Hidemyacc Browser Alternative: Honest 2024 Review

Today, as part of our series of comparisons, we will look at a fresh antidetect browser contender from Vietnam – Hidemyacc Browser.

At first glance, Hidemyacc seems like an adequate tool with good interface and option set for 2024. However, during the review we met a ton of stumbling blocks, seemingly fake praise reviews and features that are quite under-developed.

Hidemyacc also has identical pricing with GoLogin. But is it as good feature- and quality wise? Let’s see!

TLDR: skip to the end for a quick table with main points of comparison.


Disclaimer: This is a biased review from GoLogin authors team. The main point of it is to encourage you as a user to make your own tests and calculations. In our reviews we’re always trying to speak the language of facts, not assumptions.

Hidemyacc: First Impressions, Download & Install

This tool comes from Vietnam, but it does not look like that at first. The website visuals seem quite fresh and straightforward. The browser is available for Windows and MacOS in English, Vietnamese and two variants of Chinese.

Let’s move straight to the Hidemyacc download page and install the app.

check my ip hidemyacc
The MacOS download page immediately warned us about the upcoming problems.

The warning was reasonable. After download Hidemyacc does not work out of the box on MacOS. The user will have to search for the system terminal.

We have never had to apply terminal with any other browser, including ones that are way cheaper.

hidemyacc crack

After pasting the offered command code into the terminal, you will also need to enter your system password. This made the Hidemyacc app finally launch.

This is an extremely suspicious step for paid privacy software. You don’t know what exactly you’re sharing on your device with an unknown vendor app.

Registering & App Interface

Hidemyacc has no free plan, but offers a 7-day free trial of Starter plan limited to 30 profiles. The free trial starts automatically on sign up, no extra steps needed.

Registering is very easy: there are no e-mail verification or 2FA steps. However, the sign up form requires a personal phone number or a Telegram nickname, which is at least curious.

These credentials are not verified. Google Auth is not present as well.

The login window features some praise from alleged users that cannot be verified. Hidemyacc is big on these quotes: we’ll touch on the authenticity later on.

During the first session, Hidemyacc does not offer any tooltips or guides. However, if you’ve used antidetects before, the interface will be easy to get used to. Visually, Hidemyacc is quite clean and simple, except a few mundane UX nuances we will cover.

hidemyacc download
Initial view of Hidemyacc browser.

Creating New Profiles & Proxy Management

The Starter plan misses Quick profile creation, so we needed to create ours manually. There are default profile settings in main settings tab with basic options inside. For some reason, this is the only place where you can manage your Bookmarks.

hide my acc
The profile fingerprint settings do not have Auto modes. If you’re new, this should ring a bell for you. This means you will have to deal with profile adjustments yourself to be safe.

The only browser supported is Chromium (called Marco here), but it’s able to emulate different agents including Opera, Brave, Safari, Edge and even Yandex Browser.

Linux Ubuntu and even ChromeOS are also supported for emulation. Hidemyacc used to have a Firefox core as well, but it was recently discontinued.

Hidemyacc offers free proxies, but they’re available only on $49 plan and higher. This means you will pay for the free proxies anyway, so it might be better to get a good third party proxy from the start.

Free proxies are available on the $49 plan and up.

Mass pasting proxies is supported in the Proxy Manager, which is a separate tab here. The proxies check automatically and have tags as well. However, we met unexpected trouble assigning proxies to new profiles.

Hidemyacc Proxy manager tab.

We spent a lot of time to figure out how to assign one proxy from the Manager to a profile. When you go to the profile table, the empty Proxy space there is not clickable.

To assign a proxy, you need to switch between the Manager and the Table multiple times. During that, you need to manually copy the proxy credentials into a new profile during profile edit. This is at least counterintuitive and makes basic proxy choice prone to errors.

Launching Profiles & Mass Actions

Profiles launch and stop with reasonable speed, including mass launch of 10 profiles. We haven’t seen any bugs, except closing the profile window kills the browser session.

