Top 13 Best Captcha Solving Service List For 2024

In this article we will review the best CAPTCHA solving service tools for different use cases, biggest of which is of course web scraping.

Web scraping is an essential tool for researchers, data scientists, academia, businesses, and webmasters. However, misuse and abuse of web scraping tools by bots and bad actors performing other malicious activities led website owners to develop extra layers of security measures, including CAPTCHAs.

While CAPTCHA systems are effortless to get through for single users, they can be a nightmare for large web scrapers and data management companies.

But here’s the good news: as the CAPTCHAs came, and so did the CAPTCHA solvers. Here, we explore the best CAPTCHA solvers, how to choose the best CAPTCHA solving service for your needs, and a robust alternative if you prefer to avoid CAPTCHA altogether.

Let’s dive in!

best captcha solving service

How To Choose Best CAPTCHA Solving Service Tool?

As you’ve seen above, no two CAPTCHA-solving services are alike, although they all serve a similar purpose. When making a choice, be careful to pick a CAPTCHA solver that fits your use case best and comes with all the features and functionality you need.

Here’s a list of 10 guidelines to follow:

1. Identify The CAPTCHA You Need To Solve

First, determine the type and volume of CAPTCHAs you’ll encounter in your project. Always remember that different CAPTCHA-solving tools only specialize in different types of CAPTCHAs. Moreover, consider the size of your project, as these tools offer varying levels of scalability.

2. Assess Accuracy

Accuracy is critical to the success of your task. Only pick CAPTCHA-solving tools with high accuracy rates to minimize errors and the time and resources lost on incorrect solutions.

3. Check Speed

The average response time of each tool is just as critical as accuracy, especially if your project needs thousands of CAPTCHAs solved in real time. Opt for a tool that can solve CAPTCHAs swiftly for the efficient operation of your project.

4. Assess Security Measures

Ideally, your CAPTCHA-solving tool should employ tough security measures to protect sensitive data and prevent misuse. Choose tools that use strong encryption, secure connections, and enforce strict access protocols.

5. Consider Cost

Different tools use different pricing models, and that can have varying impacts on cost. Some tools charge per CAPTCHA solved, while others offer subscription plans or bulk pricing. Choose a payment plan that best fits your budget and tool usage patterns.

6. Check Integration Options

Many CAPTCHA-solving tools give you access to APIs to easily integrate your existing software and systems. Opt for a solution that allows seamless implementation into your workflow.

7. Read Reviews And Testimonials

Explore what other users have said about your preferred tool. Reviews and testimonials can help you quickly gauge the reliability and effectiveness of a CAPTCHA solver. Pay attention to what others say about accuracy, speed, and customer support.

8. Use The Trial Period or Demo

Where possible, test out tools that offer a trial period or demo. This way, you can test its performance firsthand and determine if it meets your requirements before committing.

9. Check If It Has Good Customer Support

Check out the customer support options provided by the tool vendor. Ensure you can access timely assistance to troubleshoot any issues that may arise with the CAPTCHA solver.

10. Keep Compliance And Other Legal Considerations In Mind

Ensure that the CAPTCHA-solving tool complies with relevant laws (like GDPR and CCPA), especially regarding data privacy and security. Verify that using the tool does not violate any terms of service or agreements with CAPTCHA providers.

Best CAPTCHA Solving Service List In 2024

Below is a roundup of top CAPTCHA solving service tools you can explore today.

1. Capsolver

Capsolver is a top-notch CAPTCHA solver that uses groundbreaking AI and machine learning to provide image recognition services. It uses auto web block technology to solve reCAPTCHA, hCaptcha, ImageToText, Beetest v3/v4, FunCaptcha, and more.

best captcha solving service

You can also integrate Capsolver into your browser using its Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extensions. Capsolver works as a tool for web testing, scraping, social media, data collection, market research, and multiple other use cases.

It has an excellent reputation across G2, Trustpilot, SaaSHub, and Product Hunt, with a 4.8+ star rating. Despite all these features and reviews, Capsolver is still affordable for all users. With bulk services, you can get prices as low as $0.1/1,000 requests.

Pricing: $0.8 to $3/1,000 requests.
Plan: Pay as you go.

Verdict: Capsolver is our top selection because of its groundbreaking use of AI, stellar reputation, outstanding overall service delivery, and affordability.

2. 2Captcha

Once you purchase a plan, 2Captcha solves challenges automatically. It can also bypass CAPTCHAs using proxy servers and offers human CAPTCHA-solving services.

best captcha solving service

2Captcha automatically solves multiple types of CAPTCHA, including reCAPTCHA, hCAPTCHA, and Cloudflare Turnsite. It also gives you extensions for your Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Unlike Capsolver, 2Captcha charges you only for challenges solved, which works to your advantage in periods of low accuracy.

Pricing: Starts from $1/1,000 requests.
Plan: Pay as you go.

Verdict: 2Captcha is ideal for users who prefer hybrid (automatic and human) CAPTCHA solvers.

