Proxies: To Each His Own

  1. Facebook – No Reason In The World For You To Roam
  2. Amazon – Spin It Right ‘Round, Baby!
  3. Gaming & Gambling – Make Your Bet On The Best Proxy
  4. Shopify & eBay – Just Like Amazon
  5. Instagram – Say “Cheese” To Multi-Accounting

What proxies should you buy for Facebook? Amazon? Instagram? Shopify?..

Previously we talked a lot about proxies: how they work, what proxy servers we recommend to use with our software, what the differences between them, VPN services and anti-detect browsers are, etc. However, we’ve barely even dropped a word on how different platforms determine your choice. Why is it better to buy rotating proxies for scraping data from Amazon? Should one go for static ones when creating a Facebook ad? What about eBay? Shopify? Instagram? Although we cannot cover every single platform operating on the Internet, we are yet about to skim in this article over a few major ones and try to explain what you should bear in mind when buying proxies for, say, affiliate marketing or gaming.

Facebook – No Reason In The World For You To Roam

Despite Facebook often not being hi-tech in terms of its ability to detect multi-accounting activities, Zuckerberg’s brainchild still may surprise you with unexpected bans if your proxies time out too often and you push your ads from just about everywhere all over the globe. It’s fine to change your location once in a blue moon, but realistically – how often does a regular person, running a small business, travel? Granted, some go-getters do manage to organize their businesses so that they could enjoy different exotic landscapes every day, but even they do not change their IP every hour or minute.

Facebook loves seeing you stay home with your family, happy and safe. It’s a signal to them that you’re a prosperous, decent businessman. Okay, just kidding. Nobody knows what is on the Facebook security team’s mind, but going with static, either private or dedicated, proxies is the best way to set up your business using Facebook ads. In fact, almost always such proxies will be the best pick for affiliate marketing, arbitrage, or dropshipping. However, despite some people successfully exploiting datacenter and even public proxies (it’s still a mystery how they do that!), it’s better to stick to residential proxies if you’re intending to run your business via Facebook.

  • Best Proxies for Facebook: residential, static, either dedicated or private.
  • Best Proxy Providers: Blazing SEO, 911.RE, Proxy-N-VPN, Bright Data.

Amazon – Spin It Right ‘Round, Baby!

Amazon is one of the biggest retailers in the world and arguably the most advanced public website from a security perspective. And not only does it allow people to sell and buy commodities, but it also has highly valuable data on goods. Lots of businesses find it tempting to scrape some data from the platform. It provides one with the most relevant information on products, which helps to speed up a marketing campaign. Nevertheless, web scraping basically violates Amazon’s terms of service and may get you banned just in a second once they find out you a crawler or scraper.

Why does Amazon ban people from gathering actually publicly available data? When we’re talking about web scraping, we mainly mean that the entire process is automated – and that’s what Amazon isn’t really fond of. You may get as much data as you wish while browsing their website. The problem is, by the time you finish doing it manually, your data might as well be irrelevant already. So, technically it’s indeed publicly available; however, Amazon, as a business, doesn’t want anybody to profit from it.

Things become a little different when all the work gets automated and done by bots. In this case, you may extract all the data you need, organized and neat. But when running scripts, you must be well aware that you’re making thousands of connection requests to a website every single minute. Little too much for a human being, isn’t it? Yet, doing web scraping from just your own IP will get you nowhere but on Amazon’s blacklist.

This is where rotating proxies come in handy – evidently the best proxies for scraping Amazon. This type of proxies lets one change their IP addresses and basically send all the requests from different places, making it look much less robotic. You must remember though, gone are the days when proxies were a nerdy technology. Today detecting the usage of proxies is just a cinch for even some small start-ups, let alone talks on IT giants such as Amazon. So, make sure you integrate them with a reliable antidetect browser like GoLogin.

As for seller accounts, it’s basically no different from Facebook, with Amazon, however, being much more advanced and thus usually requiring something little more impressive than just a bunch of cheap proxies, especially if your accounts are brand new and not trustworthy enough yet.

  • Best Proxies for Amazon: rotating proxies for web scraping and private static ones for running seller accounts. It doesn’t really matter whether you decide on datacenter or residential ones as long as proxies are of good quality. But remember that the most reliable proxies among the two are certainly residential.
  • Best Proxy Providers: Bright Data, Proxy Seller, High Proxies, SSL Private Proxies, Blazing SEO.

