The Domain Name System (DNS) is a protocol within the set of standards for how computers exchange data on the internet and many private networks, known as TCP/IP protocol suite. Its basic job is to turn user-friendly domain names like “website.com” into an Internet Protocol (IP) address format that computers use to identify each other on the network.

Essentially, DNS functions like a phone book for the internet by maintaining a directory of domain names and translating them into IP addresses. This process happens behind the scenes in milliseconds when you type in a website URL into your web browser.

Without DNS, we would have to remember complex numerical IP addresses for every website we want to visit instead of simple text-based URLs. It simplifies our interaction with websites making browsing more efficient and user-friendly.

How DNS Works

  1. User enters a URL into their web browser.
  2. The browser sends a request to the Domain Name System (DNS).
  3. If the requested information is not in its cache, DNS queries root servers which contain information about top-level domains (.com, .org, etc.).
  4. Root server directs query to TLD (Top-Level Domain) servers that store data related to specific extensions like .com or .net.
  5. TLD server further directs this query towards authoritative nameservers for the specific domain being queried.
  6. Authoritative nameserver responds back with correct IP address for requested domain name.
  7. The recursive resolver receives this response and stores it in its cache memory before sending back final answer i.e., required IP address to your web browser.
  8. Your web browser can now initiate connection with intended website using provided IP address.

This process simplifies user interaction with websites by translating text-based URLs into numerical IP addresses that computers understand, all within milliseconds! In summary, DNS plays an integral role in helping users find websites on vast expanse of internet without needing to memorize complicated numeric addresses.

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