4G mobile proxy marketplace with multiple proxy vendors (proxy farmers) from various countries.

Try it in GoLogin app is a 4G mobile proxy marketplace providing high-trust IPs. All proxy farms are audited to ensure fast speeds and stability. At the moment Coronium offers 7 USA and Europe locations.

A curious option available: Coronium offers users setting up their own custom proxy farms for big web scraping / marketing projects, to later use for any purpose or sell unused proxy power.

💰 Price

From $49/month (Lithuania) to $109/month (USA).

🌎 Location

🗽 USA (Florida and NY states)
🇬🇧 UK (London and Cambridge)
🇫🇷 France (Paris)
🇪🇸 Spain (Madrid)
🇱🇹 Lithuania (Vilnius)

🖥️ Proxy Types

Coronium offers 4G mobile proxies.
Comes from private devices with sim cards in them.

⭐ Trustpilot score

Coronium has an impressive 4.5/5 on TrustPilot. There are not a lot of reviews yet, but users note their support to be very responsive and fast.

#️ Size of IP pool

While mobile proxy IP pools are hard to determine, the vendor claims each location has around 1000-5000 IPs. Note: one IP can be used multiple times for various purposes.

People use their regular IPs for various daily activities like browsing on Facebook and Google, etc – this makes these IPs whitelisted on websites.

🏷️ Notable Features

Proxies can be used as Residential VPN with an OpenVPN config that you can download from our dashboard. Just ask support if it’s not available. This provides UDP connection and makes you even more secure.

Create your own proxy farm for big web scraping / marketing projects. Coronium offers help setting up hardware and software via enterprise service. Farms can be used or sold.

💳 Promocode

Coronium offers a 15% discount for first purchase via promocode GOLOGIN.

😎 Best For

Managing multiple accounts at Google, Facebook and other social platforms. Compared to other proxies, 4G provides the highest trust score possible.

Data scraping from websites with a strong IP detection system like Cloudflare, demanding high IP trust.

💻 Browser extension/API

API available for rotation, status check, get your proxy list. Re-seller API available.

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Price from $49
Locations 7 locations, including US and Europe
Proxy Types Mobile
Trustpilot score 4.5 out of 5
Size of IP pool 1000-5000
Promocode GOLOGIN
Best For Multiple accounts, Data scraping
Browser extension/API API

Frequently Asked Questions

Coronium offers 4G mobile proxies with high trust score.

Coronium offers servers in the USA, UK, Spain, France and Lithuania.

Coronium offers username/password and Whitelist IP authentification.

According to user reviews and our experience, Coronium offers great support, offering 20/7 service via live chat and email. Quick assistance for any questions or concerns.

Absolutely! Coronium is a great option for GoLogin, as it’s a mobile proxy providing high IP trust – perfect for multi accounting.
Always best to double-check the compatibility before purchasing a plan.


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