Antidetect Browsers: Use Cases In Modern Business

antidetect browser

Do you still think something that starts with “antidetect” is used purely for black hat activities? That is quite a common thought, yet this thinking is very one-sided at best. Brace yourself: the business world is using the multiaccounting tech literally everywhere.

Curious already? In this article we will touch on the most popular commercial uses for antidetect browsers. Some of these ways are more obvious, like social media multiaccounting, some more obscure – at least for a newcomer in the industry.

Interested in catching up, or simply exploring? This article is exactly for you.

  1. Social Media Agencies
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. E-commerce store management
  4. Dropshipping
  5. Advertising management
  6. Web scraping
  7. Web testing
  8. Crypto enthusiasts

1. Social Media Agencies

Ever seen this message logging on Instagram or Facebook?

Most of today’s people already use multiple social accounts just for themselves. Switching between them is easy: you’re just two taps away. But even with personal accounts alone, users need to prove authenticity here and there, for example, when traveling or switching devices.

Multiaccounting For Business

Things get a bit darker if you need to manage someone else’s account at work. Constant logging in from different locations will be treated by the platform as suspicious. You will need to ask the owner for verification codes all the time – making the whole delegation idea a bit pointless. Now, imagine managing two hundred accounts by a team of 12 people: that’s a complete nightmare.

That’s because social platforms keep a very strict watch on digital identity and authenticity. Simultaneous teamwork on dozens of accounts without bans or extra verifications is absolutely vital for a good digital agency, and there is a safe way to organize it.

Antidetect browsers are a tool for the job: they let you quickly switch between any amount of accounts without getting any suspicion by social platforms. A new browser profile is created for every account you need, and they are able to work simultaneously: the website or app thinks these are different authentic users.

How It Works

Sounds good, right? This beautiful system works because multiaccounting software provides a stable browser fingerprint, which will not cause suspicion by platform safety systems. We have touched on this technology in our previous post. You’re also able to create new social accounts in bulk, which is called account farming: we will discuss this technique later on.

Big amounts of work can be shared among teams, enabling agencies to fluently manage brands or businesses without obstacles. Plus, delegating accounts to teams gets much safer: using antidetect tools, managers don’t get access to client’s personal data. They only continue saved work sessions, not having to login again every single time.

Multiaccounting technology also helps to work without obstacles in countries with social media websites blocked or under sanctions – just change your profile country and continue.

Here’s a wrap-up list of benefits antidetect browsers bring to social media work:

  • Creating as many browser profiles as needed
  • Managing multiple social accounts seamlessly
  • Avoiding bans, suspensions and blockages
  • Growing overall account reach faster
  • Sharing work with team
  • Working from any device or place
  • Creating accounts in bulk to increase activity
  • Increasing data privacy and safety

2. Affiliate Marketing

Let’s begin with a quick example. Looking for a fresh pair of Nike shoes online, you surf through various websites and offers. Suddenly, while at a random website, you see an Amazon link with your desired pair pop up.

If you click it and later successfully buy the pair from Amazon, the owner of that random website will get commission from Amazon because you came to buy from that partner link. The third-party website owner did not sell you anything: they sold traffic to their client, Amazon. That’s called affiliate marketing (or traffic arbitrage), and according to EU and USA laws, it’s completely legal.

antidetect browser
Affiliate Marketing seems easy at first, but it’s easier said than done – at least without extra tools.

Increasing customer clicks number can be achieved organically (by creating a blog or simply sharing your content online), but in reality this business can be scaled only with multiple accounts. This is achievable only using safe, trusted antidetect software. Multiaccounting technique enables marketers to run multiple promotions and campaigns, capturing much more traffic for product links.

Extra social accounts can also be used to raise activity around needed links without being banned or suspended. Antidetect browser is an absolute must have for a marketer: if you’re involved in industry and planning to grow, consider trying it out now.

3. E-Commerce Store Management

Being a major market even before 2020, online shopping literally skyrocketed during the infamous coronavirus pandemic – a classic black swan event. A lot of smaller online merchants already involved in e-commerce faced the question of reforming to new normality and broadening their product range.

On most well-known platforms like Amazon, Etsy, Shopify and others sellers meet difficulties with adding new unrelated products: they can’t be sold under one brand. Running parallel unrelated stores is a way out, but it’s also prohibited and under a strict watch by platforms. The situation is the same with various payment processors: any activity that is considered suspicious is bound to be stopped.

Technical Background: Flying Under The Radar

Of course, smart people work for corporations as well. They try to enhance their safety engines all the time to get sellers’ actions more and more under control. Yet, antidetect browsers continue to do the job really well, letting merchants run several stores.

That’s because most website engines, even the major ones like Facebook, are set up to care about one thing: normal traffic processing. Anything even relatively suspicious gets taken down fast, but if you blend in carefully and keep your head down – you will be absolutely fine.

