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New Proxy Manager: one-click proxy import and more

Read about the updates step by step – or watch a quick Youtube video summary:

proxy server

Add proxies with one click

1. Copy one or several proxies from your file.
2. In GoLogin, click “Paste” on your profile proxy area. A list of your new proxies will appear. All proxies are checked automatically: a green light means the proxy is working.

proxy server
Single proxy copy and paste


proxy server
Multiple proxy copy and paste

Mass select and delete proxies

1. Click on proxy at your profile to open Proxy manager.
2. Select one proxy in right click menu, then hold Shift and click to select (or deselect) multiple proxies.
3. Click Delete or Copy at the bottom of the Proxy manager.

proxy server

Change mobile proxy IP

To change IP when using mobile proxies, mouse over your current proxy status and click Change IP button.

If Change IP button is missing, check your Change IP web address.
To do that, mouse over your proxy, click “Edit” and check if Change IP website is specified.

proxy server

Try the new proxy features yourself with our free plan – download GoLogin here.

Looking for good proxies or just beginning to use them? Check out GoLogin’s rating of best proxy servers.

Enjoy safe multiaccounting!

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