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Updates in GoLogin and Orbita Browser: March 2023

We are constantly working on adding new features and improving our apps for your better experience!

Read about the updates – or watch a quick Youtube video summary:

❗ Important: older Windows versions are no longer supported.

Beginning with Chrome 110, Orbita Browser no longer supports Windows 7/8/8.1.
To continue using Orbita Browser, please switch to a newer Windows version.

⚡️March Updates of GoLogin and Orbita:

  1. Google Sign In: Google users can now login faster.
  2. New Built-In Proxy Deals. Use and top up trusted proxies straight from your GoLogin window. Residential, mobile, datacenter proxies available. Up to 3Gb of free proxy traffic.
  3. New Default Profile Settings: set up your custom DNS, start URL, storage options.
  4. New Profile Table: turn your columns on and off, drag to change order and size.
  5. Status details for profile run/stop process: see exactly what’s going on when you launch and stop profiles.

Other smaller, but no less important updates:

  • NPM package updated to v2.0.8
  • Improved browser download manager (lost connection/leak of memory handler)
  • Improved profile sync error handler
  • Translations (close app modal, proxy checker results, others)
  • Disabled Run button in multiple operations in case of Orbita downloading
  • Low disk space warning in Orbita download manager
  • Proxy pasting in the multiple operation tab

Using GoLogin for work? We’ll be glad to hear your feedback and feature suggestions on our social media! Feel free to mention @gologinapp on Twitter to share your work insights and experience 🙂

Download GoLogin here and check out all the new features yourself!

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