Flying under the radar is exactly what an antidetect browsers do best. They imitate real user behavior by using authentic fingerprints. This allows e-commerce sellers to securely run multiple parallel stores without being banned or suspended, multiplying client reach.

The market does and will not get less competitive, so running simultaneous stores seems to be a realistic way up without extreme investments. Try one today if you want to grow your store revenue or to diversify your product range without any risk.

4. Dropshipping

Unlike classic e-commerce sellers, dropshippers do not have to invest big bucks in buying a wide range of goods and keeping them at a warehouse. In most cases this gives clients better prices and comfort. For example, when you buy a laptop from a dropshipper, he pays directly to the vendor (or another retailer) and then delivers your package to your door.

For a striving dropshipping business, automation is everything.

Diversifying Range

Skipping several big steps of a traditional trade chain sounds way easier, but dropshippers have their own limitations: extreme competition, trading platform boundaries, product availability and unstable prices. To promote this business, scale and grow it’s absolutely vital to increase the available choice of various goods, which is impossible with a single brand store.

Just like in e-commerce, this leads to running simultaneous stores, which is possible only with extra anonymity tools such as antidetect browsers. As described above, they allow merchants to run an infinite amount of parallel unrelated stores and not be banned or placed under suspicion by platform engines.

Promoting The Store Faster Than Others

Store promotion is probably the biggest challenge for a dropshipper. Aside from the multiaccounting technique described above, there are other tricks to succeed. To analyze competitors’ stores (including abroad) and get valuable information on products in demand or buying audiences, parsing software is used.

Parsers are software pieces that extract information from specified websites which is then analyzed for seller’s profit. Hours and days of a professional marketer’s work can be almost fully automated. To safely use that software, a trusted antidetect browser is needed, as parsers use multiaccounting technology to collect data.

Next Level Price Comparison

Anonymity can also be used to compare prices from shops and vendors abroad: platforms and markets often alter their range and prices according to your physical location, making goods more expensive or unavailable for foreign users. These limitations are used everywhere.

Offering and ordering goods from China or Korea, a good dropshipper will need to get around those limits using an antidetect browser region change option. This technique might open lots of new doors for those looking for new cheaper supply sources.
looking for new cheaper supply sources.

5. Advertising Management

For most people promoting something online is simple: you just have to run a quick campaign at their personal page in Facebook Ads Manager. The platform promotes your link using the budget you spend, and you get a predicted result. Simple, right? However, the bigger picture of today’s ad market is not so clean and shiny, especially if you wish to achieve more.

Again, let’s be honest. For a smaller business, growth is almost impossible with only one page or account. Trying to understand what is working better (or working at all), you will need to run lots and lots of test advertisement campaigns.

Here’s a thing that should be obvious to you already: it’s way faster if many campaigns run at the same time.

Account Farming

If you have bigger plans on advertising – more bucks to spend, more unrelated products or offers to promote – you need to grow. New accounts are the only option, but they are hard to get: they either need to be bought or be farmed.

Farmed accounts are created in bulk, either to be sold or to “heat up” your existing profiles, stress-free and without extra suspicion. When creating new accounts in bulk, you basically need to make the website believe your every account is completely authentic. It is possible – if you know your tricks.

As you already know, platform safety systems scan users’ fingerprints, and any activity that’s even relatively suspicious gets banned. So, when registering new accounts in bulk, account farmers use the perfect tools for the job: antidetect browsers with sets of proxies to mask their parameters and get away from any suspicion.

After initial registration they imitate the actions of a real authentic user for some time: they surf the web, play games and music, upload photos, interact with online services and many more. Some time later the platform begins to take the new account as an authentic one, and it finally may be used at your will, or be sold for profit.

Ethical Considerations Of Farming

The very idea of this process may sound very unethical to you, but it is the reality we all have to face today, when dealing with bigger scale marketing. Brace yourself: account farming is used absolutely everywhere. More than that – according to US and international laws, it is completely legal (at least for now). So it happens that literally everyone is involved already, from smaller merchants to market giants.

From time to time even major governments and corporations get involved in scandals trying to attract more political weight or form public opinion using thousands of farmed accounts. During the last decade, no presidential election in the US happened without a public social media scandal.

However controversial the topic is, the antidetect browsers technology itself remains just a means to maintain multiple accounts. It’s always up to the end user exactly how to use the technology.

6. Web Scraping

When looking for information for your work project, you search for it on Google and then simply copy and paste it. Easy, right? Now imagine you need to copy and paste 3000 little sentences and paragraphs, file them into a giant Excel chart, then sort everything by date and color-code by categories. A job like this is almost impossible without some automation.

