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How to Run Multiple Amazon Accounts: Pro Marketer’s Tips

Here’s what multiple Amazon accounts allow dropshippers and e-com sellers to do:

  • scale their businesses
  • segment products for a specialized shopping experience
  • diversify the risks of relying on one account.

And here’s the thing: you can create and run multiple seller accounts. The thing is once one of your accounts is screwed up, Amazon algorithms check the related accounts and restrict them too. You can get into trouble even for seemingly innocent things such as working with contractors or using prep centers.

To avoid business downtime, you need to eliminate ties between accounts as much as possible. We are here to offer a safe way of running multiple Amazon seller accounts.

This article was prepared with the help of the legal firm Solver. If you are already suspended because of multiple seller accounts, their team can help you return your accounts back. They unban 99% of «related accounts» cases.

  1. Amazon requirements for having multiple accounts
  2. How to safely run multiple Amazon accounts
  3. Frequently Asked Questions

Multiple Amazon Accounts

Amazon Requirements for Having Multiple Accounts

Here are the official Amazon rules for having multiple Amazon accounts:

Legitimate business need

As it often happens, open sources lack defined criteria for determining legitimate business needs. Some of them are:

  • Owning several brands and creating different business accounts for each
  • Manufacturing products for two different companies.

This is obviously not a complete list.

Even if your reasons seem legitimate to you, still we do not recommend deliberately leaving associations between accounts. It is for the better safety of your business.

Let me explain. Let’s imagine you have completely studied and understood all Amazon’s blurry rules (which is actually a challenge), observed them, and made no mistakes. Having a close association between several accounts (e.g. name, business details, IP), you may still be suspended:

  • By simple algorithm mistake. For example, the same contractor works on 2 distinct seller accounts with permission and the accounts have associations ー the same time zone and the same OS version.
  • Because of your competitors, who will derail you through ransom payments, negative feedback, complaints, etc.

Important note: Amazon’s seller policies aren’t related to public law, their algorithms make mistakes and sometimes Amazon violates their own rules.

The risk of seller account ban

In practice, being banned just for running multiple Amazon accounts is rare.

However, the more associations you have between your accounts, the higher the odds that all your accounts will suffer once one of them is restricted. Sometimes Amazon needs several factors to verify the accounts are related. Sometimes, however, it is enough to have only 1 association.

Look at exactly how likely your accounts are to be marked related, based on types of associations:

Multiple Amazon Accounts

Examples of associations:

  • Name
  • The same credit card
  • Same business address
  • Same business entity
  • Brand
  • IP
  • Device
  • Cookies
  • Browser fingerprint

How to safely run multiple Amazon accounts


Simply create many accounts with different names, bank accounts, emails, and phone numbers and use a proxy with a different setup for each account. Still, it will be a matter of time before you have problems with your accounts.

A proxy server acts as a middleman between your device and the web. You can leverage different proxies for each Amazon account to replace your IP address and location, making it harder to detect multiple accounts.

Only 2-3 years ago, proxies alone worked against Amazon’s tracking, but that time has passed. A high-quality proxy can bypass basic tracking and geo-restrictions, but modern sophisticated websites like Amazon use exhaustive browser fingerprinting to determine identity.

Compared to cookies and IP address, your browser fingerprint is really hard to deal with when we’re talking about privacy. It’s a set of your device parameters (around a hundred of them) in a unique logical order which is extremely difficult to manage. Fortunately, there are working third party tools able to do that.

The safest way is to have a separate device for each account – or use a multi-accounting browser.

Multi-accounting browser

A multi-accounting browser is a safe web browser that allows users to manage multiple online accounts. Setting up multiple Amazon accounts to appear unrelated on the digital level (IP, device, cookies, browser fingerprints), can be challenging for non-technical individuals.

Multiple Amazon Accounts

Multi-accounting browsers operate just like regular ones, such as Chrome or Firefox. The difference is that they enable users to have from 2 to thousands of browser profiles. Each of these will be unique and unrelated to others: that is reached with sophisticated browser fingerprint technology.

You can create a custom set of Chrome extensions, bookmarks, and more for each profile. These items will be saved when you close and re-open the profile.

Amazon and other websites will perceive these profiles as distinct users accessing the platform from a specific location and hardware.

You will find such a browser especially helpful for:

  1. Safe work with contractors. It is quite a common account association when one contractor logs into several clients’ accounts. With a multi-accounting browser, contractors can access your account via one of the browser profiles. Digital fingerprints will be the same. It will look as if you are using the account.
    Multiple Amazon Accounts
  2. Creating a new account after ban.
  3. Running multiple seller accounts without a headache.

Disclaimer: The ethical use of multi-accounting browsers is legal. Such tools don’t violate US/EU laws. In fact, quite the opposite: they protect your business data and save time and money.

How to safely manage multiple Amazon accounts with multi-accounting browsers

1. Choose a multi-accounting browser (here’s our comparison guide). We will show how everything works using GoLogin as an example.

This software is one of the top multi-accounting browsers on the market. By the way, we recommend always googling for ratings with online tool reputation. Check this feedback on a niche forum:

2. Register in GoLogin and download the app.

Multiple Amazon Accounts

3. Set up a separate browser profile for each Amazon seller account.

GoLogin has a 7-day free trial for any paid plan, and a free forever plan with 3 profiles.

4. Each profile has a unique set of identifiers, meaning your Amazon seller accounts won’t be related to each other. You can adjust profile settings in the Details section if you need a specific setup, location or device parameters.

Important! If you aren’t technically savvy, we recommend to keep from manually changing browser profile identifiers. Maintaining a “normal” presence on the web isn’t that simple ー one wrong identifier can make you suspicious for websites’ algorithms. It’s essential that all profile details are unique and make sense together.

5. Click «Run» to open the browser.

6. Sign in to one of your existing Amazon seller accounts or create a new one.

7. «Run» multiple browser profiles to log into multiple Amazon accounts. Each profile opens in a new browser window. That’s it!

Download GoLogin browser now and scale your Amazon dropshipping or e-com business!

Separate devices

Utilizing multiple devices is just as effective as using multi-accounting browsers for avoiding account linking. It is a cost-effective solution, unless you need more than five accounts (= five devices).

6 smartphones x $50 (the minimum for a working machine) = $300. GoLogin’s cheapest plan with up to 100 browser profiles is $288 annually.

GoLogin’s professional subscription allows you to create more seller accounts at the same price. Purchasing 100 devices at $50 each would total $5000!

Frequently asked questions

Can you have multiple Amazon accounts?

Yes, you can have multiple Amazon seller accounts. You won’t be restricted. However, each account should have a different identity: personal, business, and digital. Otherwise, you are always at risk. Once one of your accounts is suspended, related accounts will crash too.

How many Amazon seller accounts can I have?

You can have any number of Amazon seller accounts that are not connected to each other. Examples of associations: name, payment method, same business address, same business entity, brand, IP, device, cookies, and any digital fingerprints.

Is running multiple Amazon accounts legal?

Yes, it is legal. Amazon permits multiple accounts as long as there is a legitimate business need. For example, you own several brands. Nevertheless, Amazon does not provide a clear list of criteria that these accounts should meet to qualify as having a legitimate business need. That’s why we recommend a safe multi-accounting browser to avoid suspensions.

Download GoLogin to diversify your accounts and avoid business downtime at Amazon!

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