GoLogin 3.2.20 Jupiter (2023/05/18)


  • A bookmark manager, allowing you to
    1. Set up bookmarks that will automatically be added to all new profiles
    2. Add or change bookmarks in multiple profiles simultaneously
    3. Add bookmarks when creating a new profile
  • Profile blocking during Orbita download if the UA of those profiles matches the Orbita version being downloaded at that time
  • A new design for the payment modal window


  • Column sorting: now if you disable a sorted column, the sorting for that column is reset to the default setting
  • Translation text offset and spacing between View and Stop buttons. Also fixed the Details button (it was overlapping the View button)
  • A bug that prevented editing cookies in the text editor window when editing cookies of an existing profile
  • A bug that prevented importing the same cookie file into multiple profiles sequentially (cookies did not appear when importing the file through the folder browser)
  • A bug with an unclickable Drag/Drop button in the cookie import modal when creating a profile
  • Display of modal windows without translations on Windows 7