If you accidentally close the window, the profile will not stop and sync. If you open that window again, it will be empty.

download hidemyacc
Main profile table in Hidemyacc can be customized. However, the columns cannot be moved or swapped for convenience.

However, the profile syncs and shuts down OK if you press “Stop” in the main Hidemyacc window. We have no idea how your work sessions and accounts might be affected if you accidentally close your window.

Mass actions are present, but they are somewhat limited. For example, you can mass-edit your Extensions, but not Bookmarks. Almost every action takes multiple clicks – renaming a profile or minor adjustments require new tabs to open.

Mass actions panel in Hidemyacc.

Another problem that came up is browser window icons. For comparison, window icons in GoLogin all have profile names on them that allows for fast switching.

Mass launch works well, but all window icons look the same. This makes multi profile navigation close to impossible.

Team Options

The team options are present in Hidemyacc, but the whole teamwork scheme seemed very raw and underdeveloped to us. Here’s why.

First of all, you can’t simply share your Hidemyacc account credentials to your partner abroad: that won’t work. Just to compare, a GoLogin account can be logged in from an unlimited amount of devices.

To share work with a partner, you will need to buy a subaccount ($5 each). The subaccount users cannot create profiles, although there are various admin rights for them. This already makes teamwork in Hidemyacc too complicated.

Premium tier plans include only a few team spots in the price, making teamwork really expensive at scale.

hidemyacc là gì
Source: Hidemyacc Youtube channel

Example: let’s say you have a team of 10. You will have to get the top Business plan ($199/month, only 5 team seats). Plus, you’ll need to buy 5 extra sub accounts on Share plan, that’s $25/month on top.

You get a total of $224/month, and the extra people will still be limited in profile creation. To be honest, all this renders team cooperation in Hidemyacc almost pointless.

OS Support & Updates

As of 2024, download Hide my acc page supports Windows and MacOS (M1 and M2 included). We have already mentioned the inability to launch and work from the box.

There are no mobile apps offered. However, Hidemyacc has a web app able to do basic profile adjustments except actual profile launch. For example, if you edit a profile or add a note in the web app, it will sync to your desktop app. Web apps can be very convenient for remote work and team management.

tải hidemyacc
Hidemyacc has a web app that fits for basic adjustments, but it’s not able to actually run profiles.

Hidemyacc offers mobile fingerprints to emulate mobile devices on Android and iOS, but they are also limited to top plans.

Hidemyacc browser gets updated quite well, which is required to bypass high level anti fraud systems. Team claims they provide real time browser cores with what regular Chrome offers. Browser core updates are quite a laborious task, so that claim is quite strong.

The support team answered our questions within 10 minutes on the Live Chat in English. The team working hours are from 2:00 UTC to 12:00 UTC. There is a fun game built in the live chat if you’re waiting too long.

Passing Fingerprint Checkers

Hidemyacc requires good tech background to pass Iphey and Pixelscan fingerprint checkers. There’s no safe settings by default: you’re supposed to know what to adjust to be safe.

We failed both checkers with default setup. After that, we decided to tailor our actual device setup: Mac M2, Chrome v120 and MacOS v13.5.2.

tai hidemyacc

Our tailored profile failed first, but after we restarted the app a bit later, it passed Pixelscan.net with a success. It did not succeed with Iphey.com, though, whatever we tried to adjust.

hidemyaccWe tried a few other setups and also a previous Chrome 119 core, which also did not bring success with Iphey.

All in all, Hidemyacc left quite a chaotic impression. An advanced user might get good success here.

Reviews & Reputation

This is probably the most controversial part of our review. Here’s the deal: we met a whole lot of feedback on Hidemyacc that seems not authentic at all. We’ll explain why.

Hidemyacc has mentions on almost every major platform. The reviews consist of lookalike praise and there’s almost no negative or even average reviews. This is a hard to believe picture for a new software.

