Proxy-Store is a service for renting server, mobile, resident and public proxies. Suitable for all “white” purposes

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Proxy-Store offers quality proxies for entertainment and work. With their help you can bypass blockages, preserve your privacy, solve business problems. Among the benefits of the service:

  • ability to buy proxies for a specific site/service – Telegram, Amazon, Steam, etc. This allows you to save money and not overpay for access to other resources
  • permanent discounts on renewal and auto-renewal of server proxies (-20% and -25%). Indispensable option for all those who plan to use the same IP for a long time to prevent account bans
  • affiliate program – allows you to earn up to 20% of payments from customers you bring to the site through an affiliate link
  • special offer for resellers who can earn on reselling proxies and get discounts based on monthly sales results (20%, 30% or 40%)
  • 24/7 on-site tech support answers questions and helps solve customer problems. Only real experts are on call, not bots.

💰 Price

Depends on the type of proxy. For servers, prices start at ₽69. But if you add 5 or more proxies to your cart, the price will automatically become lower.
For resident and mobile with traffic, from ₽245. Mobile unlimited proxies cost from ₽7150 per month.

🌎 Geo

There are 150+ locations available for resident and mobile proxies with traffic packages (you can choose your country and region), 40+ for server proxies.

🖥️ Types of proxy servers

Server proxies (provided by data centers) without IP rotation are available. Resident (addresses of real users are issued by ISPs) and mobile (real addresses from mobile operators) – with IP rotation.

⭐ Trustpilot assessment


#️ Размер IP-пула

The pool of mobile and resident proxies totals approximately 25 million IP addresses. The server ones are 50k and the public ones are 2.5k.

🏷️ Noteworthy Features

Proxy with traffic and unlimited. Automatic rotation and static IPs. Refund within 24 hours of purchase if the proxies are not suitable. Tech support is on call 24/7.

💳 Promo code

GOLOGIN (5% discount on all proxies)

😎 Best for

Proxies are suitable for handling multi-accounts, running ads, preparing marketing strategies, playing games and streaming.

💻 Browser extension/API

There is no browser extension. There is an API that can be used with any programs and tools.

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Price from $1
Places worldwide coverage, 150+ countries
Types of proxy servers server, resident, mobile
Trustpilot evaluation
IP pool size Pool of mobile and resident ~25 million IP addresses. The server ones are 50k and the public ones are 2.5k.
Promo code GOLOGIN (5% discount on all proxies)
Best for marketing, multi-accounting, targeting
Browser extension/API API only

Frequently Asked Questions

Proxy Store offers static residential proxies, rotating proxies for residential, data center and mobile devices.

150+ locations for resident and mobile proxies with traffic bundles, 40+ countries for server proxies.

Authorization by login and password is available by default, but it can be changed to authorization by IP for the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, USA, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Canada.

Support is on call 24/7, real experts (not bots) work with user queries and quickly help with solving issues.

Yes. Proxies from Proxy-Store work great with GoLogin.


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