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Threats to Your Anonymity

Every second, hundreds of thousands of users visit various sites, communicate on social networks and generally live an active virtual life. In this regard, the question of how to ensure anonymity on the Internet is becoming increasingly relevant.

The fact is that all people leave data on the Internet about themselves and their actions. Therefore, many users have a desire to ensure the security of confidential data. One of the key ways to achieve this is to counter your online identity.

In general, each user has the full right to be anonymous on the Internet, since many third-party identities and resources use IP addresses to obtain information about their owners.

It has the following goals:

1. Collection of user statistics using special programs that determine the location of people and other data about them. This is true for numerous online stores and other commercial projects aimed at selling goods or services.

2. Collection of information on any illegal actions. Today, law enforcement agencies have the right to request the personal data of individual citizens from providers.

3. Fraud. By identifying the user's identity by IP-address and finding out his data, attackers can, for example, withdraw money from someone else's bank card or electronic account.

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