For example, Trustpilot contains completely identical reviews written by different people. Under a Youtube video (that ironically featured a GoLogin profile transfer) there are almost identical worship comments and nothing else. These are obviously written for payment or by the team itself.

An unbelievably good feedback for a feature that only copies one profile at a time.

Hidemyacc runs its social media in Vietnamese, and there’s no official community chats or groups for the users.

Recap Verdict: Hidemyacc Browser has a legit feature set, but it still is a very raw product. The price for this level of quality is sky high compared to GoLogin.

GoLogin: The Good Quality Hidemyacc Browser Alternative

To keep it brief and straight, GoLogin is a refined browser that simply works. Just like any Apple product, GoLogin needs no adjustments to be safe, fast and intuitive. The quick profiles already have the best safety setup, so you can start work without extra checks.

GoLogin has a great authentic reputation on major review platforms and communities like G2 Crowd, Capterra, Trustpilot and many others. It has affordable prices and advanced functionality, but stays simple to learn and operate daily.

Let’s compare Hidemyacc browser to GoLogin, and in the end see the running costs.

gologin download
GoLogin’s main screen set up for social media accounts. The profile table is fully customizable.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

Features & Comfort Of Use

Unlike Hidemyacc with its manual flight mode, GoLogin suits people that are not so much tech-savvy (and that’s most of the people). In their reviews, users often mentioned easy UI as one of the reasons they stayed with GoLogin over alternatives.

However, GoLogin does not compromise on advanced functionality as well. There are 50+ fingerprint parameters to adjust. You can skip these if you want: GoLogin will still work as it should.

Unlike Hidemyacc, GoLogin offers:

  1. Work out of the box: no errors
  2. Forever-free plan with 3 profiles
  3. Free 7-day trial with no limit on features or profiles
  4. Free proxies that are actually free on all plans
  5. Android app + Web app available on all plans and able to run profiles
  6. Many actions done in 1 or 2 clicks, not 6-8
  7. Transparent pricing plans with enough team seats in the price
  8. Easy and straightforward team (or teams!) management via Workspaces
  9. Passing Iphey and Pixelscan fingerprint checkers
  10. 24/7 support on Live Chat

This is not a complete list of what GoLogin includes in the price. Feel free to test it all during the 7-day trial! No credit card needed.

Mobile App & Web Version

GoLogin offers a full-featured Android app that’s able to run profiles. This means you can continue work while you travel, without laptop.

Both GoLogin and Hide my acc have web apps, which can be accessed from any device. However, GoLogin’s app is actually able to run profiles.  You can launch and edit profiles without computer access: profiles run and work on a safe cloud server.

This grants GoLogin users extra mobility to travel or run around meetings without laptop. Here’s how the web app works + some recent updates:

The web app is also a great fit for slower devices like old computers or tablets with low performance level. Both Android and Web app are available on all plans including Forever Free.

Support Quality

The live chat team quickly responds to all user requests and tries to help in any situation 24/7. GoLogin marketing managers collect customer feedback and suggestions, making browser updates as relevant as possible.

gologin reviews
Most of the reviews on GoLogin are verified, so you don’t have to question if they are authentic.

In their feedback and reviews many GoLogin users said their problems were solved by chatting with the support team or through browser updates.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

Updates & Fingerprint Checkers

GoLogin team updates the browser about every week: the team issued 49 new app releases during 2023.

Real time updates are crucial, as data protection is a constant cat and mouse game. GoLogin does everything necessary to keep user data safe and take client feedback into account. Updates are automatic: you just need to restart the browser.

Clients often praise GoLogin for the stable profile work in 24/7 mode without downtime. The stability factor is often the reason why users move from other alternatives to GoLogin.

All points green: this is what you want from an antidetect browser.
In GoLogin, you don’t have to adjust anything to pass the safe checks with no problem.

