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AmIUnique is an online tool designed to demonstrate how uniquely identifiable your browser might be on the internet. It uses various browser attributes to generate a digital fingerprint, providing insights into the level of uniqueness and potential trackability of your browser.

AmIUnique works by collecting a range of data from your browser when you visit the site. This data includes information about your browser type, version, operating system, screen resolution, time zone, and more. By analyzing these attributes, AmIUnique can determine how unique your browser is compared to others.

AmIUnique is quite effective at browser fingerprinting as it takes into account numerous parameters to generate a fingerprint. It collects information about your User Agent, HTTP_ACCEPT Headers, Browser Plugin Details, Time Zone, Screen Resolution and Depth, System Fonts, and more. This extensive data collection makes it a reliable tool for browser fingerprinting.

AmIUnique is primarily used as an educative tool to raise awareness about browser fingerprinting and online privacy. With the information it provides, individuals can better understand how trackable their browsers may be on the internet and take steps to enhance their privacy.

While it may be challenging to completely prevent AmIUnique from fingerprinting a browser due to its extensive data extraction capabilities, certain measures can make it harder. These include using privacy-oriented browser add-ons, disabling JavaScript, or regularly clearing cookies and other stored site data. However, these steps might impact the functionality of certain websites.