Meet GoLogin 2.1.7 — Human Typing Emulation and something else…

The last update was last year, and we are ready to present you with a new version of GoLogin 2.1.7 Venus. What’s under the hood? We added Human Typing Emulation and Launch & Stop Profiles In Bulk.

These features greatly simplify your work and reduce the number of bans to zero. We demonstrated how the new features work in a short overview and talked about their main uses. Go!

  1. Launch & Stop Profiles In Bulk
  2. Human Typing Emulation
  3. What’s next?

Launch & Stop Profiles In Bulk

In the new update, we have improved the Profile Launch in Bulk. Now you can run any number of profiles with just a few clicks. By default, we left a limit of 10 profiles and made a notification when this limit is exceeded. If that doesn’t scare you, you can continue running.

Reasonably gauge the capabilities of your PC — if, say, your RAM is only 16GB, but you decide to simultaneously run 100 profiles containing a bunch of cookies and tabs, your system will most likely crash.

Also, note that the technical requirements for each profile can be very different — an empty one will be much less demanding than a profile with 10 tabs saved and cookies uploaded.

Human Typing Emulation

Another cool feature in the new update is human typing emulation. Now all of your copy-pastes will look like you are entering information manually (just like a real human being).

This will potentially increase your profile trust on many websites including Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Instagram, Coinlist, and bookmakers.

What’s next?

Now we are working on bulk extensions installation and bulk proxies import. Stay tuned, maybe some of this will appear in the next update. Also, write in our community what features you would like to see in the future, we will try to release them as soon as possible!

Gerir várias contas sem proibições e bloqueios
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