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Retail price scan

Have you ever looked for the perfect price offer for a few days or weeks, and then when you go to buy this product, the price seems to have soared out of nowhere? Sometimes it may seem that the company is against you

You are not the first person to ask this question. Do companies cunning in terms of the price of their products for different people? Do they use your long research sessions as indicators that you might want to pay more for a good product and increase prices in return?

So the question is, does this really happen? Let’s see if there is any truth behind the myth.

The whole business is based on competition and variable prices. This is the market. There are many factors that companies consider when calculating prices. The availability of goods on the market, discounts, seasonality and even customer loyalty play an important role in pricing.

Since value are based on so many factors, it is almost impossible to understand what could cause a price spike. Did the price rise because the company’s website noted your growing interest in this product? Or did this happen because other people ordered it earlier than you, which led to a decrease in stocks and, consequently, to higher costs?

Only few people know but company websites track your online activities. Based on these data they increase or decrease prices for the same product.

First of all, they track your location. Different countries have different economic conditions. And the purchasing power of the population of these countries is also different. Therefore, companies offer different prices.

Another important pricing factor is the device you use. For example, in 2012, the Wall Street Journal reported that Orbitz is directing Mac users to more expensive hotels than PC users. Hotels on the first page of a Mac search were about 11% more expensive than on a PC. After this scandal, dynamic prices were also found in other services.

Have you noticed that sites often request your permission to store your cookies? This was due to the introduction in 2018 of new privacy laws in the European Union.

Sites have a cookie history and may change the value of goods depending on what you looked at before.

If you do not want to overpay, then you should check prices from different devices and geolocations. But how to do that? GoLogin will help!

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