram has strict rules about managing multiple accounts from the same IP address, and doing so can result in an IP ban. GoLogin eliminates this risk by allowing you to manage all your accounts from different IP addresses using rotating and mobile proxies, keeping your accounts safe and secure.

Advanced protection from hackers. GoLogin provides top-level security for your Instagram accounts. The platform uses advanced encryption methods to protect your accounts from hackers and other online threats, so you can know your accounts are safe.

GoLogin is an excellent tool for managing multiple Instagram accounts efficiently and securely. It offers several benefits to help you grow your brand and increase your social media presence. So why not give it a try?

Download GoLogin browser now and prevent work downtime running multiple Instagram accounts!

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