Astro is an ethically sourced enterprise data-gathering infrastructure. 2M+ whitelisted and rotating IPs across 100+ countries

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Astro is an infrastructure of geo targeted proxies for ethical data gathering. Trusted and with all KYC/AML policies in place, it enables finance companies, SMM and SEO agencies, market research hubs, e-commerce projects, etc. to buy residential and mobile proxies of high quality, as well as whitelisted datacenter IPs.

Here are the key features of Astro:

  • Pool of 2M+ proxies from 100+ counties. All rotate according to one’s choice, i.e. a new IP can be assigned per request, via timers, by links;
  • Reasonable and flexible pricing. There is a pay-as-you-go option and prepaid packages. They range from 100 Mb to 300 Gb. Prices start at $3.65 per 1 Gb;
  • 99% network uptime and full compliance. Both get secured via manual checks and AI-driven monitoring;
  • HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols are available and seamlessly interchangeable. VPN-compatibility is enabled;
  • RevShare referral program enabling users to get extra passive income on top of proxies;
  • Support of a wide array of payment channels, e.g. cards, e-wallets, crypto.

💰 Price

Astro’s approach to the prices of geo targeted proxies is adjustable to individual needs. Residential proxies, an offering in high demand, start at $7.3 per 1 Gb. In case prepaid packages are selected, no bandwidth is lost. It can be extended for the next month.

🌎 Locations

On Astro, those who buy residential and mobile proxies, or opt for datacenter IPs, get immediate access to a global pool. This comprises all the popular countries for data collection at scale. Such places as the US, Canada, Chile, Japan, EU-locations, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan are at hand. Further, targeting settings contain cities, mobile carriers, ISPs, and ASNs.

🖥️ Proxy Types

With Astro, users build combos of all proxy types. First, server IPs associated with data centers are in place. Then, IP addresses of real-world devices connected via home internet service providers are arranged. This reveals increased geo targeting potential, owing to the CGNAT technology. Finally, mobile proxies are for rent, including 3G, 4G and 5G/LTE alternatives.

⭐ Trustpilot score

Astro is not yet featured on Trustpilot, it is highly ranked by users on other sources, such as

#️ Size of IP pool

2M+ proxies spread across 100+ countries, which makes this infrastructure a matching partner for web scraping tasks. All proxies, i.e. server-based, residential, and mobile, provide for rotation. Also, compatibility with popular workflow automation software is guaranteed.

🏷️ Notable Features

Other pros of Astro encompass a user-friendly web-based interface. All settings are within reach via a single dashboard, such as proxy types, geolocations, rates, traffic. No need to travel between several pages. The “Statistics” button to manage proxies usage is there, too. One could point out their referral program, rewarding participants with 10%-15% per every payment made by attracted users. Also, as mentioned, SOCKS5 and HTTP(S) protocols can be activated for various connection types.

💳 Promocode

Use code GOASTRO to receive a 10% discount on your purchase.

😎 Best For

The mission of Astro is serving all ethical business data gathering purposes. They range from enterprise-grade operations to limited-scale web scraping. In this capacity, it covers such scenarios as market research based on extensive datasets, social media management involving several accounts, SEO-related activities, brand protection monitoring, finance analysis, price comparison, and ad verification.

💻 Browser extension/API

An API is present, with a built-in command editor and off-the-shelf settings for applying proxy with OpenVPN. TLS encryption is ready to be used. Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and MikroTik are covered. The entire traffic may be handled via an encrypted tunnel without extra settings.

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Price starts from $0.52 for 100MB
Locations over 100 countries
Proxy Types residential, mobile, and datacenter
Trustpilot score n/a
Size of IP pool n/a
Promocode GOASTRO
Best For small businesses
Browser extension/API n/a

Frequently Asked Questions

Astro offers data center, residential, and mobile proxies to meet your specific needs.

Astro offers a flexible pricing structure, allowing you to buy as little as 100 MB of traffic. The cost of traffic varies depending on the type of proxy and the location you choose.

Astro has a growing network of over 100 countries for residential proxies and 55 locations for data center proxies.

Yes, Astro offers a granular IP filtering option to give you maximum control over the proxy network.

Yes, Astro can be used with GoLogin. Simply enter the Astro IP and port number into the proxy settings in GoLogin to use the proxy with your browsing activities.


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