ISP Proxies

ISP proxies are classified as proxy servers that relay internet connections through Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Unlike other proxies that are usually hosted on data center servers, ISP proxies utilize IP addresses that belong to ISPs. This makes them appear more like residential IPs, meaning they are less likely to be blacklisted by websites that block data center IPs. ISP proxies combine features of both data center and residential proxies but are more common and accepted for public use. Therefore, they are often used for scraping, automation, and unblocking content.

Key Features of ISP Proxies

  • Hybrid Nature: Combine characteristics of both data center and residential proxies, offering speed, stability, and a high level of trust.
  • Residential Appearance: Use IP addresses from ISPs, reducing the likelihood of being blacklisted by websites that block data center IPs.
  • High Acceptance Rate: More commonly accepted and less likely to be flagged, making them ideal for scraping, automation, and bypassing geo-restrictions.


  • Web Scraping: Efficiently gather data without getting blocked.
  • Automation: Perform automated tasks with minimal risk of IP bans.
  • Unblocking Content: Access restricted websites and content with greater success due to their residential IP appearance.


  1. Enhanced Anonymity: Provide a higher level of anonymity compared to regular data center proxies.
  2. Improved Reliability: Offer stable and consistent performance due to their hybrid nature.
  3. Better Success Rate: Increased chances of bypassing security measures and accessing restricted content.

In conclusion, ISP proxies represent a hybrid solution that combines the advantages of residential and data center proxies. They utilize IP addresses associated with ISPs but operate on dedicated data center servers, offering the speed, uptime, and anonymity of data center proxies while maintaining the quality of IPs from residential proxies. This unique combination makes ISP proxies highly effective in bypassing security measures based on IP addresses, making them a favored choice among bot operators and users seeking reliable and versatile proxy solutions.

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