IPVanish VPN

IPVanish is a virtual private network (VPN) service known for its user-friendly interface, fast connection speeds, and ability to connect multiple devices simultaneously.

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IPVanish VPN provides secure internet connections by encrypting user data and routing it through its network of servers, masking the user’s IP address and ensuring anonymity. It is a popular choice among users seeking fast VPN connections and robust security features.

💰 Price

IPVanish VPN offers various pricing plans, with a monthly rate starting at around $11.99. Discounts are available for longer-term commitments, with the 1-year plan costing about $4.50 per month. IPVanish often offers promotional discounts for new subscribers, making it more affordable for long-term plans.

🌎 Locations

IPVanish VPN has a large server network, with over 2,000 servers in more than 75 locations worldwide. This extensive coverage gives users flexibility in connecting to servers across the globe.

🖥️ Protocols:

The service supports multiple VPN protocols, including OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPsec, WireGuard, and L2TP, providing robust encryption and secure connections. Users can select the protocol that best suits their needs for security and speed.

⭐ Trustpilot score

Ipvanish has a good ranking, with an average Trustpilot score of 4.2 stars based on customer reviews.

#️ Jurisdiction:

IPVanish VPN is based in the United States, which has data retention and intelligence-sharing agreements. However, the service adheres to a strict no-logs policy, aiming to protect user privacy.

🏷️ Notable Features

  • Unlimited Device Connections: IPVanish allows users to connect an unlimited number of devices with a single subscription.
  • Split Tunneling: Lets users choose which apps use the VPN connection and which don’t.
  • Automatic Kill Switch: Protects against data leaks if the VPN connection drops.
  • No-Log Policy: IPVanish VPN maintains a strict no-logs policy, ensuring user data is not stored or monitored.

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😎 Best For

IPVanish caters to users who prioritize a user-friendly interface, fast connection speeds, and the ability to connect multiple devices simultaneously. It’s a good choice for streamers, casual VPN users, and those who value a balance of features and affordability.

💻 Platform Compatibility

IPVanish VPN is compatible with various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. It also offers browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox and can be set up on compatible routers for whole-network coverage.

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Price Starts at $4.50
Locations 75 countries
Protocols ProtonVPN supports multiple VPN protocols, including OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPsec
Trustpilot score 4.2 out of 5
Jurisdiction USA
Promocode N/A
Best For

PVanish VPN is best for users seeking fast VPN connections, extensive server coverage, and strong security features.

Platforms Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux

Frequently Asked Questions

IPVanish VPN allows unlimited simultaneous connections with a single subscription, making it ideal for users with multiple devices or families sharing a VPN plan.

Yes, IPVanish VPN can work with streaming services, allowing users to access geo-restricted content. However, its success with platforms like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video can vary based on the server location and the service’s geo-blocking policies.

Yes, IPVanish VPN is considered safe due to its strong encryption protocols, including AES-256, and a strict no-logs policy. It also offers features like an automatic kill switch and split tunneling for added security and flexibility.

To install IPVanish VPN, download the app from the IPVanish website or your device’s app store. Once installed, open the app, log in with your credentials, and connect to a server of your choice. It supports a variety of platforms, making installation straightforward.

IPVanish VPN supports a wide range of platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. It also offers browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox and can be configured on compatible routers for whole-network coverage

To cancel your IPVanish VPN subscription, log into your account on the IPVanish website, go to ‘Billing,’ and select ‘Cancel Subscription.’ Follow the prompts to complete the cancellation process and prevent automatic renewal.


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