MultiBrowser Review 2024: Look For Newer Options

In this series, we regularly analyze and compare different browsers and tools that are equipped with antidetect features. Today’s focus is on MultiBrowser, a commercial cross browser testing tool developed by a Turkish company.

MultiBrowser has been designed to emulate various browsers and execute standard browser testing procedures such as screen resolutions adjustments, orientation changes, mobile OS emulation, and automating routine processes. However, there are some concerns regarding whether the tool’s functionality aligns with current technological advancements.

We will look at this service to determine if it deserves attention in 2024. Let’s move on!


A Closer Look at MultiBrowser Features

At its core, MultiBrowser is a simple software solution created primarily for web developers and designers who need to test their websites across multiple web browsers. The tool provides standalone versions of popular internet platforms like Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

These allow users to perform simultaneous tests on multiple browsers – including mobile browser versions.


Let us examine some key features that MultiBrowser brings to the table:

  • Standalone Browsers: It supports both new and legacy internet platforms.
  • Mobile Browser Emulators: This feature enables you to test how your website performs on mobile devices.
  • Screen Recording: You can record videos of all your activities during the testing phase.
  • Automated Testing: It eliminates manual work by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Responsive Testing: Test how well your website responds under different conditions with a responsive design.

As per release notes shared by the company behind MultiBrowser, updates are made 2–3 times a year — frequent enough only for updating main cores of web browsers and OS versions. We got an impression Multibrowser might be more suitable for basic or beginner level tasks.

The official documentation has an unmistakable Windows XP vibe.

Considering today’s modern AI-driven world where even building pages is becoming automated quickly, we have doubts about its use in a fast evolving environment. The support for the tool can only be reached via email which might not be ideal for everyone.

We also had our suspicions when after downloading the MacOS app it required downloading another tool to start. Apart from the simplistic feature set, this approach is pretty much unacceptable for a $29/month tool which does not even have a free trial. Such functionality must be built in the tool.


It’s also peculiar that Multi Browser operates on a paid model requiring users to pay even for a brief trial period. Our recommendation would be exploring other free or open-source tools first or at least consider freemium ones before committing financially.

Multibrowser pricing page.

Verdict: for a paid niche tool MultiBrowser is quite outdated to say the least. It has basic functionality, but lacks both a free trial for at least 1 day and a good fresh interface. There are free open source tools offering more advanced and fresh features.

GoLogin As A Better, Free Browser Testing Tool

First of all, GoLogin is not a testing tool from the start – but it has powerful and versatile features to be used as one, which many people successfully apply for web and app testing. GoLogin allows for multiple isolated browser profiles, each of these looking 100% authentic to even the most sophisticated tracker like Google and Facebook.

GoLogin does not offer different brands of browser cores like Edge and Opera, but it offers some curious perks for advanced testing instead. For example, some testers use it to set up a flow of proxy traffic from different countries to their mobile apps to test the response. GoLogin will allow that with different browser profiles, easy multiple proxy management and advanced profile settings.

gologin browser
GoLogin set up for SMM agency work with several VAs. The profile table is fully customizable for any use case.

If you’re new, GoLogin is your best option for work as it requires no tech background and has no learning curve. The UI is clean and simple, just like Chrome: it requires no manual work.

GoLogin might be more expensive starting at $49 for 100 profiles, but it pays off with long run quality and support if you’re running any business model. It’s not open source, but it still has a Free Forever plan available for everyone.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

GoLogin’s Web App & Android App

Both of these are included in the price and also can be reached on the Free plan. The Web app has remarkable functionality: it allows to launch browser profiles on a safe cloud server from literally any device with Internet.

GoLogin also offers a full-featured Android app for quick mobile access to browser profiles.

The interface of GoLogin Web app which launches the profiles on a safe cloud server. Notice it is completely identical to the desktop one.

Apart from the apps, GoLogin allows to use custom browser configurations including lots of different devices and hardware. You can easily operate options like screen resolution, device model, browser version and so on.

Let’s touch on how GoLogin is useful in real world:

  1. 7-day free trial with all paid features available.
  2. Free plan + Free proxies built in the app.
  3. Newbie-ready: no tech background required to start working.
  4. 24/7 support regardless time zone and plan.
  5. All major device platforms + Android and Web app support on any plan.
  6. Fair pricing: best quality/price ratio on the market with no hidden catches.
  7. Legal US and EU compliant business with a good reputation online.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

GoLogin Updates & Reputation

GoLogin has been updated about 50 times over 2023, which is almost every week. New features are added constantly, many of them user-requested. The new Chromium browser cores and features are all tailored to make the browser as realistic and up-to-date as the regular Chrome can be.

gologin browser
GoLogin profile with default settings and proxy delivers same trust score (66,5%) as a regular Chrome browser, not leaking a single parameter of the original user device or location.

The support team is available 24/7 to help on every user request as soon as possible. The support is same level for free and paid users. Team provides help on the Live Chat, inside the app or on the website.

When you need asisstance, team responds to all messages in <5 minutes. The support quality is often mentioned on client feedback.

gologin browser
Source: G2 Crowd

Verdict: GoLogin is a high quality business solution with a fair price. It is simple to use, has regular updates and a versatile functionality for all kinds of web and app testing.

MultiBrowser Review Recap

MultiBrowser offers standard features such as mobile browser emulators, most major browser cores and automated testing. However, this tool is way outdated overall and lacks a free trial option. It does not fit modern AI-soaked workflow standards and misses many modern browsers like Brave.

As an alternative, GoLogin is recommended due to its powerful features like multiple isolated browser profiles with advanced settings that appear authentic even to sophisticated trackers like Google or Facebook. GoLogin also offers easy proxy management, customizable profile table, regular updates and 24/7 customer support.

If you’re interested in checking out GoLogin, get your free 7-day trial period or request a demo.

Have any comments or ideas what we should review next? Write a comment down below!

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

Run multiple accounts without bans and blocks
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