Can I Run Multiple Accounts On Facebook? Step-by-Step Guide

Multiple Accounts On Facebook

Social media managers usually work for a range of clients. Naturally, they have to run multiple accounts on Facebook for their customers. One of the major problems they face while running multiple accounts on Facebook is bans.

Yes! Facebook bans multiple accounts if you try to access them on a single browser. The reason is simple: their automatic trackers consider it suspicious, regardless of what you’re actually doing. Users often get banned on Facebook for no reason at all. That’s because it’s done by platform software, not a real person.

Bans Are More Common Than You Think

In Q4 of 2022, Facebook banned 1.3 out of 2.96 billion active users. This whopping number shows how you can be at risk of getting banned for using numerous accounts. In fact, it usually takes just one. You can try creating a simple Facebook account right now: you will quickly succeed, but then immediately get banned.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to protect your accounts from bans. We’ll also touch on running several accounts at a time on just one device.

Why Does Facebook Ban Multiple Accounts?

Ever wondered why Facebook has strict policies against multi-accounting? It’s because Facebook wants to maintain a safe and trustworthy user environment. Here’s the Facebook logic: when people create more than one account, they have a malicious intent.

Sometimes extra accounts are actually used to harass or bully other users, spread false information, or engage in other harmful activities. At GoLogin, we do not encourage any of that. Toxic online environment drives users away from the platform, and users are Facebook’s revenue source.

It’s All Automatic

That’s not all, though. Facebook claims it helps keep user data safe and secure mostly because user data is their main source of income. Automatic user trackers are used to watch and ban suspicious activities like running one account from several devices and locations.

But often they make mistakes, and completely lawful users like SMMs and advertisers get banned for no reason at all. In most cases, you won’t even be able to reach for human support. There is no multiple Facebook accounts warning: the account simply gets blocked, in most cases temporarily.

So, being an SMM manager has its pains. Client accounts get blocked and suspended all the time, and there’s no easy way out of a ban. If you rely on Facebook for business activities, that could lead to serious losses. Even one day of ad account suspension can get very expensive.

Multiple Accounts On Facebook

What’s Multi Accounting?

It’s simple: using more than one account on the same platform at once. This practice is at times considered controversial (for example, in online gaming), but it depends heavily on its exact use. Social media managers, entrepreneurs, marketers or advertisers require maintaining multiple Facebook accounts for business purposes. Sometimes they need to reach a wider audience, test heaps of ads or target specific groups of people.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

Think of an SMM working for a marketing agency. He (or she) has three clients to manage:

  • a clothing brand targeting young adults
  • a beauty brand targeting middle-aged women
  • and a sports brand targeting fitness enthusiasts.

So, our SMM needs to run and manage at least three different accounts. See where we’re going with this? Using different accounts on the same browser is against Facebook’s terms of service.

It results in suspension or permanent ban. Businesses that rely on social media for their marketing efforts simply can’t afford permanent bans. In 2023, the most efficient way to protect from bans and grow is a browser like GoLogin.

How Does GoLogin work?

First of all, GoLogin is not just another privacy or “hardened” browser. It’s not a version of the famous Tor browser as well. Instead of hiding or masking your original online identity (or browser fingerprint), GoLogin gives you a new real one. 

This is acquired through a sophisticated browser fingerprinting engine. Visually, GoLogin is a control panel that runs normal Chrome windows that are completely isolated. Each of these profiles is seen as a new, real online user, separated from other profiles.

That’s how you become able to run hundreds of social media profiles from one app.

multiple facebook accounts
Main screen of GoLogin. Notice profiles are named after social media platforms: this is the most common use case in marketing and SMM agencies.

Here’s a quick guide on how to work with GoLogin.

How To Run Multiple Accounts On Facebook Using GoLogin

Here’s how you can operate multiple accounts on Facebook without being banned – using GoLogin.

1. Head over to GoLogin and download the GoLogin app on your device.

multiple facebook accounts

2. Click on Add Quick Profile to create a new browser profile. Quick Profiles are already set up for best safety and performance. There’s no need to change settings to begin work.

multiple facebook accounts

Next, add proxy to each of your profiles you’re going to use. Choose a free proxy, buy proxy from GoLogin (top right corner of the app) or from MarsProxies – our trusted proxy partner.

multiple facebook accounts
Choose or paste new proxies here.

Important note: proxies are vital for the profiles to stay separate. Choose and buy proxies from trusted sources: we have a list of trusted providers in our Catalogue.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

3. Click on the Run button at your new browser profile. A new browser window will open. Here you are! Use this browser just like you’re using Chrome, add your favourite extensions and bookmarks. This way you can manage any amount of accounts – Facebook will see them as multiple real people.

multiple facebook accounts
When you close and re-open it, this browser session will continue from where you left. This is extremely comfortable because you will not have to login and enter any credentials again.

4. Create as many browsing profiles as you need to run multiple accounts on Facebook.

For example, if you want to run 3 Facebook ad accounts for 3 different businesses, create a separate profile for each. Add Facebook account just like in regular Chrome browser, and open more profiles to have more accounts. This way you can enjoy a safe browsing experience without fearing of being banned ever again.

multiple facebook accounts
This is what the profile list usually looks like in GoLogin. You can create as many profiles as you need: they will not be banned.

