VMLogin Alternative For Multi-Accounting: Honest Review 2024

As we continue exploring multi-accounting browsers, today we will look at VMLogin. This Chinese-origin browser was launched in 2020 and hasn’t gained much acclaim outside China and Vietnam.

VMLogin (or Virtual Multi Login) browser positions itself as a multi-accounting browser. Just like most others, it lets users create virtual profiles as an alternative to using multiple computers. VMLogin claims to be fit for affiliate marketers, SMMs and many other specialists who run multiple accounts at work.

But is VMLogin worth buying for business in 2024? Is there anything unique, or is it just another Chinese copy? Let’s take a closer look and compare it to a more well-known alternative GoLogin.

TLDR: skip to the end for a quick table with the main points of comparison.


VMLogin: Features And Usage Nuances

On their website, VMLogin states they provide “virtual browser profiles”. The browser creates separate browsing environments, protects browser fingerprints, and automates repetitive tasks and business workflows (e.g., verifying ads, analyzing competitors, and web scraping through VMLogin API).


We will review VMLogin from a new user perspective. We will download VMLogin, test features available on the free trial with a 5-profile limit, and discuss important nuances of using VMLogin. Let’s start with registration!

VMLogin: Registering And Onboarding

Registration is no more complicated than with most other browsers, but VMLogin login page lacks a Google auth button for quicker start. To activate a free trial you will have to contact the support team.


We don’t understand the need for this step, since users can’t test VMLogin right away. While they are waiting for the support team to respond, they can install another browser (for example, GoLogin) and never go back to VMLogin.

First Launch And Comfort Of Use

VMLogin download looks like an app from the good old 2010s. We can hardly call the user experience intuitive, as the app’s main screen has information about the benefits of the technology, steps for using the browser, and a button for cleaning up the cache. Where and how should we start?

What’s more, the app’s user interface (UI) isn’t that convenient since the most important buttons in the left side panel are white on a light blue background, which makes the text less visible.

VMLogin’s main screen.

VMLogin works as a fixed-size window, and you can’t go fullscreen, as there is no Maximize button. Surprisingly, if you click the Minimize button, the app disappears from the taskbar.

To open the app again, you need to click on the VMLogin shortcut on the desktop. This is not what you expect from a business tool in 2024.

By default, a browser profile in VMLogin will give away your real device fingerprint. It means it is as secure as your regular browser at most. To safely create multiple accounts with VMLogin, you will need to adjust a lot of manual settings.

There is also an option to click Get a random profile. It is a safer choice for a newbie. But we don’t understand why not make it a default option.

A tab for creating a new browser profile opens in a new window, so you have to move it to see all the buttons.

A user who has never worked with an antidetect multi-accounting browser is likely to get overwhelmed by all the buttons, switchers, and settings. You’re supposed to know well what you want from the virtual browser profiles. Otherwise, you are likely to make your browser profiles look suspicious to trackers.

To import a proxy, you need to find a list of reliable proxies first. Then, you need to manually paste and check the proxy credentials for every single profile. That’s about six clicks each, a boring and time-consuming routine even with 5 profiles.

vmlogin integration with oxylabs
Proxy import in VMLogin

The main profile table is very limited, and you can’t customize it. Variables can’t be added (e.g. proxy, profile creation time).

Main profile table in VMLogin

At the time of the test, the website is available in multiple languages, while the app and Help Center are only available in English and Chinese.

Fingerprints And Checkers

Multi-accounting browser is one of the tools to protect your digital fingerprints (digital identity) so you can safely manage multiple accounts on a single platform.

A digital fingerprint is your unique digital user ID. It contains information about your IP address, location, installed plugins, time zone, operating system, and many other parameters. In other words, websites can track your exact device and follow it around the internet, even in anonymous mode.

Tools like Pixelscan.net and Iphey.com allow you to test how well you are protected from fingerprinting.

As a part of our review, we will try to pass these checkers in VMLogin’s browser profiles. We will use a random profile and add a proxy.

