Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager is a tool provided by Facebook that allows businesses to create, manage and analyze their advertising campaigns across Facebook’s platforms. It provides detailed targeting options, budgeting features, performance tracking and more.

Key Features Of Facebook Ads Manager

  1. Campaign Management: Allows you to create new ad campaigns, set objectives, target specific audiences and decide where your ads will be placed.
  2. Budget Control: Enables setting daily or lifetime budgets for each campaign.
  3. Detailed Reporting: Provides in-depth analytics on ad performance including reach, impressions, clicks etc.
  4. Custom Audiences: Allows the creation of custom audience segments based on demographics, interests or behavior for targeted advertising.
  5. Ad Scheduling: Gives the option to schedule ads at specific times when they are likely to perform best.


  1. Complexity – The platform can be complex and overwhelming for beginners due to its numerous features and options.
  2. Time-Consuming – Managing campaigns effectively requires a significant time investment which may not be feasible for small businesses without dedicated marketing teams.
  3. No Human Support – While there are online resources available it lacks direct support which could pose challenges if issues arise during campaign setup, management, access problems or blocking issues.

Best Facebook Ads Manager Practices

  1. Understand Your Objective – Clearly define what you want your ad campaign to achieve before starting with Ads Manager
  2. Use Targeting Options Wisely – Utilize the various targeting options available like demographic details; interests etc., but avoid being too narrow in focus
  3. Protect Account From Blocks – Facebook is notorious for random ad quality checks, and sometimes ads accounts get blocked for no reason.
  4. Get Multiple Ads Manager Accounts – It’s best to diversify your campaings and users with multiple account tools like GoLogin.
  5. Monitor & Optimize Regularly – Review your ad’s performance regularly using the reporting tools available & make necessary adjustments
  6. Test Different Variations – Experiment with different ad formats; images; copy etc., & see what works best

Useful For: Businesses of all sizes looking to advertise on Facebook’s platforms (Facebook itself as well as Instagram).

How To Setup? To use Ads Manager one needs a personal Facebook account. Once logged in, they can access Ads Manager through the menu on their profile page. From there, users can create a new ad campaign by selecting an objective, defining audience and budget and creating the ad creative.

How To Run Multiple Facebook Ads Managers With GoLogin

As you might know, Facebook now allows having up to 3 profiles on one device. However, for multiple Facebook Ads accounts, you will need a multiple account software because Facebook applies automatic suspension system for accounts violating their policies.

Here’s how to run multiple Facebook Ads Manager accounts from one device:

  1. Download GoLogin browser. A 7-day trial will activate when you register an account.
  2. Create a new profile and choose a proxy that corresponds with your needed account country,
  3. You’re good to go! Run the profile and log in your Facebook account or create a new one.
  4. Subscribe or switch to Free Forever plan after the trial ends.
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