The Best Way to Run Multiple Reddit Accounts Without Bans in 2024

When running multiple Reddit accounts, the problem is that all your accounts can be banned if one of the profiles violates the platform’s rules. Redditors are frequently banned either by mistake or due to multiple reports from users with differing opinions.

Sudden bans pose a serious threat to marketing team efforts. You were posting and commenting on subreddits related to your niche, getting karma by providing value to other users, befriending moderators… and imagine all your efforts ending up in the trash one day. Frustrating, isn’t it?

In this guide, we’ll explore various ways to handle multiple Reddit accounts and avoid getting banned. Read on or watch this short Youtube guide to find the method that suits you best.

Multiple Reddit Accounts

Managing multiple accounts in the Reddit app: what are the options and limitations?

Reddit allows you to have multiple accounts and even use the same email address for verifying them. Simply disconnect your Apple or Google email account from one Reddit profile before creating a new Reddit profile using the same email.

Multiple Reddit Accounts

But, you should remember that all your accounts can be blocked if one of your accounts violates the platform’s rules. How is it possible? Reddit, as well as other social media platforms, tracks users based on their digital fingerprints.

A digital fingerprint is an ID code that contains information about your IP, location, operation system, installed plugins, time zone, and many other parameters related to your device. It means that if one of your accounts is banned, Reddit identifies and flags other accounts associated with the same set of digital characteristics.

Switching between multiple Reddit accounts

To use multiple Reddit accounts on the desktop and mobile website, you must log in and out repeatedly if you use a single browser with a single browser profile. There is no option to add multiple accounts.

The only way to manage multiple accounts without using any workarounds, which we will talk about later, is to use the official Reddit mobile app that allows you to use more than one account.

Using Reddit app multiple accounts

At the time of writing, you can smoothly switch between multiple accounts only in the Reddit mobile app. Here is how it works.

On the official apps for Android or iOS:

  1. Tap your profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Tap Settings at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap Account settings for your username.
  4. Tap Switch accounts.
  5. Tap Add account and log in to all your additional accounts.

Multiple Reddit Accounts

Ways to avoid bans when managing Reddit multiple accounts

Now let’s dive into safe methods for managing multiple Reddit accounts to stay away from risks to your campaigns and business. I listed them from the least to the most safe and convenient.

Multiple Reddit Accounts

Employ a proxy or VPN

Proxy servers and VPNs act as a middleman between your device and the web. A proxy server hides your real IP address from the website you visit but doesn’t protect the data you send and receive. A VPN, on the other hand, hides your IP address and location and encrypts traffic.

In other words, both tools only hide your IP and location, leaving other parameters of your digital fingerprint exposed. It becomes harder, but Reddit still can detect your associated multiple Reddit accounts.

Create multiple Chrome profiles for each Reddit account

This method of managing multiple Reddit accounts is straightforward, but not enough. You can create several Google accounts and log into Reddit from each one.

Multiple Reddit Accounts
Switching between these is relatively easy, unless you have 5+ accounts.

Each Chrome profile typically has its own set of cookies and cached data which make it harder to detect your multiple accounts. You can make the method even safer by combining it with a VPN/proxy. However, you will need to switch separate proxies for each Chrome profile and corresponding Reddit account manually each time.

Using this method, you have to keep in mind what account is linked to what Reddit profile, what its status is, and other details. It adds up to a lot of manual work!

Leverage social management tools

You can also take advantage of special third-party tools, such as Postpone. The app allows you to plan posts for multiple Reddit accounts.

Multiple Reddit Accounts

Aside from multiple account management features, the tool offers safety options, for example:

  • Validates subreddit post requirements and automatically reschedules posts if Reddit requests you to slow down with submitting posts.
  • Uses millions of IP addresses across the globe to submit each post and allows custom IP proxies.
  • Still, Reddit can detect other details of your digital identity.

Buy separate devices for each Reddit account

This method is the safest by far, though not convenient or cost-effective. Let’s say you need to manage 6 Reddit accounts. You have to buy 6 devices, each worth at least $50 (this is the minimum price for a working smartphone, a laptop is several times more expensive).

