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LimeProxies is a state-of-the-art proxy provider offering superior proxy solutions to meet a variety of user needs. The service focuses on providing both residential and data center proxies, providing you with the means to seamlessly navigate the Internet without restrictions.

With a diverse pool of IP addresses, LimeProxies guarantees an unrestricted online experience, whether it’s web scraping, SEO operations, social media automation, or circumventing geographical restrictions. Their proxy servers are compatible with all major operating systems and software, allowing for easy integration into your existing digital infrastructure. prioritizes your online security and privacy. Proxy servers are encrypted, ensuring your data is kept safe. They also provide a high level of anonymity, preventing your online activities from being tracked.

Their services are not only reliable and secure, but also easy to use. LimeProxies intuitive interface makes it easy to select and manage your proxy server. In addition, their flexible pricing plans cater to every need, from individual users to large enterprises.

💰 Price

  • Private Proxy starts – $ 25 / month
  • Residential Proxies – $ 6 – 1Gb / month
  • Mobile Proxies – $ 6 – 1Gb / month

🌎 Locations

50+ Geo Locations: Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia & Oceania, North America, South America, United States

🖥️ Proxy Types

  • Private Proxies
  • Residential Proxies
  • Mobile Proxies
  • Rotating ISP Proxies
  • Static Residential Proxies
  • Socks Proxies

⭐ Trustpilot score

An average Trustpilot score is 2 stars based on customer reviews.

#️ Size of IP pool

1M+ Residential IPs from all around the World

🏷️ Notable Features

Limeproxies – Super Super kind and helpful, their support system is outstanding. The supporter is always fast to respond. They are quite friendly. The proxies are quite quick.

💳 Promocode

Limeproxies team has not provided a promo code yet. Feel free to check other provider offers!

😎 Best For

  • Sales Intelligence
  • SEO – Rank Tracking
  • Data Scrapping
  • Ad Verification

💻 Browser extension/API

Order/manage your proxies, refresh and do everything automatically using our panel

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Price starts at $6 per GB
Locations  60+ countries
Proxy Types residential, ISP, datacenter, mobile proxies and Socks
Trustpilot score 2 out of 5
Size of IP pool 1 million
Promocode N/A
Best For Seo and Data Scrapping
Browser extension/API SELF-MANAGED control panel

Frequently Asked Questions

LimeProxies is a premium proxy service provider that offers private, high-performance proxies with fast and reliable service. It is suitable for businesses and individuals who require advanced security and privacy features.

Sure. Please join up for a free test proxy here. You may also contact support and ask for a test proxy.

One unique aspect of LimeProxies is its commitment to offering fully dedicated IP addresses, meaning the user does not share his/her IP with anyone else. Moreover, they offer 24/7 customer support, easy-to-use API, unlimited bandwidth, and high-speed connections.

Yes, LimeProxies offers 24/7 customer support. They have a dedicated team of representatives who are always available to assist with any customer queries or issues.

LimeProxies is committed to providing 100% client satisfaction. If you are dissatisfied with the proxies, we will refund your money in full if you request it within 3 days. Please see our return policy for more information.


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