Let’s move on to see the plans and pricing.

Hidemyacc Browser vs GoLogin: Counting Costs

Free Plans & Trial Periods

Hidemyacc offers no free plan. There is a 7-day free trial with limitations: only 30 profiles and some other cut-offs of Starter plan.

GoLogin offers both: forever-free plan with 3 profiles + 7-day free trial of all paid features. The trial has no limitations whatsoever.

Paid Plans: Initial Tier

For objectivity, we’ll consider a monthly payment option + also look at annual discounts.

Hidemyacc Browser offers an initial Starter plan (30 profiles, $29/month). This plan has no alternative in GoLogin. Starter has some limitations: for example, free proxies, folders, quick profiles, sharing, API and other things are locked here.

GoLogin’s closest alternative to that is the Forever Free plan with only 3 profiles. The teamwork, folders, free proxies, API and quick profiles are available.

hidemyacc crack
Hidemyacc initial pricing plans

Paid Plans: Middle Tier

Hidemyacc Base plan (100 profiles) costs $49 per month.
GoLogin’s Professional plan (100 profiles) costs $49 per month.

Prices are identical, but GoLogin offers more than Hidemyacc, apart from higher quality overall. In GoLogin, there are free proxies, great API access, mobile and web app, 24/7 support and so on.

Hidemyacc middle and top tier plans.

Hidemyacc Team plan (300 profiles) costs $99 per month.
GoLogin Business plan (300 profiles) costs $99 per month.

Looking at the $99 plan, GoLogin offers 10 team seats instead of only 3 with Hidemyacc. If you have a team of 8 VAs, Hidemyacc will either require a higher plan or buying 5 extra seats for $5/month each.

That’s $25/month on top of the price. Plus, these extras will also be limited in functionality which messes the organization up.

Verdict: The tools have identical prices, but GoLogin offers more features for the money without hidden catches.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

Paid Plans: Top Tier & Custom

Hidemyacc Business plan (1000 profiles) costs $199 per month.
GoLogin Enterprise plan (1000 profiles) costs $199 per month.

Again, prices are identical, but GoLogin offers 20 team seats instead of only 5 with Hidemyacc.

In case of Hidemyacc, the difference is not only the extra price: it’s how complicated the scheme is for teamwork. Buying subaccounts for each member is just too difficult to manage in case of 10+ managers.

GoLogin pricing.

Hidemyacc also offers a Custom plan, but requires contacting support for the terms.
GoLogin’s Custom plan is included in the pricing with a straightforward price calculator.

Both vendors offer identical 50% annual subscription discounts. A year of both tools would cost the same – at least if your team is not bigger than 5 people. In that case, Hidemyacc would cost more with its extra payments.

Verdict: The tools have identical prices, but GoLogin offers more features for the money without hidden catches. GoLogin is a transparent, refined tool that’s affordable and easy to use for any size business.

If you’re interested in checking out GoLogin, get your free 7-day trial period (no credit card required) or request a personal demo.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

Hidemyacc Browser: Review Recap

Taking into account the identical prices, the comparison is all about features, comfort of use and quality. Quality is where GoLogin is better all the way. It is feature-packed, newbie-friendly, has good mobile apps and no hidden catches.

We’ve prepared some questions to help you choose the best anti-detect for your situation:

  1. Does the browser have a good reputation? What do reviews and forums say about it?
  2. How many browser profiles do you need?
  3. Do you need to share profiles with partners?
  4. How much are you willing to pay for a program to work?
  5. Can you test the browser for free? If yes, which one suits you best?

To summarize the comparison, we have compiled a brief table of pros and cons, so you can compare browsers on your own.

Comparison Criterium Hidemyacc GoLogin
Launches with no errors

Free trial

Free plan

Comfort of use


Country of origin



Updates frequency

Affordable paid plans

Android app

Web app profile launch

Free in-app proxies

Features set

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

Run multiple accounts without bans and blocks

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