3. Free CAPTCHA Bypass (FCB)

FCB is a CAPTCHA-solving service that offers a RESTful API for web developers and end users needing a CAPTCHA-solving tool.

best captcha solving service

Unlike other tools, FCB uses an API-first approach and only offers a Chrome extension for browser users. FCB can also serve many use cases, including automated web testing, market research, and SEO data collection.

Compared to other tools, FCB has relatively lower pricing but with a decent success rate of 97%. Upon signup, you also receive a free $1 credit to test the service for your use case.

Pricing: Starts from $0.2 to $0.8/1,000 requests.
Plan: Pay as you go.

Verdict: FCB is the ideal CAPTCHA solver for web developers and businesses that prefer an API-first approach.

4. Anti Captcha

Anti Captcha is a fast and affordable CAPTCHA-solving tool with a service record that spans close to two decades. It offers solutions for many popular CAPTCHAs, including reCAPTCHA, GeeTest, and Cloudflare Turnstile.

best captcha solving service

It also has self-reported speeds of under 6 seconds per CAPTCHA solved, making it one of the fastest solvers in the market. It manages this with a 100% human task force, which is impressive.

It also has Firefox, Chrome, and Safari Browser extensions and integrates smoothly into your systems with its API.

Pricing: Starts from $0.5 to $2/1,000 requests.
Plan: Pay as you go.

Verdict: Anti Captcha is the best solver for users who support companies with 100% human workforces.

5. CapMonster Cloud

CapMonster Cloud offers automatic solutions for reCAPTCHA, hCAPTCHA, and other types. It prides itself in a self-reported high accuracy of up to 99% and budget-friendly plans for all users.

best captcha solving service

Like most tools, it comes with a Firefox and Chrome browser extension, with use cases that include gaming, crypto, lotteries, and financial services. Moreover, it has a stellar reputation across review platforms, making it a reliable choice for many users.

Pricing: Starts from $0.04 to $4/1,000 requests.
Plan: Pay as you go.

Verdict: CapMonster Cloud is ideal for users looking for a cloud-based CAPTCHA solver.

6. TrueCaptcha

TrueCaptcha is a fast and affordable automatic solver for image and text CAPTCHAs. It also uses a hybrid system that combines the efforts of human solvers with the accuracy of computers.

best captcha solving service

It boasts speeds of up to five seconds or less, with the capacity for unlimited parallel requests. Moreover, TrueCaptcha offers a free demo you can try out to test the quality of its services.

It also comes with an API and Firefox and Chrome extensions.

Pricing: Starts from $0.33/1,000 requests.
Plan: Pay as you go.

Verdict: TrueCaptcha may be the best tool for users who want to run multiple parallel requests.

7. AZcaptcha

AZcaptcha offers custom and affordable CAPTCHA solutions for reCAPTCHA, hCAPTCHA, and invisible CAPTCHA challenges.

best captcha solving service

As of now, AZcaptcha has a database of over 15,000 inbuilt CAPTCHA solutions, with more on the way. It also uses a fully automated system, which makes your solving process seamless, and features an API and extensions for popular browsers.

Pricing: Starts from $0.4/1,000 requests or $24.9/month for unlimited requests.
Plan: Pay as you go/ Subscription.

Verdict: AZcaptcha is an ideal tool for users who prefer monthly subscriptions or access to an existing database of solved CAPTCHAs.

8. NopeCHA

NopeCHA is the second AI-based CAPTCHA solver listed here. Unlike most other providers, NopeCHA gives you free access to its services for personal and hobby projects for up to 100 requests per day. This gives you a chance to test out its services for as long as you need.

best captcha solving service

Moreover, it can bypass CAPTCHA in many instances. It also offers the most permissive plans so far, charging only $1 per 90,000 requests. It also supports APIs alongside browser add-ons.

Pricing: Starts from $1/90,000 requests or $4.99/month.
Plan: Pay as you go/ Subscription.

Verdict: NopeCHA is the best solution for enthusiasts and users looking for AI-based solvers and affordable plans.

9. DeathByCaptcha (DBC)

DeathByCaptcha offers turnkey solutions for each available CAPTCHA type, but only through its API. It has a self-reported accuracy of over 90%, only charging for correctly solved challenges.

best captcha solving service

DBC also uses a hybrid system that combines the power of advanced technology and the reliability of human user support. Moreover, DBC offers an exclusive loyalty program that unlocks multiple rewards, savings, and discounts for frequent users.

Pricing: Starts from $0.99 to $3.99/1,000 requests.
Plan: Pay as you go.

Verdict: DeathByCaptcha is another top alternative for API-only CAPTCHA solvers.

10. GSA Captcha Breaker

GSA Captcha Breaker solves challenges automatically once installed. Rather than charge a subscription fee or pay for tokens, GSA CAPTCHA breaker is a one-time purchase software.

best captcha solving service

After buying a license, you can add more CAPTCHA types. Moreover, you’ll receive lifetime updates from the parent company.

You can also simulate different CAPTCHAs and import new ones to the software, which helps test and train the tool to solve other CAPTCHAs you can later integrate into your workflow.