Pro Tip: keep away from free proxies you find at random websites. They often collect your data and tend to fail when you least expect it.

Old Ways of Running Multiple Accounts on Facebook

People used other methods to run multiple accounts on social media platforms long before multi accounting apps like GoLogin.

For example, a common method was buying several actual PCs or phones with mobile apps to imitate real users. The idea behind it was to make it look like each account belonged to a different person.

It actually worked well. Businesses and individuals wanted to get a larger following and more diverse supporters faster. But this method was not only time-consuming and expensive, but also extremely impractical. It was critical for those who needed to manage heaps of accounts.

It’s much easier now to manage multiple Facebook profiles – it applies for other social media platforms as well. As an SMM, advertiser, media buyer or brand manager, you can manage Facebook accounts from a single dashboard using GoLogin. It’s way more convenient and efficient than any other method.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

Three Major Benefits of Using Gologin

GoLogin allows you to create and manage as many Facebook app accounts as you want. Your personal data is kept safe and secure. Just focus on your Facebook work:

  • Security and Privacy
    Gologin uses top-notch browser fingerprinting technology, protecting your accounts from even the most advanced trackers. These include Facebook, Amazon, Google and others. To social platforms, each of your many profiles will look like another regular Chrome user. You can be sure your data is kept safe and secure at all times: it’s especially convenient for public figures.
  • It’s Legal
    GoLogin’s technology is absolutely legal, according to current US and EU laws. Private companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and others prevent people running multiple accounts.That’s because their income depends massively on selling people’s personal data. This is a controversial topic at least, if not unethical. At GoLogin, we believe privacy is a basic human right and people deserve to know where their data goes.
  • Sharing Work
    Marketing agency or remote managers? Just share profiles with your team with no verifications. When you share work with partners, accounts will not be verified anymore. Profile work sessions are simply paused and continued when you need it.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

Multiple FB Accounts FAQ

How to create multiple Facebook accounts in 2023?

To create Facebook accounts in 2023, you can use GoLogin browser. This browser allows you to create separate profiles for each account, and you can easily switch between them. Run a GoLogin profile for each of your accounts, and the browser will remember your login details for each account.

This makes it easy to manage multiple accounts without having to log in and out each time. Facebook will see every profile as a separate regular Chrome user browsing the web.

Can you have two Facebook accounts?

Sure, but if you use them from one device, Facebook will likely ban both. So, if you wonder how to set up a second facebook account – be sure to protect it from tracking with appropriate means we have described above.

Can I have multiple Facebook accounts?

Yes, you can have multiple Facebook accounts, although it’s quite difficult to not get banned. You can either buy new accounts in special stores, or create them yourself using GoLogin browser to easily switch between them and protect them from bans.

Be aware Facebook is very advanced in detecting impersonation: automatic permanent bans are almost impossible to deal with.

Can I have 2 Facebook accounts on 1 phone?

Sure! GoLogin offers Android app and web version on the website. Be sure to use these apps for Facebook login different accounts. Otherwise both of your accounts will be linked to your device and blocked immediately.

How many Facebook accounts can you have with one email?

Just one. If you’re wondering how to make another account on Facebook, you will need another e-mail address and, most likely, a spare phone number. Facebook considers new accounts with fresh e-mails suspicious, so you will need to verify your identity with a phone number. If you wish to use multiple Facebook accounts for business purposes, we recommend buying old accounts from special stores and using GoLogin to control them.

How to switch between profiles on Facebook?

In your regular browser, you would need logging in and out. That carries a good risk of being banned if you’re running 2+ accounts.

In GoLogin, there’s no need to switch: just run separate profile windows and they will run simultaneously. No bans included.

Can I protect my multiple Facebook accounts from tracking with GoLogin?

GoLogin works by creating a secure tunnel between your device and the website you are trying to access. Each profile is given a unique fingerprint that’s seen as a normal user by tracking systems. This prevents Facebook from tracking your activity on the website and collecting any data about you.

All the data that is sent between you and the website is encrypted, making it impossible for third parties to intercept or view your data.

How to check if you have multiple Facebook accounts?

There is no clear answer for this question: unfortunately, any user might become a victim of illegal actions. If you think your personal data was used for impersonation or identity theft, report the suspected fake profile to Facebook support. Be ready to verify your identity with an ID or photo verification.

Can I use GoLogin for my SMM agency working with multiple Facebook accounts?

Yes, GoLogin is a great fit for SMM and marketing agencies working with multiple Facebook and other social media accounts. It allows you to easily manage multiple accounts and securely share access with your remote team members. You don’t have to log in and out when you share your accounts anymore.

GoLogin helps you to save time and resources, as you can manage all your accounts in one place.

Can I share access to my multiple Facebook accounts with my remote team?

GoLogin allows you to easily share access to your multiple Facebook accounts with your remote team. Using one paid plan for the whole SMM agency team, you can add your GoLogin profiles to folders and then share access to those accounts with other GoLogin users.

You can control permissions for extra safety. This allows you to securely share access to your Facebook accounts with colleagues.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

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Run multiple accounts without bans and blocks
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