In very brief words, web scraping (or data scraping) is automated data collection from websites. Bots crawl the web, interact with websites and download them to be stored and processed. Large amounts of seemingly chaotic data are extracted from websites, then structured into charts of acceptable form to be later sold, imported into apps or used for business analysis.

Over the recent years, data scraping has become a career on its own: experienced freelance data scrapers charge $30-$40 per hour, and that rate is not the limit.

That analysis may be sold to interested parties or used to grow your own business. This whole process is not illegal if the information you scrape is publicly available, although still there are rules of ethics to it. A great legitimate example of scraping is a flight aggregator: it scans price offers from partners and gives you a list of options.

Ethical Considerations Of Scraping

Unfortunately, web scraping is not always used ethically: hackers use web scraping to simply steal and resell client databases, undermine competitors, extract copyrighted content without owner’s permission and harvest user personal data without consent. Any of these actions can be highly damaging even to a large, stable and well developed business: we do not encourage any of these.

Here’s a part of an endless list of possible (non-malicious) use cases for web scraping:

  • price intelligence
  • lead generation
  • sentiment analysis
  • market research
  • news monitoring
  • SEO monitoring
  • sports betting
  • real estate pricing and many more.

 web scraping

Saving Resources

Dealing with extreme amounts of new information extracted from websites, scrapers often need substantial hardware resources, at times even investing in substantial physical servers and devices.

Antidetect browsers offer a more effective and cheap way to do the job: using multiple virtual profiles saves a lot of resources compared to running actual physical devices. In this case, antidetect browsers use is more energy efficient.

It is also much safer in every way. Browser fingerprints created by antidetect browsers are treated as real users by website safety systems, so the scraper won’t have to use anti-captchas and lose time on constant verifications. Even if failed proxies lead to ultimate profile suspension, a new authentic profile can be used immediately to continue work straight away.

7. Web Testing

Websites and apps need to be tested under various conditions all the time. For example, your website UI has to work seamlessly in every screen resolution, on every device and OS version, in every country. Emulating all of these parameters is not always easy, fast or cheap. If you are a tester, you know well how tedious and routine basic testing can be: manual input of text into dozens of type fields is a tester’s nightmare.

antidetect browser

Emulating Parameters Quicker

This is where antidetect technology comes to the rescue. You can create specific conditions to test your website, for example, quickly changing screen resolutions. No need to emulate an OS or device to change parameters. It’s all available in one browser window without the need to buy extra testing tools, at least on regular testing levels.

One tool for all, a multiaccounting app may save your valuable time, money and resources performing simple tasks better and faster. If you’re involved in testing and willing to go further, you can automate some tasks to speed up the work even more.

8. Crypto Enthusiasts

Whatever may happen to thousands of various crypto coins today, we should finally face facts: crypto can’t be ignored. While some still consider the very topic of crypto and NFTs a controversy or even a pyramid, many others earn fortunes while still under 21. For a lot of regular owners, crypto has become a stable passive income.

If you are interested in entering crypto or looking for practical ways to enhance your work, some of the realistic ways for you to begin would be:

  • taking part in IDO or NFT lotteries by being among the first on the whitelist to access investments before official launch
  • catching free coin airdrops and giveaways on “launchpads
  • boosting your own coins

Most of the ways to get cheaper coins presume more or less the same steps: registering at a platform, going through security check (KYC, or Know Your Customer), then applying for a whitelist and performing various marketing or social tasks for promotion. You should be there at a specified time to catch access to coins or NFTs and hope you’ll get whitelisted.

antidetect browser
This piece called Cryptopunk #5822 was sold for $23.7 million in February 2022 to become the most expensive NFT (non-fungible token) of the year. Merge by Pak still holds the record, sold in 2021 for a massive $91,8 million.

Multiaccounting For Crypto

Still, however lucky or skilled you are, in the end it’s your one account against thousands of others. Crypto platforms have serious protection against multiaccounting, watching user fingerprints closely. So if you want to use multiple accounts and not risk your safety, don’t hesitate to check their user reviews. Online authority matters: go for a trusted one.

Antidetect technology also allows you to pass KYC checks only once for each of your many accounts, safely resuming work afterwards and saving time, which in this case becomes literally precious. A good multiaccounting browser will be a great help if you want to multiply your winning chances or simply want to use your crypto more safely, avoiding risks of personal data loss.

A Conclusion: There Is More To Come

Our list of use cases for multiaccounting technology is not ultimate: it’s just a rating of the most popular commercial uses of the technology. Compared to traditional occupations, these businesses are still relatively young and evolving fast.

That leads us to one truth: internet safety and related business areas cannot be overlooked or ignored. A multiaccounting browser has become a great, swiss-knife practical tool for commercial use. The internet is not becoming a safer place, so there are all signs this technology will be with us for years.

Find yourself interested or involved in any business described above? Catch up with modern tech and consider trying an antidetect browser today.

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