The Easiest Way to Run Multiple LinkedIn Accounts

In this article we will touch on nuances of running multiple LinkedIn accounts for business.

multiple linkedin accounts

One day I was contacted by a recruiter who used her second account. When we chatted, she mentioned that she’d contact me using a different name. 2 accounts helped her reach multiple candidates going beyond LinkedIn outreach limits (for example, 100 invitations per week).

She hadn’t used any specific tools to create two separate accounts safely. It means she was always at risk of a LinkedIn ban.

LinkedIn network is a perfect place to sell your B2B services or products, and search for perfect candidates, though LinkedIn connection requests and profile view quotas (even for premium accounts!) might hinder your attempts to scale. It is perfect for lead generation, professional career growth, job opportunities. For any of these you will need to scale the size of your network.

We are here to make your life easier in this regard. Read on to learn a new way how safely and legally use multiple LinkedIn accounts. You will be able to considerably minimize the risk of losing your account and save yourself from a lot of manual work.

LinkedIn doesn’t tolerate multiple accounts: What does it mean in practice?

Before we explore safely running multiple LinkedIn accounts, let’s quickly consider LinkedIn’s take on this matter and the risks associated with careless use of multiple accounts.

Note: Running multiple accounts on LinkedIn is not against US/EU laws as long as you do it for ethical purposes such as attracting new clients.

According to the LinkedIn User Agreement, LinkedIn allows users to have only one account with a real name and other personal information.

Multiple LinkedIn Accounts

In recent years LinkedIn has been tightening its rules about multiple account management. For example, their engineering team is implementing new approaches for detecting AI-generated profile photos.

Besides, they also prohibit using your clients’ and colleagues’ profiles (which is recommended by many other websites talking about multiple LinkedIn profiles).

Multiple LinkedIn Accounts

The LinkedIn system tracks suspicious activity typical for bad actors ー those who create multiple profiles for spamming, phishing, fraud, etc. Then humans review the accounts further. To identify account associations, LinkedIn compares the accounts’ digital identities. A digital identity includes such characteristics as a device, operating system, cookies, and browser fingerprints.

If LinkedIn detects you use several accounts, all accounts are likely to be suspended. There is a risk of losing them permanently, including your main account. While account recovery is a long and rarely successful venture.

Сommon methods for running multiple LinkedIn accounts: what’s wrong

Let’s discuss the options you have for managing multiple LinkedIn accounts for professional (and ethical) use cases. I listed the ways from the least to the most safe and convenient. Here is an introductory scheme.

Multiple LinkedIn Accounts

Logging in and out

Either you create several profiles or use someone else profiles, the most obvious way is to log in and out to different accounts.

You have to manually enter credentials each time and occasionally go through 2-factor authentication. If you switch accounts regularly it turns into a lot of hassle. We’re not discussing how LinkedIn can easily trace your use of multiple accounts. This way will not work if you need 5+ accounts.

Only if you need another account rarely might it be a viable option.

Employing a proxy or VPN

Proxy servers and VPNs act as a middleman between you and LinkedIn. Those tools route all your internet requests to a private server. Every time you log into either of your separated LinkedIn accounts, you will need to turn on an individual IP or change the browser’s proxy.

Both tools just hide your IP and location, leaving other digital fingerprints visible. Though it becomes harder, the system can still detect your multiple LinkedIn accounts.

Creating multiple Chrome profiles for each LinkedIn account

Each Chrome profile typically has its own set of cookies and cached data. When combined with a VPN or proxy, this method provides increased privacy compared to the previous approach. With this setup, you can assign a distinct proxy to each browser profile and avoid the need to change it every time you switch between accounts.

However, this method still does not protect your LinkedIn accounts completely. There may be some similar browser profile configurations along with a unique set of device details and other fingerprints.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

Third-party account provider (rental agencies)

There are multiple providers who are selling or renting LinkedIn profiles. They give you well-warmed multiple LinkedIn accounts that you can customize for your business. It saves your main profiles from bans and relieves you from engaging colleagues or creating several profiles and warming them up yourself. These agencies use automation tools and browsers to create hundreds of accounts. They later share them with clients through anti-detect software.

To prevent bans and save your time and energy, many vendors provide these profiles via a multi-accounting browser, which you can use yourself at a much lower cost. For example, MirrorProfiles charges $100 per profile per month, while with multi-accounting browser GoLogin, you can safely use up to 100 LinkedIn accounts per month for $49.

Scroll through the article to find step-by-step instructions on using a multi-accounting browser. It is really a no-brainer!

Having separate devices for each LinkedIn account

This option is the safest one we’ve discussed so far. Buying two smartphones, physically dividing your connections is a good idea – it’s the safest option. But can you imagine the idea of having 20 smartphones for multiple LinkedIn accounts or the hassle of darting from one laptop to another in your office?

The option also isn’t cost-effective compared to a multi-accounting browser (we will discuss this in a minute) if you need more than 5 LinkedIn accounts. Here is why:

6 devices x $50 (the minimum for a working smartphone) = $300 > $294 of a yearly GoLogin (multi-accounting browser) cheapest plan with up to 100 browser profiles.

Multiple LinkedIn Accounts

Multi-accounting browser

A multi-accounting browser empowers users to have secure multiple digital identities that aren’t associated with each other. The IP address, device model, operating system, and other fingerprint parameters of your LinkedIn account can be different for each account. It means your multiple LinkedIn accounts will appear as if each was used by regular people.

