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Work with plugins in GoLogin

One of the most striking indicators that show your identity to sites are installed plugins. You use them to improve your browser. Since they are developed by third parties, plugins are executed in another process of your computer. Therefore, they can receive and transmit information about your fonts, about your equipment, your real IP and MAC-address. And these are just some of the parameters that plugins can transmit.

Also a combination of plugins helps keep track of you. The list of plugins allows you to significantly narrow down the segment to which the user belongs. Especially with other tracked parameters.

In the GoLogin 'Plugins' tab, you can select two options: Enable potentially vulnerable plugins and Enable Flash plugin. By default, these features are disabled. We do not recommend including them. But if you decide to do this, then you are ready for an increased risk of being tracked.

Especially dangerous is the Flash plugin. This is the first plugin that has been tracked to identify users. He is also one of the most popular. We can change the data that Flash shows sites, but it is quite difficult to do and in fact is not necessary. Just turn it off.

Plugins are not browser add-ons. A browser add-on is an extension that you can download in the Chrome official store. They are executed in the browser process.

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