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Pixelscan.net is an online service that provides tests to reveal the amount of information your web browser is exposing about you and your device. These tests can include your IP address, geolocation, webRTC, JavaScript, and more.

Using Pixelscan is straightforward. Simply visit the website, and you’ll see a list of tests you can run, such as WebRTC Leak Test, IP Address, Canvas Fingerprint, etc. Click on any test to run it and see the information your browser reveals.

Yes, Pixelscan is safe to use. It doesn’t store any personal data and the information it reveals is only visible to you. It’s a tool designed to help you understand your own browser’s privacy settings and what information you might be inadvertently sharing.

While Pixelscan itself does not offer tools to protect your privacy, it does provide you with valuable information about what data your browser is leaking.
With this information, you can take steps to adjust your browser settings or use privacy tools to better protect your online activity.

Yes, Pixelscan is completely free to use. You can run any and all tests without any charges.

Pixelscan is designed to work with most modern web browsers. However, the results may vary depending on the browser’s unique configurations and the privacy features it has in place.