Banned From Facebook For No Reason? Here’s How To Avoid It

Let’s assume you’ve read and observed Facebook Terms of Use and Community standards. And even so, your personal account was banned from Facebook while promoting the businesses of your clients and partners.

The reason is that you followed a behavior pattern of spammers and scammers that were previously restricted on the platform – or, you’ve been hacked. Since Facebook doesn’t provide users with exact practices to avoid, it might be unclear exactly why you are suspended.

Here, we’ll discuss how personal account bans affect Facebook business users. Read on to learn about the recovery process, potential ban reasons, and how to escape such situations in the long run.

In case you have your Facebook Ad account banned right now, check this material.

How to unban your user account (or at least try)

Temporarily banned from Facebook

Most likely your first restriction will be temporary or partial (restricting certain features). It means you can just wait from 1 to 30 days until recovery. If you can’t wait, you can appeal.

Try requesting a review

Head to Account quality → find the «What you can do» section → click Request review → go through the verification procedure → specify why you should be unbanned → wait around 48 hours for a decision → get the decision by email and follow explanations→ (if applicable) request a review again, it won’t hurt your current situation with the platform.

Initiate an appeal

Go to the Facebook Help center → enter your name, email, and upload ID → describe the situation and why you are innocent as fully as possible, and link to related screenshots.

Ask a question about Privacy Policy

Since Facebook may ignore your first appeal, here is one more way to contact Facebook customer support.

Note: don’t underestimate Reddit or Youtube looking for ways to deal with bans ー a lot of people share how they managed to reach the human part of Facebook support.

Go to Privacy Policy questions → pick «How do I contact Meta with questions regarding the Privacy Policy?» → then «What should I do if I have other questions about the Privacy Policy?» → then «I still have a question about the Privacy Policy» → fill out the form and send your request.

In case you think you were hacked, report about it here:

Permanently banned from Facebook

Facebook can permanently ban your account as well as permanently restrict you from using certain features such as running ads, liking, posting and commenting.

Facebook can’t recover accounts that were disabled for severe violations, e.g. selling non-medical drugs or promoting dangerous individuals and organizations. While in other cases you can try filing an appeal as explained below.

When this happens, you can try using your friend’s, relative’s, or co-worker’s Facebook account or create a new account with a different email, phone number, device, and IP. Though these methods aren’t reliable and you may still be detected and restricted again.

Reasons for Facebook ban

When you use a user account to promote a business, here are the reasons you can be banned from Facebook. More causes exist specifically for ads, business, and user accounts.

1. Using inauthentic accounts to set up business assets. Account authenticity is tracked by other users’ reports and based on the behavior history of the user. Facebook algorithm disables those accounts that have a high probability of being fake.

2. Multiple accounts logging in from the same IP. You may have only one user account per device.

Note that it isn’t the same as having a personal account and a business page. In this case, you log in to several personal accounts.

3. No human activity. This applies when you create a personal account solely to manage your business page and advertising campaigns. Facebook suspects you are here just for spamming others with your services.

4. Unusual activity. It may include:

  • a mismatch between the account and billing name.
  • issues with payments, e.g. several declines in a row
  • oversharing. You are at risk, even if you got consent from the groups you are posting your offer to. Example, from a Reddit user:
  • a high number of friend or group requests per day. The limit is, sure, not published by Facebook, but try to keep within 20-50 friend requests
  • using VPN
  • using fake (temporary) email addresses.

5. Shady friends and groups in your network. You are at risk if you are connected to accounts with fake names, abusive business assets, and suspicious accounts.

A permanent ban might be a result of several violations in the past or one severe abuse.

Ways to not get banned from Facebook while marketing your business

Facebook significantly restricts effective business use of the platform. Here are ways to scale your marketing efforts on the social media while avoiding being banned from Facebook.

Multi Accounting Browser

To detect multiple accounts, Facebook watches various tracking identifiers: IP, cookies, device information, and browser fingerprinting.