Hardware point failed on Iphey.com


Hardware point failed on Pixelscan.net

Aside from these browser fingerprint checkers’ results, we found this user review on X, confirming that VMLogin’s browser profiles don’t properly protect your digital identity.

Source: X


VMLogin has good team options – profiles can be easily shared and transferred to another account with different permissions. The app also allows users to create browser profile folders (they’re called Groups).

vmlogin crack
Source: Youtube

VMLogin shows the number of accounts a profile is shared with. If you want to view who has access to a browser profile, you need to right-click and choose Cancel profile sharing.


Support Quality

The VMLogin Help Center has documentation and even video instructions in English. We found these tutorials clear enough for a new user to understand the basics of using an antidetect multi-accounting browser.


However, we couldn’t find any user community: there is only an official Telegram channel led by the team posting news on browser updates.

The VMLogin support team works Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. (GMT+8). You can contact them via email, Skype, or Telegram. So, if you have technical issues and can’t find an answer in the Help Center, you have to mind the time zone differences.

During the test, we didn’t encounter any technical problems, so we can’t say how quickly they are usually solved.

Updates Frequency

According to VMLogin’s website, the team updates the app at least once a month. It is OK for a Chinese product, but not frequent enough to keep users’ data safe, fix bugs and implement features users may suggest.

You can find detailed information on each update on the official Telegram channel or in VMLogin’s help center, which is accessible right from VMLogin’s website main page (Tutorial section).

You can download VMLogin latest version from its official website or check for a new client version right in the app (Help and Support section). We do not recommend looking for a VMLogin crack as it will likely contain malware.

Verdict: VMLogin Browser is an outdated-looking Chinese product that was copied from a more well-known alternative. It has a normal feature set, but it’s highly expensive.

GoLogin As The Best Alternative To VMLogin

Reminder: Despite trying to stay objective and speak facts and numbers, this is still a biased review. We always recommend you do your own tests and choose solutions that fit you best.

To get straight to the point, GoLogin is years ahead. Visually and technically, these two are on different levels, although GoLogin is both cheaper and simpler to use.

Despite advanced settings, this browser has a newbie-friendly, intuitive interface.

GoLogin’s main screen set up for social media accounts. The profile table is fully customizable.

GoLogin is well suited for solo use, small teams, automation, and any other use case. Let’s compare VMLogin to GoLogin features and then calculate the costs involved.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

Registering And Onboarding

Creating a new account in GoLogin is quick and easy, as users can sign up with Google or their email.

Unlike VMLogin, GoLogin automatically starts a free trial for new users. In addition, GoLogin provides tooltip guides during the first session.


Features And Comfort Of Use

Unlike VMLogin, GoLogin has a clean and modern interface, which allows users to manage multiple profiles with ease. Lots of things can be done with just one click – for example, new profile creation or mass proxy import.

GoLogin is fully equipped for managing multiple accounts effectively. For example, it offers built-in free proxies right in the app, so you don’t have to search for a third party.

Default browser profile settings in GoLogin are safe to use from the box. You don’t have to set anything up manually or search for a button to get a random profile.

GoLogin’s web app working in a Chrome tab. Notice the interface is completely identical to the desktop app.

The web app is a great fit for slower devices like old computers or tablets with low performance level. Feel free to try the Android and web app during the free 7-day trial.

Verdict: GoLogin is a far superior, newbie-friendly app able to work straight from the box.

Fingerprints And Checkers

Unlike VMLogin, GoLogin’s browser profiles successfully pass Iphey.com and Pixelscan.net checkers.


All points green: this is what you should expect from antidetect multi-accounting browsers.

Check out this recent review on GoLogin proving its security:



Just like VMLogin, GoLogin allows you to share browser profiles with partners, giving custom roles and access rights to each teammate via Workspaces.

In addition, one user can participate in multiple Workspaces to quickly interact with several teams from one account.

Fast switching between multiple Workspaces in GoLogin.

Profiles can be divided into Folders and assigned to separate managers right in the app.

GoLogin is more convenient for a large number of profiles and team members because everything can be organized right from the main screen. For example, you can set up proxies, add tags and notes, and share profiles with one click.