Multiple Reddit Accounts

6 devices x $50 = $300, which is more than the multi-accounting browser’s cheapest annual plan of $294 for 100 accounts. Read on to learn about this method of managing multiple Reddit accounts.

Leverage a multi-accounting browser

A multi-accounting browser creates a distinct digital fingerprint for each account (all digital characteristics are different), thus protecting you from bans. In other words, Reddit will consider all your accounts separate users. If one of them is banned for violating the platform’s rules, the other accounts are still alive.

Multiple Reddit Accounts

In general, multi-accounting browsers function like regular browsers. The difference is that you have all your 50, 500, or 5000 accounts in one clean window.

This solution also allows you to organize a smooth workflow with multiple Reddit accounts. For example, you can:

  • Name each account
  • Group them into folders
  • Add tags and notes
  • Filter profiles by various variables
  • Share profiles with remote team members. You and your team members never log out of the accounts, so you don’t have to deal with endless passwords, 2-factor authentication, and login tokens.

To learn how multi-accounting browsers work, let’s see how GoLogin is used to run multiple accounts.

How to run multiple Reddit accounts with GoLogin

Downloading and registering

Download GoLogin app from official website. The app is available for all major OS versions, as well as Android and Web app.

multiple discord accounts

After you install, register an account with Google or e-mail. There will be a short quiz for marketing research.

A free 7-day trial of all features starts automatically after you sign up.

Creating a browser profile and assigning a proxy

Your default main screen (table of profiles) will contain a few pre-made browser profiles. These are isolated browser sessions that will allow you to run multiple accounts on any website.

Let’s create a new one, assign a proxy and connect a Reddit account.

First, click Add Profile on top right. You will get into profile creation screen.

multiple discord accounts

Here’s a visual guide on profile creation and choosing a proxy:

multiple discord accounts

Here, you only need to set up the built-in proxy: all other profile settings are automatic. Let’s move!

1. Set your profile name. You can do this later as well.

2. Choose built-in GoLogin proxy. Built-in proxies are paid per gigabyte, but you’ll get some free traffic to test them. Third party proxies can also be used here with no restrictions.

3. Pick country from the dropdown list.

4. Choose Residential proxy type. Residential IP address is a most common connection like you have at home or office.

5. Click Check Proxy to see your new IP details. Afterwards, click Create Profile. This will return you to the table of profiles. You’re good to go!

3 Top Tips On Using Proxies Safely
  • It’s critical to give each of your browser profiles a separate IP address. Do not run several profiles on same IP address or without proxy: this will get them detected.
  • If you are familiar with how proxies work, feel free to use third party proxies as well. Multiple IPs can be pasted in bulk into GoLogin with just one click. Choose and buy proxies from our list of trusted providers.
  • Free proxies you find at random websites can be dangerous. Being used and abused by infinite amount of users, free proxies often collect your data and tend to fail when you least expect it.

Running the profiles

Click on the Run button at your new browser profile.

A new browser window will open, which is where you work with the accounts. You can use it like regular Chrome (i.e. tabs, bookmarks, extensions and history), but this session is completely isolated from your device and other profiles.

Connecting a Reddit account to a GoLogin profile

In this new window, simply login into your existing Reddit account. If you need to create new accounts, do it just like you would to in your normal browser – it works just like Chrome, only it’s isolated from your device and other profiles.

Multiple Reddit Accounts

After you log in, your Reddit account can be always run from a GoLogin profile. You will not need to re-enter your credentials.

Running multiple accounts

Next, create as many browser profiles as you need to operate multiple social media accounts. Remember each profile IP needs to be different. Best advice here to not mix the proxy IPs is to rename them after your browser profile name.

When you use a social account in a GoLogin profile, you won’t have to enter passwords or 2FA codes. That’s because the session will pause and continue from a safe cloud server. To websites, each profile is a separate authentic device.

Running multiple profiles at the same time with Discord as example. Notice multiple open tabs in windows: the sessions simply continue, and the accounts never get suspended.

