A Safe & Legal FraudFox Browser Alternative For Business

Today’s comparison is quite special in many ways. We’re going to look at FraudFox browser (and VM) – a tool mostly known for being used for actual hacking and dark web activities.A Safe & Legal FraudFox Browser Alternative For Business

FraudFox browser has been mentioned in multiple cybercrime cases including some recent ones. It gives other antidetect and anonymous browsing tools a shady reputation they do not deserve.

We will touch on that in our review and also cover the legal side of using GoLogin for business as a trusted alternative.

TLDR: skip to the end for a quick table with main points of comparison.


Disclaimer: At GoLogin team, we encourage you to always follow local laws. The antidetect software features are not intended to be overused for illegal activities in any way. Please use them responsibly.

The Dark Background Of FraudFox Browser

FraudFox was originally introduced on Evolution, a dark web forum which is a successor of the notorious Silk Way.

Being an underground tool from the start, FraudFox is mostly used for identity theft. It is mentioned in multiple cybercrime reports, though there are no obvious evidences of it actually being used.


In a recent Electronic Arts breach mention, the criminals have bought stolen cookies and account passwords on a dark web marketplace called Genesis. After they downloaded Fraudfox, the cookies were used to impersonate EA’s staff to steal company data massives, which is a serious crime episode.

Such episodes drop a shade of illegality on antidetect browsers as a concept, but this can’t be true about all of them. We will try to show a positive usage example with facts and numbers about GoLogin.

How FraudFox Works

Author’s Note: in case of FraudFox, we will not dive into our usual review as it cannot be applied for legal use cases. We will focus on how antidetect tools can be used by normal businesses in legal and ethical ways.

First of all, FraudFox user toolkit is not a regular browser tool as we know it. Even if we were to compare Fraudfox vs antidetect browser, it would be difficult. Fraudfox cracked is a multi-purpose VM tool that was initially created for cybercrime (hence the name).

FraudFox VM is a Windows Enterprise-based virtual machine add-on compatible with VMWare Workstation, VMWare Fusion and Virtualbox.

fraudfox cracked free download
The old school interface of FraudFox VM Virtual Box speaks pretty clear about its main use case.

The virtual machine VM switcher allows for sophisticated browser fingerprint and IP address imitation. FraudFox download also has several browser engines. Using all that, criminals emulate corporate logins and breach into any kind of institution computer systems.

Can Antidetect Browsers Be Used For Business? The Legal Side

The short answer is: yes, but there are rules to it.

The use of antidetects for business has been rising fast due to their numerous positive outcomes and legal use cases. Originally, an antidetect browser is a tool designed to protect user privacy by altering digital fingerprints used to track user’s online activity.

When used ethically, a browser like GoLogin can provide incredible benefits for legal businesses – marketing, hiring, social media and so on.

fraudfox 2022
A verified review from a GoLogin user who switched from Tor. Source: Capterra

Guide: How To Tell If A Tool Is Safe To Use

Check with these basic steps to evaluate if the antidetect tool can be used for your business.

  1. Your potential use case is not inherently illegal or unethical. A whole lot of use cases like SMM, market research, SEO and geo restrictions are completely legal. Moreover, running multiple accounts on platforms that do not allow it (i.e. LinkedIn) is also not illegal by the US and EU laws.
  2. You’re not hunting for people’s personal data. A lot of 2024 businesses are data driven, and not all data on the Internet can be collected. Analysing competitors or hiring, make sure you are not reaching for data that’s not in public domain.
  3. Make sure the way you process data is GDPR compliant if you reach out for personal data on social media (such as Facebook or LinkedIn). According to the current EU and US laws, using an antidetect browser doesn’t necessarily mean non-compliance to GDPR.
  4. Stay ethical and clear about what you’re doing. If you value your reputation (like we do in GoLogin), focus on clear communication with your clients and be open about how you protect data from tracking.
  5. Carefully check the tool’s reputation. You want one that’s clearly safe and used by real people. Check with major review platforms. If the tool is mentioned in shady context a lot – skip it. For example, Tor Browser users are mostly treated as suspicious by social media platforms simply because Tor has a dark past.

These simple rules will help you maximize your business benefits while minimizing any potential drawbacks. When used appropriately and legally, browsers like GoLogin offer considerable advantages for businesses. As an example, you can check out this piece about LinkedIn lead generation.

