Top 5+1 Web Browsers for PC

10 Jun 2021

Some of our customers have been asking why we emulate no other browser but Google Chrome Most of them are confused we chose Google’s brainchild over, say, Mozilla Firefox which seems to be way more secure and reliable. In this article, we are going to quickly dissect the main advantages of the most renowned web browsers for PC, what they are not really good at, and explain our pick.

  1. Opera – the Best Companion for a Geek
  2. Mozilla Firefox – Privacy & Security First
  3. Edge – the Promising Internet Explorer’s Offspring
  4. Safari – User-Friendly, But Only To Apple’s Consumers
  5. Google Chrome – The Most Universal Browser
  6. Orbita – Chrome: Take the Best, Throw the Rest

Opera – the Best Companion for a Geek

Many times : 2.31%

Facebook Ads: don't get approved. Well, this is such a derailment to your Facebook marketing campaign, but then, it's not such a big deal. The real heat is felt when your Facebook Ad account is disabled. Nothing sends shivers down the spines of Facebook advertisers like the

Your Facebook Ad Account has been DISABLED: alert.

Unlike Ads being rejected, your Ads account being disabled means your entire campaign could go down the drain. Well, that's a big scare, but then, that's not the end of everything. The truth of the matter is that you can still reactivate your disabled Facebook Ads account. In this article, find out 10 reasons why Facebook disables Ad accounts, how to get the Ad account ban lifted, and importantly, how you can remain on the safe side.


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Mozilla Firefox – Privacy & Security First

To start, it's crucial to find out the difference between: 3.36%

disapproved ads vs. disabled ad accounts: two of the biggest scares when managing Facebook ads.Many advertisers confuse these two concepts.

As the name suggests, disapproved ads are individual ads that are flagged down immediately or after running for some time because of one reason or another. You may have one or multiple ads disapproved, but that doesn't mean your ads account has been disabled. : On the other hand, a disabled account results from repeated Facebook ad violations, or at times, highly negative feedback on your ads account.




Edge – the Promising Internet Explorer’s Offspring

Another vital thing to be aware of is the real reason why you lost access to your Facebook Ads account. For the record, advertisers might lose access to their ads account because of two reasons.: 3.37%

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Safari – User-Friendly, But Only To Apple’s Consumers

The first reason could be that your personal Facebook account is blocked. Once your personal account is blocked, you lose access to the ads account. But that doesn't mean your ads will be paused. Facebook will still run all your ads and deduct the spend. Anyone else with access to: 18.43%

Business Manager : will still be able to log in and optimize ads. But for the user whose personal account is blocked, there's no way to access the ads account.

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Google Chrome – The Most Universal Browser

The other reason you might not be able to access your ads account is that the ads account itself is disabled. This is the most common scenario. : 64.73%

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Orbita – Chrome: Take the Best, Throw the Rest


When the ads account is banned, all the ads are frozen. That means your entire marketing campaign is put on hold until you resolve the problem. Your company or the brands you are running campaigns for will no longer be driving any leads or sales from Facebook for an indefinite period

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