You can freely run multiple GoLogin profiles at the same time with no problem. The amount of windows open simultaneously is not limited, depending only on your hardware.

Stopping the profiles

After working in your accounts, click Stop on your profile.

multiple discord accounts
Stopping the profile will close the window, and the session will upload to the safe cloud server.

When you restart this profile next time you need to work, the browser session will continue exactly from where you left. This is extremely comfortable and saves tons of daily work time for marketers and managers.

GoLogin works well even on platforms with strict multiple account policy, such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Amazon.

Customizing the account panel

As a unified account panel, GoLogin is a completely customizable space. Here’s what you can do to get a clear multiple account overview:

  1. Group your profiles by adding a Folder. Profiles and Folders can be shared with your team members with different admin rights.
  2. Add or remove columns on Profile Table and swap them around to see only what you want to see. For example, you can leave on Proxy and Last Launch to control when you last visited the account.
  3. Use tags, notes and profile statuses to organize work in a better way, especially if you work with remote employees.
  4. Use a dark theme instead of system one.
multiple discord accounts
A typical GoLogin setup of a marketing agency: profiles are named after clients social media and marketplace accounts.

That’s it! Try using GoLogin profiles for any social platform, marketplace or any other website. The profiles can be logged in from any location and device or shared with your partners.

During the 7-day free trial, GoLogin does not limit the use of paid features, so you can test the paid functionality.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

Extra Reddit Tip: respect community rules

Before we get to the technical side of things, it’s important to note that Reddit is a strictly moderated platform, at least when it comes to large subreddits. So, it’s crucial to be aware of the general Reddit rules and rules of each subreddit you’re dealing with. If you ignore those rules, it doesn’t matter what tools you use; you’ll still get banned because users and moderators will report you.

Karma is another important aspect, as accounts with higher Karma get much more trust from the community and Reddit anti-spam algorithms. If your Karma is high enough, even if you made a mistake by posting something that violates the rules of a particular subreddit or used a suspicious IP address, you most likely will just get noted instead of getting banned.

How to get Reddit karma?

It’s simple: to raise Karma effectively, you need to bring value to the platform. Create your own way to do it in areas you are an expert. All your contributions get upvoted or downvoted by users, and the more upvotes you get, the more Karma you’ll have. Downvotes work the other way around.

Many subreddits have Karma restrictions for different kinds of activities. For example, you won’t be able to make a community post if your Karma is less than a set value, so that’s another important purpose of gaining Karma.

Be aware Reddit has strict rules for artificially raised karma points: using workarounds or agencies to boost karma is a high risk activity.

Wrapping up

The Reddit app is just enough for personal use or if your multiple accounts are just one-off. If one of them is banned, Reddit will link it to the others, so there are high chances you’ll lose them all together. If all your personal accounts are important to you, use one of the safe ways described.

In case you need to organize and share your multiple Reddit accounts with a straightforward solution, give GoLogin a try. It is a great alternative to best SMM panels that also allows to quickly and safely login to all accounts without passwords.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

Frequently asked questions about multiple Reddit accounts

Can you have multiple Reddit accounts?

Yes, Reddit allows you to create multiple accounts based on their Privacy Policy. But keep in mind you can’t use your multiple Reddit accounts to break the rules or violate the platform’s policies.

Can I create two Reddit accounts with one email?

Yes, you can use the same email to verify your Reddit accounts. You can create two accounts with different usernames and passwords and connect them to one email.

How do I deal with a permanent ban on Reddit?

Reach out to the moderators and appeal for a permanent ban. Reddit moderators may give you a second chance, but it happens rarely.

Does Reddit detect VPNs?

No, Reddit doesn’t detect VPNs. The platform may detect and ban you only in case your IP from VPN is associated with past malicious activities.

Can I access Reddit using a VPN if I’m banned?

No, because VPN hides only your IP while Reddit tracks users also through cookies, MAC addresses, and other digital parameters. Therefore, we recommend using a multi-accounting browser that protects all your browser fingerprints to avoid bans.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!


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