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Profile Sharing

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Browser Fingerprint Pricing
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Custom Browser Profiles
Mobile App
Windows OS Support
MacOS OS Support
Native Mac M-Series support
Linux OS Support
Cloud-Based Interface

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Frequently Asked Questions about MultiLogin

What are MultiLogin and GoLogin?

MultiLogin and GoLogin are sophisticated and versatile tools designed to enhance the management of multiple accounts on various online platforms simultaneously. Such tools are also called antidetect browsers because platforms like Facebook don’t see these accounts are controlled from one place or by a special tool like Tor. It’s perfect for digital marketers who need to maintain multiple online identities for different purposes.

Both MultiLogin and GoLogin provide great ability to create and switch between multiple browser profiles, each with unique user agents. By doing so, these tools effectively protect the original user’s online identity, preventing account linking and business downtime. These tools take care of ensuring that each account maintains its distinctiveness and remains untraceable.

How to use MultiLogin to manage multiple accounts?

Utilizing MultiLogin to manage multiple accounts is a straightforward process. Users sign up and download the browser app, just like a regular everyday browser. Subsequently, they create several browser profiles, add proxies to each and launch websites they wish to manage multiple accounts for. It’s the normal routine afterwards.

These browser profiles profiles serve to protect the user’s online presence, ensuring that each account remains isolated from others and remains indistinguishable. To access their accounts, users can effortlessly switch between these profiles with just a few clicks: they’re simple browser windows. MultiLogin streamlines the process, allowing users to focus on their tasks without worrying about compromising their privacy or encountering account-related issues.

Can I use MultiLogin for free?

Unfortunately, no. MultiLogin does not offer a free plan that would provide a test period for at least a day. Multilogin is not available for individuals with basic needs or those looking to explore the platform’s capabilities before committing to a paid subscription. As far as we know, Multilogin offers a free trial, but they don’t state it on their Pricing plan and you’d have to contact support to request it.

If you don’t mind the price, MultiLogin remains a powerful tool for managing multiple accounts efficiently, safeguarding online identities, and preventing account linking, all while ensuring a seamless and secure browsing experience.

Is there one best multi-account web browser?

Yes, but it depends on your needs. The concept of the “best” multi-account web browser is subjective and depends on individual preferences, requirements, and use cases. MultiLogin and GoLogin are two prominent players in the market, each excelling in their respective ways. They both offer more or less the same functionality and good reputation on the market, but have different price-quality rate.

Ultimately, the best multi accounting web browser for a user will depend on factors such as ease of use, reputation, customer support, pricing and community. Evaluate your specific needs and compare the offerings of different tools before selecting the one that aligns most closely with their requirements and preferences.

Do all websites use browser fingerprinting for tracking?

No, but that percent is growing fast. You might know that in 2022, nearly half (47.4%) of all internet traffic came from bots, so it’s natural for any website owner to build more protection. While not all websites employ browser fingerprinting, it has become increasingly prevalent as a tracking method across various online platforms. Browser fingerprinting allows websites and online services to gather information about users’ devices, software, and browsing behavior, enabling them to create unique identifiers for individual users. This data is often used for analytics, advertising, and user profiling purposes.

Given the widespread adoption of browser fingerprinting, users are increasingly concerned about their online privacy and security. Tools like MultiLogin and GoLogin offer total protection from tracking by generating unique fingerprints for each browser profile, effectively anonymizing user identities and preventing websites from linking multiple accounts to the same individual. By using such tools, users can significantly enhance their online privacy, minimize targeted advertising, and reduce the risk of being tracked and profiled across different websites.

Is running virtual browser profiles better than virtual machines?

Running virtual browser profiles, as facilitated by MultiLogin and GoLogin, is generally more efficient, user-friendly and even eco-friendly compared to using virtual machines for managing multiple accounts. We’re not joking: it literally saves your physical resources. Virtual machines require substantial system hardware, setup time, and technical expertise to maintain. They are typically used to isolate entire operating systems, making them more suitable for running separate instances of applications rather than managing multiple accounts on different platforms.

In contrast, virtual browser profiles are specifically designed for managing multiple accounts on a single machine. They offer a lightweight and streamlined solution, allowing users to create and switch between distinct browser profiles effortlessly. These profiles are isolated from one another, ensuring that each account maintains its unique identity, cookies, and browsing behavior.

As a result, virtual browser profiles are an ideal choice for individuals, businesses, and digital marketers who require efficient and secure multi-account management capabilities without the complexity of using virtual machines.

Why use MultiLogin for social media?

MultiLogin is an excellent choice for managing multiple social media accounts efficiently and securely. Whether you’re a social media marketer, influencer, or business owner, MultiLogin and GoLogin are killer tools to handle various social media profiles simultaneously and build a unified database for an agency team.

MultiLogin’s sophisticated features, such as unique browser fingerprints and separate cookies for each profile, ensure that each social media account maintains its independence, preventing any links between them.

Additionally, MultiLogin and GoLogin have an easy-to-use interface that allows users to switch between social media accounts effortlessly, schedule posts, and analyze engagement metrics, saving time and effort. With MultiLogin, social media managers and influencers can efficiently manage their digital presence, build a consistent online image, and avoid the risks associated with linking accounts on social media platforms.

How does MultiLogin create multiple browser profiles?

MultiLogin creates multiple browser profiles by employing advanced techniques that generate unique fingerprints for each profile. A fingerprint is a collection of attributes related to a user’s browser and device configuration, such as the user agent, screen resolution, installed plugins, time zone, and more. By ensuring that each profile has distinct fingerprints, MultiLogin effectively masks the user’s online identity, preventing websites from associating multiple accounts with the same user.

When users create a new browser profile on MultiLogin, the platform assigns it a unique set of characteristics, making it appear as if it belongs to a different user altogether. Additionally, MultiLogin manages cookies separately for each profile, further isolating accounts from one another. Even most advanced platforms like Facebook are not able to see these accounts are controlled from one device.

Do MultiLogin and GoLogin both offer free plans or free trials?

No. MultiLogin only provides a free trial that you need to request from the support (it’s not stated in the Pricing). Being a far more expensive tool, it does not offer any chance to evaluate if it’s worth the investment.

GoLogin provides users with both a forever-free plan (limited to 3 profiles) and a free trial of paid features. GoLogin enables users to experience the full power of their service and decide if it aligns with their account management requirements.

Do MultiLogin and GoLogin offer browser automation?

Yes, both MultiLogin and GoLogin offer powerful browser automation features as part of their toolsets. Web automation via Selenium, Puppeteer and other tools allows users to streamline repetitive tasks and workflows, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Through the creation of scripts, users can automate actions such as form filling, logging in, data extraction, and repetitive interactions with websites.

At this moment GoLogin is working to introduce its own no-code automation engine (now tested under the name GoLess). It will have unprecedented functionality – AI answers, Stories and Shorts watchers, cookie collectors, etc.The ability to automate these processes not only saves time but also ensures consistency and accuracy in their online activities.