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The ultimate choice for private and dedicated proxies. Experience the power of rotating and static residential proxies with unmatched quality and exceptional customer support.

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Discover the power of Live Proxies, the leading provider of high-quality proxy solutions for various use cases. With Live Proxies, you gain access to a vast network of rotating-residential, mobile, and static IPs, allowing you to unlock new possibilities in SEO, SERP, web data intelligence, and more. Our advanced proxy technology ensures reliable and secure connections, empowering you to achieve your online objectives with confidence

  • The fastest residential proxies on the market.
  • The only provider that allocates private and dedicated residential proxies to each user.
  • Metered and unmetered traffic flexible plans.
  • Trusted by thousands of users since 2020.
  • Self and fast checkout, instant delivery.

💰 Price

B2C plans start from $45 monthly and vary based on the number of IPs, duration and traffic data (metered or unmetered).

B2B plans with a shared pool of 10M+ IPs start from a minimum $5K monthly minimum.

🌎 Locations

Live Proxies currently supports the US, UK, CA and the RL regions.
RL is a pool composed of arbitrary countries mixed excluding US, UK, and CA, ideal for users who prioritize IP quality over origin. They also offer US-state level proxies for rotating-residential proxy types.

🖥️ Proxy Types

Live Proxies offers HTTP(s) protocols with rotating and static residential proxies, along with mobile proxies. Each user is provided with private proxies to ensure top-notch performance.

⭐ Trustpilot score

Live Proxies boasts a 4.8 out of 5 score in Trustpilot, with almost 700 reviews, the majority of which are genuine (verified & invited) reviews from real customers.

#️ Size of IP pool

While Live Proxies delivers a selected number of private IPs to each user, they also offer a large shared proxy pool for B2B users requiring millions of IPs. The IP pool currently has 10M+ residential and mobile IPs and continues to grow.

🏷️ Notable Features

Live Proxies sets itself apart from competitors in several ways. Unlike other residential proxy providers, they allocate private IPs to each user and do not log uploaded data consumption, allowing users to conserve data and use their plans more efficiently. With a private Discord server boasting 14,600 members, users gain access to exclusive information, private giveaways, partnerships, and fast support. Proxies are delivered on their dashboard with a sticky format by default, providing an average session duration of 60 minutes.

💳 Promocode

Live Proxies regularly shares different promo codes for various occasions and time periods. While they offer the code GOLOGIN25 for a 25% discount on any plan, it’s advisable to check their website, Twitter, and Discord accounts for any available larger codes during limited times.

😎 Best For

Live Proxies is an excellent choice for users managing proxies on GoLogin and similar fingerprint-free browser tools. They are suitable for social media account management, limited item purchases on raffles and FCFS releases, SEO, price monitoring, and web scraping, ad verification and more.

💻 Browser extension/API

Live Proxies provides a comprehensive dashboard for users to manage their plans, proxies, and monitor usage analytics. Additionally, they offer custom API access for B2B enterprise customers based on their specific requirements.

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Price from $45 per month (B2C)
Locations US, UK, CA and a mixed “RL” region pool
Proxy Types HTTP(s) rotating/static residential, mobile
Trustpilot score 4.8 out of 5
Size of IP pool 10M+
Promocode GOLOGIN25 for a 25% discount on any plan
Best For Social media multiaccounting
Browser extension/API API access for B2B users

Frequently Asked Questions

Live Proxies is a relatively new player on the market with an already well-build reputation. Claiming they provide “the fastest residential proxies in the market”, Live Proxies is definitely an option to consider if you’re looking for good price/quality rate providers.

Live Proxies offers HTTP(s) with rotating and static residential proxies, along with mobile proxies.

Live Proxies currently supports the US, UK, CA and the RL regions.
RL is a pool composed of arbitrary countries mixed excluding US, UK, and CA, ideal for users who prioritize IP quality over origin.

Sure! Live Proxies can be used with GoLogin as a universal go-to solution for a fair price.

Live Proxies offers user:pass authentication method. However, users with unmetered plans are required to authorize source IPs to activate their proxy plans.


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