A multi accounting browser is a web browser that helps protect user’s online identity and activity by creating a new IP address, browser type and other parts of user digital fingerprint that are used to identify you as a unique user.

Multi accounting browsers work similarly to Chrome, Firefox and others you are used to. The main difference is you can safely create multiple browser profiles with different identifiers. Facebook will treat each profile as a different user using the social platform from a different country and device – merging with the crowd.

Here’s how GoLogin browser works:

1. You create a browser profile for each Facebook account.

banned from facebook2. Each new browser profile is automatically created with new identifiers. They don’t have to be changed manually: the browser engine sets best recommended settings for profiles to be unique. The fingerprints of each profile will never overlap with each other – that’s why Facebook won’t ban your accounts.

Top Tip: keep to settings recommended by GoLogin for best performance: even one fingerprint parameter changed at your will may affect how Facebook sees your profile.

banned from facebook3. Go to Settings if you need a specific setup.

banned from facebook

4. By clicking run, you are directed to the browser and can log in to one of your Facebook accounts or create a new one. Ta-da, you have a new internet identity!

banned from facebook

Can you imagine managing 3000+ profiles without being banned from Facebook?

To test GoLogin, you need to register and choose a forever-free or a trial version. You can create and use three browser profiles that will stay free forever.

Download GoLogin browser now to forget account bans!

Buying several devices

This method is as safe as multi accounting browsers, but you will have limited profiles. Try calculating what fits you better (and what you have space for).

For example, buying 100 used smartphones for $50 each probably won’t make much sense:

$5000 one-time payment for devices (although they may break soon) = 18 years of GoLogin’s 100 profiles plan.

At the same time, buying just 5 used phones might be more cost-effective than buying GoLogin’s pro subscription: it’s $250 until the phones wear out vs. $288 per year.

Proxy servers

A proxy server acts as an intermediary between your device and the internet. When you use a proxy server, your internet requests go through the proxy server before reaching the website or online service you are going to.

By using a different proxy server for each account, you can effectively hide your IP address and location from the website, making it harder for them to see where you are.

Proxy alone won’t make any difference with Facebook, though, because Facebook uses browser fingerprinting, just like the most social and ad platforms you know. A good proxy might help override some low-level tracking or country restrictions, but advanced websites like Facebook track hundreds of other parameters your browser fingerprint consists of.

Keep in mind that not all proxies are of equal safety. We recommend to stay away from free proxies, however tempting they may see. Using poor proxies can prevent you from even starting your task: they fail when you least expect it, and some even collect your data.

GoLogin provides good trusted proxy deals and free traffic in-app, but you can connect any other proxy as well.

Other (not too helpful) options people use for Facebook:

  • creating multiple user profiles in your browser
  • using «clean» email and phone numbers
  • switching VPNs for each account
  • regularly cleaning cookies
  • using Incognito mode or “hardened” browsers.

Note: Aside from these approaches being quite cumbersome and well known, they don’t make you completely safe. Some of them (like VPNs) make you harder to detect, but not for top-level giants like Facebook.


  1. It might be really hard to get a reply from Facebook support, once your account is already down. Research Reddit or Youtube ー find how real people managed to reach humans from Facebook.
  2. Common reasons why marketers are banned from Facebook: inauthentic accounts, multiple account logins from the same IP and device, no human activity, suspicious activity, connected with shady friends and groups.
  3. Ways to safely scale your Facebook marketing efforts: using a multi accounting browser, buying several devices, using a proxy for each account.
  4. Facebook will never describe all ban reasons in detail, but Facebook bots will still be trained extensively to new suspicious patterns users develop.

If you’re looking to take your Facebook work to the next level and ensure the safety of your data, then our secure multi accounting browser is the exact solution for you. With its powerful features and advanced data protection, GoLogin is the best tool for anyone looking to use Facebook for personal or commercial use without getting banned.

Download GoLogin and enjoy running multiple accounts on Facebook!

Run multiple accounts without bans and blocks
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