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A Facebook profile is a personal home on Facebook, designed for individuals rather than businesses. It includes basic information such as name and location, and houses the user’s timeline, shared photos/videos, and other content. The visibility of profiles can be customized based on privacy settings.

Best & Safe Practices

  1. Choose an Appropriate Profile Picture: This picture represents you across the platform. Make sure it’s clear, professional if necessary, and aligns with your personal brand or image.
  2. Customize Privacy Settings: Ensure that your posts are visible to appropriate audiences by customizing who can see your future posts under privacy settings.
  3. Turn On 2FA With Authenticator App: Designated 2FA apps are the best way to keep your profile safe from cybercriminal attacks.
  4. Regularly Review Tagged Content: Check your tagged posts/photos before they appear publicly to avoid spam content.
  5. Limit Personal Information: Avoid sharing too much personal information like phone numbers , addresses etc., to protect your online safety .

Potential Pitfalls:

  1. Oversharing Personal Information : Sharing too much personal info could lead to identity theft or unwanted attention.
  2. Neglecting Privacy Settings : Not setting up proper privacy controls might expose private content to unintended audiences .
  3. Inappropriate Posts/Comments : Posting offensive or inappropriate material could harm relationships & even result in account suspension .
  4. Accepting Unknown Friend Requests : Accepting requests from unknown people might expose you to scams or harassment.
  5. Ignoring Account Security Measures : Not setting up two-factor authentication or regularly changing passwords could make your account vulnerable to hacking.

How To Run Multiple Facebook Profiles With GoLogin

As you might know, Facebook now allows having up to 3 profiles on one device. However, if you need more than that for various reasons (i.e. Facebook Ads), you will need a multiple account software: Facebook applies automatic suspension system for accounts violating their policies.

Here’s how to protect your multiple accounts from blocks:

  1. Download GoLogin browser. A 7-day trial will activate when you register an account.
  2. Create a new profile and choose a proxy that corresponds with your needed account country,
  3. You’re good to go! Run the profile and log in your Facebook account.
  4. Subscribe or switch to Free Forever plan after the trial ends.
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