BitBrowser Review 2024: Is It Worth Buying For Business?

In this series we usually compare browsers and tools with antidetect features. Today we will give a review to BitBrowser, seemingly a copy of AdsPower which offers a whole lot of stuff for as low as $10/month. Is there a hidden catch?

We will quickly review the features of this service and if it’s actually worth to be invested in 2024. Let’s move on!


BitBrowser: A Rocket Ship, But It’s Only $10?

BitBrowser is a very cheap antidetect browser made in Hong Kong. Prices of paid plans start as low as $10 for 50 profiles. Bitbrowser offers a whole lot of common antidetect browser features for suspiciously low prices.


Our initial guess is Bit Browser might be a low-quality copy of AdsPower browser. These have a lot in common, but looks like BitBrowser was made by a small enthusiast team with no serious quality control. It is mostly used in Asian regions which might have different looks on business software.

bitbrowser interface
Like AdsPower and other Chinese tools, the already overloaded main screen has banner ads.

BitBrowser: UI & Features

The UI in BitBrowser is the definition of a Chinese tool: it’s as complicated as an airliner dashboard with massive bright ads of suspicious tools.

The interface is so incredibly overwhelming we even had trouble finding the Add Profile button to start. It definitely needs a deep tech background to be used.

The amount of micro settings, switches and captions poured out on the user during profile creation is utterly amazing.

All of the work section areas are completely full of switches, captions and information important for the tool to work. For example, the Proxy IP section has 3 different screens, and only third allows to mass paste proxies as text. Again, every little bit is manually operated. The proxy type is not auto-identified: if it’s set on Socks5, your HTTP proxies will not work.

Recapping the UI, this can be said: nothing is easy or automatic here. Even the smallest action takes several clicks, knowing you already learnt how to use it. Although BitBrowser offers learning videos, even so this tool won’t fit for new people.

Some BitBrowser Features & Fingerprint Check

On paper, BitBrowser offers relatively wide antidetect browser functionality: mass actions with profiles and proxies, teamwork, extensions, custom fingerprint settings, affiliate program and even RPA automation section (which took about 10 seconds to launch, but it still exists).

BitBrowser RPA automation hasn’t been all localised yet. We have our doubts there is a need for it.

On top of usual functionality, Bit Browser also curiously offers a ChromeOS extension. We highly doubt it’s able to provide real anti fingerprint browser features, but it’s definitely something to look at, as nobody else offers this today.

Our 1 test BitBrowser profile on Mac M2 took a whopping 8 seconds to launch, which is a Windows XP time standard at best. It did not pass and Hardware parameters, which is about fingerprint management. Our guess it might work better with custom parameters, but that is a hard to prove claim even with technical expertise.

BitBrowser pricing

Bit Browser download offers a free plan with 10 profiles + several paid plans, starting from $10 a month for 50 profiles. It is available for Windows and Mac.

Apart from China, BitBrowser is mostly used in Pakistan in India, which explains a lot about the price. In GoLogin, we think any region deserves good tools to work with.

BitBrowser: Recap

There are only two nuances that question the seemingly good choice of features for the price:

  1. BitBrowser has almost no online reputation, which makes the overall tool reliability questionable.
  2. The tool is so poorly designed and localised that we doubt it can be actually used outside of China. With all our experience, we had serious problems understanding the interface during the first session.

Verdict: Bitbrowser is a local Asian antidetect tool with AdsPower copied features, cheap second-hand quality and poor localisation + ChromeOS extension. It can be hardly trusted for a serious business investment.

GoLogin As A Trusted & Easy To Use Antidetect Browser

Compared to BitBrowser, GoLogin is both convenient and technically advanced. The sophisticated settings with 50+ fingerprint parameters are there if you need them.

If you’re new or just need to run your few accounts daily – GoLogin is your best option as it requires no tech background or learning. Many users praise it for exactly that: the UI is clean and simple, requiring almost no manual work.

gologin browser
GoLogin set up for SMM work with several managers.

GoLogin might be more expensive starting at $49 for 100 profiles, but it pays off with long run quality and support if you’re running a business. It will also fit for casual browsing as free plan users get the same fingerprint quality and great UI as paid ones.

GoLogin is well suited for solo use, small teams, automation, and any other use case and team size. It offers fair pricing packages with no additional payments or fineprint.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

Some Pros Of GoLogin For Business

GoLogin is most widely used by small and mid-sized marketing teams. It is often called a game changer for marketing efforts, as dealing with complicated VPS, low quality antidetects and remote desktops can kill any desire to work.

Let’s touch on how GoLogin is useful for both in real world:

  1. 7-day free trial with all paid features available.
  2. Free plan + Free proxies built in the app.
  3. Newbie-ready: no tech background required to start working.
  4. Multiple account management with no plan limitations: no 2FA verifications, flags and blocks.
  5. 24/7 support regardless time zone and plan.
  6. All major device platforms + Android and Web app support on any plan.
  7. No password sharing:  manage sensitive data in a professional way.
  8. Fair pricing: best feature/price ratio on the market with no hidden catches.
  9. Legal US and EU compliant business with a good reputation online.
bit browser download
The interface of GoLogin Web app. Notice it is completely identical to the desktop one.

At this moment, GoLogin paid plans offer best quality to price ratio on the market. Feel free to evaluate it and compare to others during the free 7-day trial!

As of fingerprint quality, GoLogin successfully passes fingerprint checkers without altering custom settings. No manual actions needed to enhance security of your work with GoLogin.

bit browser
All points green: you’re safe to continue.

Support & Reviews

The support team is available 24/7 to help on every user request as soon as possible. The support is same level for free and paid users. Team provides help on the Live Chat, inside the app or on the website.

When you need asisstance, team responds to all messages in <5 minutes. The support quality is often mentioned on client feedback.

gologin review
Source: Capterra
Source: G2 Crowd

Verdict: GoLogin is a high quality business solution that works both for casual browsing and business needs. It’s simple to use, has regular updates and a good online reputation in niche marketing communities and major review platforms.

BitBrowser Review Recap

Made in Hong Kong, BitBrowser offers many common antidetect features at very low price starting from $10/month for 50 profiles. Its interface is extremely complex and will require technical expertise to use effectively. It has questionable reliability, complete lack of online reputation and poor design. It failed our quick tests related to fingerprint management, but might perform better if set up correctly with tech expertise.

In contrast, GoLogin web browser is praised for being user-friendly and technically advanced with clear settings and easy account management. It’s more expensive than BitBrowser at first, but provides better long-term quality and support, making it good for long term business investment.

If you’re interested in checking out GoLogin, get your free 7-day trial period or request a demo.

Have any comments or ideas what we should review next? Write a comment down below!

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

Run multiple accounts without bans and blocks
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