Mass profile action panel in GoLogin. It is available on the web app as well.

Verdict: Gologin and VMLogin both have team features, but GoLogin comes out both cheaper and more convenient to use.

Support Quality

The support team works 24/7 and quickly responds to all user requests. So, you simply text GoLogin’s Live Chat support inside app or on website – and solve your issue without waiting for their working hours or time zone differences.

GoLogin also has a Help Center where users can find articles on how to fix different problems and a YouTube channel with tutorials gathered in playlists. These support options are available in English.

In GoLogin reviews, users often claim their problems were solved by chatting with the customer service team or through browser updates.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

Updates frequency

The GoLogin team updates the app quite often, doing everything necessary to keep the user data safe and avoid detection problems. To update the app, you just need to restart the browser.

Users often praise GoLogin for stable 24/7 work without downtime. The stability factor is one of the main reasons why users choose GoLogin over other alternatives.

Let’s move on to the final part of our comparison: plans and pricing.

VMLogin vs GoLogin – Pricing

Let’s count the costs now. We’ll consider a monthly payment option and also mention annual discounts.

Free Plans & Trial Periods

VMLogin: 3-day trial with 5 browser profiles and limited features. No free plan offered.
GoLogin: forever-free plan with 3 profiles + 7-day trial of any paid plan, no credit card needed.

Verdict: GoLogin’s free trial is longer and has no feature limits. GoLogin’s free plan is also more transparent, as it allows users for its full business potential.

Paid Plans: Personal Use

VMLogin’s first paid plan (Solo, 200 profiles, 5 team seats) costs $99 per month.
A similar GoLogin plan (Professional, 100 profiles) costs $49 per month.

vmlogin price
VMLogin pricing. For some reason, the plans are named just the same as Multilogin.

Both VMLogin and GoLogin offer annual payment discounts. GoLogin offers a generous 50% annual discount compared to only 25% from VMLogin. So, a year of VMLogin’s first plan will cost $891, while an equivalent GoLogin plan will cost only $594.

Verdict: our best guess is that VMLogin is not used (or made for) solo players or smaller ventures. With the first paid plan starting from 200 profiles, VMLogin cuts off smaller businesses who might need only 20 or 50 profiles for personal use.

Team Plans

VMLogin offers one middle-tier plan:

  • Team plan with 500 profiles and 10 team seats will cost you $209 per month.

GoLogin offers two middle plans:

  • Business plan with 300 profiles and 10 team seats costs $99 per month
  • Enterprise plan with 1000 profiles and 20 team seats costs $199 per month.

Enterprise plan offers twice more for less money.

GoLogin pricing.

Let’s compare the Custom plan scenario. VMLogin does not offer a Custom scheme, but its Scale plan offers 3000 profiles. For individual scenarios, VMLogin offers to contact support, while GoLogin makes it more straightforward with a price calculator.

  • VMLogin Scale plan with 3000 profiles and 20 team seats – $499 per month
  • GoLogin Custom plan with 3000 profiles and 20 team seats – $399 per month.

Verdict: GoLogin is a more reliable solution that has cheaper and more transparent pricing, flexible plans, and convenient options to try the product.

If you’re interested in checking out GoLogin, get your free 7-day trial period or request a demo.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

VMLogin vs GoLogin: Recap

In the end, comparing any browser comes down to one key factor: think about what exactly you need from a multi-accounting browser. We’ve prepared some questions to help you choose the best browser for you:

  1. How many browser profiles and team seats do you need?
  2. Are you tech-savvy to set up profiles manually?
  3. How much are you willing to pay for an app?
  4. Is the browser well-known? What do reviews and forums say about it?
  5. Do you need 24/7 support?

To summarize the comparison, we have compiled a brief table so that you can compare browsers on your own.

Comparison Criterium VMLogin GoLogin
Free plan

Free trial of paid plans

Support quality

Comfort of use


Country of origin



Updates frequency

Affordable paid plans

Mobile app

Profile cloud launch

Free in-app proxies

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

Run multiple accounts without bans and blocks

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