GoLogin 3.2.29 Jupiter (2023/06/28)


  • Added support for HTTPS proxies
  • Added new functionality for bookmarks:
    • Ability to create folders within subfolders
    • Automatic text wrapping in links, ignoring JavaScript code
    • Synchronization of bookmark manager with bookmarks on old profiles until the next launch (bookmark manager lock and warning message in the “Bookmarks” section on the Edit Browser Profile page)
  • Added character highlighting when searching in Geolocation and Timezone parameters (for the new design)


  • Fixed synchronization of custom extensions between different devices
  • Fixed random reordering of folder locations on Profiles and Folders pages
  • Fixed error when sharing a profile with “owner” permissions on paid accounts
  • Cosmetic fixes for the new side settings (for the new design)
  • Fixed opening of the proxy manager in the side settings
  • Fixed sorting by tags