Discover Best Top 11 Affiliate Networks & Marketing Platforms List 2023

Discover the top affiliate networks of 2023 with our comprehensive catalogue. Compare the best providers for commission rates, offers, payment terms, and more. Choose the perfect network for your affiliate marketing needs and maximize your earnings.

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Rainmaker — multi-vertical affiliate network with in-house IGaming products.Rainmaker can offer you crazy conversions, in-house and exclusive iGaming offers, as well as over 2500+ offers to other verticals from direct advertisers! is one of the TOP Affiliate Programs that has over 6 years of expertise in working with the Nutra vertical around the world. Cooperates with internet marketers and nutrition manufacturers WW. At the moment,…


Offerrum is a well-known CPA affiliate network offering diverse verticals, all-round geos and personal management for more than 10 years! Offerrum runs on custom-made software that hasn’t been hacked a single time in 10 years,…


Adsterra is a global advertising network connecting advertisers with publishers across various verticals. With a range of ad formats and targeting options, Adsterra offers high eCPMs and flexible payment options for publishers. Real-time tracking and…


CPALead is a well-established mobile affiliate network that specializes in performance-based marketing. With a real-time bidding platform connecting mobile app advertisers with publishers, CPALead offers a wide range of verticals to promote, including mobile app…


ClickDealer is a leading performance marketing agency that offers a comprehensive range of digital marketing solutions. Serves as a gateway to their services and expertise. With a focus on maximizing returns on investment, ClickDealer helps…


AffMine is an affiliate marketing platform that connects advertisers and publishers to promote various products and services. The platform offers a wide range of high-converting offers, real-time tracking, and detailed analytics for both advertisers and publishers.…


Trafee is a CPA affiliate network with more than 4000 offers. Earn on CPC, CPS, CPL, and Revshare. Smartlink and a variety of direct offers to choose from.


Los Pollos is an innovative online platform that connects advertisers with affiliates to promote various products and services. By offering a diverse range of high-converting offers, Los Pollos ensures maximum ROI for advertisers while providing affiliates…


LeadBit is a prominent international affiliate network that offers a wide range of high-converting CPA and CPL offers across multiple verticals. With valuable tools, resources, and real-time tracking, LeadBit is a top choice for advertisers…


Explore iMonetizeIt, a leading affiliate network offering a wide range of offers, flexible payment options, and dedicated support for a seamless affiliate marketing experience.


CPA.House is an affiliate network that connects advertisers and publishers, focusing on CPA and CPL offers across multiple verticals. The platform offers advanced tools and real-time tracking to support campaign optimization and performance analysis.


AdCombo is a leading global affiliate network that facilitates partnerships between advertisers and publishers to promote a wide range of high-converting CPA and CPL offers. With its diverse selection of offers spanning various verticals, AdCombo…

Summary Table of the Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms

CPA Network Joining Fees
and Costs
Ease of Use Daily Payouts Support Quality Most Common
Use Case
Overall Rating
Offerrum E-commerce Great
Adsterra Website Monetization Average
CPALead Content Locking Good
Leadbit Health & Beauty Average
iMonetizeit Gambling Good
CPA.House Nutra Offers Great
AdCombo Mobile Apps Average
Rainmaker iGaming Average

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Affiliate Marketing Networks

An cpa affiliate network is a platform that connects merchants or advertisers with affiliates or publishers. Affiliates promote the merchant’s products or services and earn a commission for each sale or action generated through their unique affiliate link.

Using an affiliate network can help you reach a wider audience and increase your sales or leads. It also allows you to tap into the expertise of other marketers and access a range of tools and resources to optimize your campaigns.

The networks on our list were chosen based on a range of factors, including their reputation, commission rates, range of offers, payment terms, and user reviews. We conducted extensive research and analysis to ensure that only the best networks made the cut.

No, joining an affiliate network is typically free. However, you may be required to meet certain criteria or have a website with a certain amount of traffic to be accepted into some networks.

Yes, many affiliates work with multiple networks to maximize their earnings and diversify their income streams. However, it’s important to choose networks that complement each other and don’t have conflicting terms or restrictions.