Antidetect browsers – as long as they are from trusted vendors – provide enhanced privacy protection, data security measures and competitive edge. This makes them a valuable tool in today’s digital business.

Verdict: FraudFox Browser cannot be safely used for business. It is a hacking tool from unknown vendors. However, antidetects as a concept are widely used for regular businesses in the US.

GoLogin: A Safe, Legally Compliant Antidetect For Business

To keep it brief and straight, GoLogin browser is safe to use for running multiple accounts on any platform. A legal US-based venture, GoLogin is used for legit cases by thousands of businesses in the US only. The team does not encourage any shady or grey-area use.

GoLogin has a great transparent reputation on major resources, review platforms and communities like G2 Crowd, Capterra, Trustpilot and many others. There are no dark web or shady references. The payments can be processed via all major world systems.

fraudfox cracked 2021
GoLogin’s main screen set up for social media accounts.

GoLogin supports all major operating systems: Windows, MacOS (M1 and M2 included), Linux, Android and even has a web app.

GoLogin is well suited for solo use, small team, automation and literally any other use case. It has affordable prices and advanced functionality, but stays simple to learn and operate daily. Both Android and web app are able to work without laptop.

GoLogin: Reviews, Reputation & Support

GoLogin has lots of verified reviews on major platforms (for example, Capterra) and mentions in business communities from actual clients. Any serious Facebook community on affiliate and digital marketing will have people using GoLogin.

Considering the support, the Live Chat team is on 24/7 (for free plan users as well) and quickly responds to all user requests to help in any situation.

In their feedback GoLogin users ofter say their problems were solved by chatting with the support team or through browser updates.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

Features & Comfort Of Use

Unlike any hacking tools, GoLogin is initially made for non-techy users. Most of the people don’t know what proxies are, and we try to make GoLogin as friendly as it can be. Users often mention the easy simple UI as one of the reasons they stayed with GoLogin.

Sophisticated settings and a lot more features are there, but you can skip these if you want: it will still work as it should.

Here is what GoLogin offers to all users:

  1. No cybercrime associations: GoLogin is safe to use.
  2. Free 7-day trial of paid features
  3. Forever-free plan with 3 profiles
  4. Full-featured Android app + Web app, available on all plans
  5. Built-in free proxies right in the browser
  6. Easy beginner-friendly UI
  7. Affordable solo and team plans
  8. Secure payments through all major world systems.

This is not a complete list of what GoLogin includes in the price. Feel free to test it all during the 7-day trial! No credit card needed.

GoLogin: Running Costs

GoLogin is a US-based venture and works with most major payment systems like Visa and Apple Pay. Some alternative payment methods like crypto are also supported.

Free Plan & Trial Period

GoLogin offers both: forever-free plan for 3 profiles + trial of paid features for 7 days. No credit card needed. The Trial plan does not limit any features, so you can test the app for heavier use scenarios.

Paid Plans

GoLogin’s paid plans start from $49 a month. 50% discount is applied in case of an annual payment.

GoLogin pricing.

For example, a year of GoLogin Business will cost you $594 for 300 profiles. That’s well enough for a mid sized agency, as the plan includes 10 team seats in the price.

Verdict: GoLogin is a safe and legal business software trusted by business community. If you need a safe tool to operate multiple accounts, there is no need to get into hacking tools like FraudFox.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

FraudFox vs GoLogin: Recap

Compared to the dark FraudFox background, GoLogin is a completely safe tool with clean history. It is initially made for legit use cases. GoLogin is feature-packed, mobile-ready, has a fair price and no cybercrime associations.

We’ve prepared some questions to help you choose the best browser for your situation. These are universal and will fit other privacy tools as well.

  1. Does the browser have a good trusted reputation? What do reviews and forums say about it?
  2. Does the browser require you to be tech-savvy?
  3. How much are you willing to pay for business software?
  4. Can you test the browser for free? If yes, which one suits you best?

To summarize the comparison, we have compiled a brief table of pros and cons, so you can make a decision on your own.

Comparison Criterium FraudFox GoLogin
Safe and legit to use

Free plan + Free trial 

Good reputation


Country of origin


If you’re interested in checking out GoLogin, get your free 7-day trial period or request a demo. One of our managers will guide you through using GoLogin in context of your particular use case.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

Run multiple accounts without bans and blocks

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