Gaming & Gambling – Make Your Bet On The Best Proxy

This part gets little trickier, as things vary dramatically from one website or game to another. Most online games are often short on a budget, so their designers do not always consider it reasonable to spend extra money on getting an additional fence of security up. Since you don’t steal real money from them, they technically turn a blind eye to something like multi-accounting as long as it doesn’t completely ruin the game. So, unless your favorite game belongs to such big companies as Blizzard or EA Sports, just about any proxy would probably meet your needs. Make sure it’s not overused, though.

Gambling, especially betting, websites are, however, much stricter in this regard, for there’s a lot of real money involved in the gaming process itself. Hence, there’s way more at stake than just some extra XP of an anime-looking character or gold you can buy new armor for. Gambling companies understand you may abuse free bets and other welcome bonuses they provide to newcomers. Thus, however vulnerable their security systems on average compared to big IT corporations were, gambling companies do care about their money. Do not think that setting up multiple accounts will be just a walk in the park on their websites. Not to mention, it’s also quite a gray area – beware of all the risks you’re taking when doing this kind of business and skimping on anonymization tools.

  • Best Proxies for Gaming and Gambling:static, private proxies (yet, some might require something more sophisticated, whereas others can easily be brought down with free ones).
  • Best Proxy Providers: 911.RE,, GeoSurf, PrivateProxy.

Disclaimer: in some countries, gambling may be considered illegal. We do not encourage anybody to break the law. In fact, the entire article is merely an explanation of how things work; and our software is just a tool – we take no responsibility for how you use it.

Shopify & eBay – Just Like Amazon

In many cases, Shopify, eBay, and Amazon are pretty much alike on the subject of their security, with the former two yet being a bit less strict. Nonetheless, these differences are so insignificant that no one reasonable would recommend anyone to put their businesses on the line by using cheaper proxies. You may try, of course, but 9 times out of 10, it will be too risky if your accounts aren’t old and trustworthy enough.

  • Best Proxies for Shopify and eBay:rotating proxies for web scraping and private static ones for running seller accounts. Residential ones will be a better pick for seller accounts.
  • Best Proxy Providers: YourPrivate Proxy, Bright Data, Proxy Seller, High Proxies.

Instagram – Say “Cheese” To Multi-Accounting

Instagram long ago transformed from just another scroll-like-pass social networking into a powerful marketing tool. But because Instagram audiences are by far more casual and less geeky in technologies, the platform hasn’t bothered too much for a very long time about their security. But recently, they’ve finally realized more and more people are interested in using bots on their networking service, thereby often abusing their terms of service.

Today Instagram security is much more complex and harder to bypass than it was a few years ago. However, it still gives way to Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Facebook, and even smaller companies – partly because initially Instagram was just a platform where people did nothing but post pictures. So, as of now, there’s probably no need to spend extra money on pricey proxies, specifically if you use them with GoLogin. Just about any good datacenter proxies (even shared ones) will most likely hit the spot. Although it’s still suggested to buy only good ones when it comes to web scraping.

  • Best Proxies for Instagram: static, private proxies for running multiple accounts; rotating ones for web scraping. You may go for budget proxies, but keep in mind that it may still increase the risks of getting detected.
  • Best Proxy Providers: SSL Private Proxy, Proxy Seller, Blazing SEO Proxy, Bright Data.

To put it short, all the proxies may be classified by the following activities:

  • static, either dedicated or private, proxies are suitable for affiliate marketing, dropshipping, token sale, arbitrage, e-commerce, marketing research, gambling, and gaming;
  • static shared proxies may be exploited for the same things the above types of proxies are used for, but beware – they are less secure, stable, and easier to detect;
  • rotating proxies are mostly used for web scraping and SEO monitoring;
  • free or public proxies can only be used for some simple online games and are not recommended at all, all the good reviews on them regardless.

Don’t be stingy if you can afford to buy high-quality proxy servers and choose residential proxies over datacenter ones whenever it’s possible. Even though the latter type is usually much faster, its speed often comes at the cost of reliability.

In most cases, it’s also recommended to pick SOCKS over HTTP/HTTPS as the former type is much more versatile and secure. But you must understand that the industry is changing so rapidly that you always have to be on the lookout for underlying tendencies – what works today may not work tomorrow. Don’t take it as something written in stone. There’s still a lot up to you. Buying the best proxies the Internet can offer and integrating them into GoLogin sure skyrocket your chances, but it doesn’t instantly guarantee success. Always improve your business approaches and try to stick to the best tools.

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