GoLogin 2.0.1 Mercury (2021/08/18)


  • Improved fonts manager
  • Minimizing app to tray
  • Sign In/Up buttons blocking after clicking (to make it clear the request is being processed)
  • Email filed clearing in case of success profile sharing
  • Gologin Vault (password manager) switch button
  • Improved Cookies parser (2 new formats support)
  • Auto login to button on Trial plate
  • Redirecting after choosing a free plan
  • Menu on pricing page with exit and account settings options


  • Folders switching (in some cases profiles from other folder were shown)
  • Folders sorting bug
  • Languages sorting bug
  • Running profiles warning when closing the application
  • Mac Orbita launch errors
  • Profile name editing bug (quick settings panel did not close after approvement)
  • Auto login (did not work in some cases)
  • Profile loading error
  • Defective profile error