Pricing: $92.
Plan: Lifetime license.

Verdict: GSA is the best software-based CAPTCHA solver for users.

11. is one of the oldest tools in the market, offering CAPTCHA-solving services for your web since 2008, and is also software-based.

best captcha solving service

It also provides an API you can integrate into your tech stack and supports PHP, Python, Perl, and JavaScript.

Pricing: Varies across plans.
Plan: Subscription.

Verdict: Another top software-based CAPTCHA solver for users.

12. Bright Data CAPTCHA Solver

Bright Data’s CAPTCHA solver uses top-notch proxy infrastructure to bypass or solve different types of CAPTCHA. By emulating human users and digital fingerprints, this tool can help you bypass most CAPTCHAs with ease.

best captcha solving service

When it encounters a challenge, it automatically solves the CAPTCHA using its web unlocker. It also supports a free trial to test its products, with support for APIs and browser extensions.

Pricing: Varies across proxy plans.
Plan: Subscription.

Verdict: Best CAPTCHA solver for bypassing challenges using proxies.

13. Rumola

Rumola is a browser extension for Google Chrome designed to solve CAPTCHA challenges. It reads text and image CAPTCHAs and solves them automatically in your browser.

best captcha solving service

It also features a bookmark feature that enables you to run it across multiple devices with internet access.

Pricing: $1.95/150 requests.
Plan: Pay as you go.

Verdict: Ideal dedicated CAPTCHA solver for Google Chrome browser.

GoLogin: The Best Way To Avoid CAPTCHA Altogether

As we showed you in this article, you can avoid CAPTCHA challenges using solver tools. We also explored 13 tools you can test out for your projects until you have an ideal fit.

But what if you prefer to avoid CAPTCHA challenges altogether? If that’s your ideal set-up, GoLogin may be your best bet.

Avoiding, Not Solving

If your company needs to scrape hundreds of websites a day for data analysis, market, or academic research, buying credits for multiple best CAPTCHA solving service apps for multiple users can quickly become expensive and murky.

Moreover, the accuracy of even the best CAPTCHA solving service may decrease as your organization uses it extensively across multiple projects. So, choosing GoLogin browser as a bot protection tool for your web scraping projects can prove beneficial.

The interface of GoLogin browser with free proxies.

Download GoLogin for free and manage multiple accounts without bans!

After all, GoLogin can emulate different devices, operating systems, and environments with such accuracy that it essentially creates new and unique fingerprints. This way, websites detect each access attempt as a unique user, preventing triggers that might sense bot activities and present a CAPTCHA challenge.

This works even with advanced bot detection systems like Cloudflare, Akamai, Datadome and in the rare case you trigger a CAPTCHA challenge, it presents a minor obstacle to your web scraping activities.

And if you prefer to keep your CAPTCHA-solving solution, GoLogin is still your best option. It enables you to plug your solution into its native functionality. For instance, you can integrate 2Captcha into GoLogin using its API.

Overall, GoLogin works with or without a CAPTCHA solver to reduce the time and energy spent collecting valuable data for research insights through web scraping. Sign up for GoLogin today.

Summary Of The Best CAPTCHA Solving Service Tools

CAPTCHA Solver Solving Mechanism Price
Capsolver AI / Machine Learning-based $0.8 to $3/1,000 requests
2Captcha Hybrid (Automatic + Human) Starts from $1/1,000 requests 
Free CAPTCHA Bypass RESTful API $0.8/1,000 requests
Anti Captcha Human-Based  $0.8 to $3/1,000 requests
CapMonster Cloud Cloud-based $0.6 to $2.2/1,000 requests
TrueCaptcha Human-based $0.33/1,000 requests
AZcaptcha Automatic $1/1,000 requests or $24.90/month (unlimited requests)
NopeCHA AI / Machine Learning-based From $4.99/month 
DeathByCaptcha Hybrid (Automatic + Human) $0.99 to $3.99/1,000 requests
GSA Captcha Breaker Software-based $92 for a lifetime license Software-based Varies across plans
Bright Data CAPTCHA Solver Proxy-based bypass Varies across proxies
Rumola Hybrid (Automatic + Human) $1.95 for 150 requests

Frequently Asked Questions About Best CAPTCHA Solving Services

What Causes Invalid CAPTCHA?

Plenty of reasons may cause a Completely Automated Public Turing test to malfunction or fail. For instance, poor internet connectivity and a slow PC can cause such problems. Other common causes include using VPN software, suspicious IP addresses, outdated browsers, computer malware, or website glitches.

How Long Do CAPTCHAs Last?

CAPTCHA can last a few seconds to minutes, depending on the type. For instance, it takes the average user about 10 seconds to solve a CAPTCHA. In most cases, after 30 seconds, the challenge resets itself. Although it can be longer, this is often rare.

How Much Do CAPTCHA Solvers Cost?

Cost can differ from tool to tool but can generally begin from as low as $0.001 per challenge solved. Some use a subscription model, while others use a pay-as-you-go model with bulk discounts or outright software downloads with lifetime licenses.

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