HydraHeaders Browser Tool Review 2024: What Is It Used For?

In this series we usually compare browsers and tools with antidetect features. However, today our spotlight shifts to HydraHeaders, or Hydraheaders Browser – a free proxy control and device emulation tool made by Hydraproxy IP provider.

We will quickly see the features of this service and if it’s worth to be used in 2024. Let’s move on!

hydraheaders browser

HydraHeaders: A Free Windows Proxy Switcher

Hydraheaders is not an actual browser, but for some simple browsing cases it might actually do the trick. It is basically a proxy control tool with low level device emulation features made by HydraProxy.

Hydra Headers browser tool is completely free, which compensates for it being a bit outdated. It is available for Windows only. However, we have our doubts it can be taken seriously in 2024.

hydraheaders browser
Looks like a great minimalistic tool, especially if you are a bit nostalgic.

The tool web page claims it will “avoid detection” and “regain control of browser fingerprinting”. Emulating real Google Chrome is an extremely hard task to complete for a free tool with basic device emulation parameters.

We have strong doubts HydraProxy is actually able to deal with any kind of 2024 browser fingerprinting. There are some WebRTC and Timezone settings that might be a good extra layer of protection for proxy browsing. However, our best advice would be to not ever risk your business accounts with free tools. HydraHeaders has no reviews on major platforms.

The UI will remind you how great Windows XP once was.

Still, for basic daily browsing and switching proxies on Windows HydraHeaders browser tool might be a good fit. It can also be useful as basic testing tool, as it is claimed with fine print on Hydraheaders page.

hydraheaders browser
Mimicking a device for a modern website (especially social media one) is a difficult and laborious task, but for basic testing it might be enough.

As a conclusion, we don’t recommend relying on free tools for actual business. However, if you’re looking for a free option to experiment with, this can be the one to test.

Verdict: This is a simplistic free proxy switcher / device emulation tool. It can be a useful add-on if you buy Hydraproxy IPs for regular browsing or basic free testing. It will not work for social media accounts – these require more advanced tools to protect from.

GoLogin As A Modern Free Proxy Browser Alternative

Compared to HydraHeaders, GoLogin is both more convenient and technically advanced – all that inside the free plan. It is a quick multi-platform proxy switcher which is also able to mimic different devices on a sophisticated level, enough for most advanced websites.

GoLogin set up for SMM work with several managers.

Being a commercial browser, GoLogin has a plan for free use – it has free built-in proxies and 3 browser profiles free of charge. This makes it a universal proxy browser, replacing any other outdated tool.

GoLogin is well suited for solo use, small teams, automation, and any other use case and team size. It offers fair pricing packages with no additional payments or fineprint.

To use the Forever Free plan, go to Pricing and choose Forever Free under paid plans.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

Some Pros Of GoLogin For Casual Browsing & Business

GoLogin is most widely used by small and mid-sized marketing teams. It is often called a game changer for marketing teams, as managing remote assistants and social accounts can be a nightmare.

Let’s touch on how GoLogin is useful for both in real world:

  1. Free plan + Free proxies built in the app.
  2. Newbie-ready: no tech background required to start working.
  3. Multiple account management with no plan limitations: no 2FA verifications, flags and blocks.
  4. 24/7 support regardless time zone and plan.
  5. All major device platforms + Android and Web app support on any plan.
  6. No password sharing:  manage sensitive data in a professional way.
  7. Fair pricing: best feature/price ratio on the market with no hidden catches.
  8. Legal US and EU compliant business with a good reputation online.
  9. 7-day free trial with all paid features available.
hydraheaders browser
The interface of GoLogin Web app. Notice it is completely identical to the desktop one.

At this moment, GoLogin paid plans offer best feature to price ratio on the market. Feel free to evaluate it and compare to others during the free 7-day trial!

Support & Reviews

The support team is available 24/7 to help on every user request as soon as possible. The support is same level for free and paid users. Team provides help on the Live Chat, inside the app or on the website.

When you need asisstance, team responds to all messages in <5 minutes. The support quality is often mentioned on client feedback.

gologin review
Source: Capterra
Source: G2 Crowd

Verdict: GoLogin is a free solution that works both for casual browsing and business needs. It’s simple to use, has regular updates and a great online reputation in marketing communities.

HydraHeaders Browser Review Recap

HydraHeaders is a free proxy control tool by HydraProxy that offers basic device emulation parameters. It might be suitable for basic daily browsing or as a testing tool. However, HydraHeaders won’t handle modern browser fingerprinting. We recommend not risking business accounts with free tools.

GoLogin, a modern multi-platform proxy browser, is way more technically advanced than HydraHeaders. It offers built-in proxies, free profiles and multiple account management with top level browser fingerprinting protection. Despite being a commercial browser, GoLogin has a Free Forever plan, making it an attractive alternative to outdated free tools such as HydraHeaders.

If you’re interested in checking out GoLogin, get your free 7-day trial period or request a demo.

Have any comments or ideas what we should review next? Write a comment down below!

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

Run multiple accounts without bans and blocks

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