Aside from that, multi-accounting browsers provide you with specific features for managing multiple accounts. For example, you can add tags and notes for each profile, set up proxies, create folders with accounts, and give access to a folder to your contractor or employee. And sure there is no need to log in and out every time.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

When you open a profile in a multi-accounting browser, it feels like a regular browser, such as Chrome or Firefox. You can customize Chrome extensions, bookmarks, and more for each profile.

Multi-accounting browsers are especially relevant for those who need multiple accounts for work. It saves you from unpredictable account loss and removes a lot of manual work from your routine.

Jump to the next section to learn how it might be easy to manage multiple profiles while remaining safe.

How to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts easier and safer

1. Choose a multi-accounting browser. You can review our guide that compares the major players. To show how multi-accounting works we (for obvious reasons:) will use GoLogin. However, it is fair to note that our tool is a no-brainer for a non-technical person, compared to alternatives.

2. Download Windows, Linux, or Mac desktop apps from GoLogin website and register an account.

Multiple LinkedIn Accounts

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

3. Start a free 7-day trial for more than 3 accounts. Once you are registered you will be directed to a GoLogin web app and see profiles available to you on a free plan.

Multiple LinkedIn Accounts

To start a free trial and try more accounts and advanced features, head to Settings.

Multiple LinkedIn Accounts

Then click Upgrade and choose a plan that fits your needs.

Multiple LinkedIn Accounts

4. Next let’s go back to the main page (Table of Profiles) to set up profiles for your multiple LinkedIn accounts.

Multiple LinkedIn Accounts

5. Click the plus button to create as many profiles as you need. They will not need any adjustment, except assigning a proxy to each one.

Multiple LinkedIn Accounts

6. Name each profile. For example, use connected LinkedIn account names. I also put LI in the beginning of the name in case I need to add other social media accounts.

Multiple LinkedIn Accounts

To change the name, click on it once.

7. Assign a proxy for each account. When you hover over the proxy column for one of the accounts and click Add or Paste proxy, there will be a list of free proxies you can use for testing. Note, that they might be pretty slow for long-term or heavy media usage.

Multiple LinkedIn Accounts

Important! The country of the profile (in profile settings) and the proxy should be the same. For best results, always choose the Based on IP option for your Geolocation. This way the system will match your Geo to the proxy IP automatically.

You can buy more reliable proxies one by one right in the GoLogin app. There are three proxy types.

  • Residential proxy simulates a regular desktop computer. It’s the most popular option considering the balance between cost and safety.
  • Mobile proxy type is far harder to detect and more expensive, as it gives a mobile IP which is taken as more natural by social media.
  • Data center is cheaper than the previous 2 types, but less secure. These are used when your device already has a high trust level on social media platform.

Multiple LinkedIn Accounts

If you need multiple proxies at once, you can mass-paste the proxies from a third-party provider. Use our list of trusted proxy providers to choose: there are promo codes and deals inside!

Copy the proxies from a third party provider and click the Paste icon in the Proxy column. They will be automatically checked and added to your proxy list.

Multiple LinkedIn Accounts

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

9. Do NOT change any other profile settings until you 100% know what you are doing. The settings are automatically pre-configured for your system and device. It makes you look normal (aka not suspicious) for LinkedIn systems. If you make any incorrect changes in the settings, LinkedIn may detect and flag your multiple LinkedIn accounts as suspicious.

Contact our support if you have any problems with a pre-configured profile.

10. Once you set up proxies, click Run to open a browser window.

Multiple LinkedIn Accounts

11. Sign in to one of your multiple LinkedIn accounts or create a new one with your email address.

Multiple LinkedIn Accounts

In your next sessions, you won’t need to re-enter your credentials. They’re saved just like in the Chrome browser. And since you are always using the same digital identity you won’t need to go through 2-factor authentication again and again.

12. Customize your work with multiple LinkedIn accounts in GoLogin.

You can group your profiles by adding a Folder. Profiles and folders can be shared with your team members.

Multiple LinkedIn Accounts

You can add or remove more fields on Profile Table and swap them around to see only what you want to see.

To share, edit, delete, and perform many other actions with one or several profiles, check the box to the left of your profile. At the top, you will see the panel with mass actions to choose from.

Multiple LinkedIn Accounts

So, if you haven’t already, download GoLogin browser to test this method for running multiple LinkedIn accounts.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!


If you plan to use multiple LinkedIn accounts professionally and/or your accounts are crucial assets for your business, you should care a lot about your account privacy to avoid account suspensions.

A multi-accounting browser is a safe, cost-effective, and user-friendly option compared to alternatives. It’s definitely worth considering for your specific needs.

Frequently asked questions about multiple LinkedIn accounts

How can I open 2 different LinkedIn accounts from the same phone or laptop?

  1. Download a multi-accounting browser, e.g. GoLogin. As of 2023, it’s either this or running actual physical devices.
  2. In one click create a separate profile with a unique digital identity.
  3. Run both profiles.
  4. Sign in to your 2 LinkedIn accounts in each browser window.

Can two people use the same LinkedIn account at the same time?

Yes. If one of you is signed in via a multi-accounting browser and another person uses the account via their regular browser or app. The multi-accounting browser will be taken by LinkedIn as a regular trusted device.

How to manage 2 LinkedIn accounts on the phone?

  1. Download a multi-accounting browser, e.g. GoLogin for Android.
  2. Install both “GoLogin Anti Detect Browser” and “Orbita for GoLogin”.
  3. In one click create a separate profile with a unique digital identity.
  4. Run one profile at a time.
  5. Customize your work with multiple accounts in the GoLogin app.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

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