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Browser automation with Selenium

There are many kinds of tasks for a browser profile. Any tasks can be automated using Browser automation. For example simple scripts or more complex interactions with web data.

Selenium WebDriver is used for browser automation in GoLogin.

When working with GoLogin the Selenium usage algorithm is simplified. You don’t need to connect to Firefox (Gecko) or the Chrome driver to set the necessary parameters. You simply connect GoLogin using the Remote Web Driver and the local port. Then you just set the necessary conditions and commands of Selenium.

Supported languages

Of all the language versions of the Selenium platform, GoLogin automation is currently implemented in Java and Python.

How to use Selenium with Gologin. Gologin port allocation

To use Selenium Automation, you first need to determine the application port. Here is the procedure for determining the port with Gologin:

1. Go to C: Users - username% - gologinapp.com directory and open app.properies file

2. Enter this string: gologinapp.port = [PORT_NUMBER]

3. Save the app.properties file

Done. Now you can use GoLogin app through this port.

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