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All Profiles are Separated and Protected

Everyone sometimes faces with a problem when you cannot log in to the second profile of any social network. But not everyone has the patience to deal with this. Especially when you have more than two accounts and you need to use them at the same time. Therefore, GoLogin appeared. This is a new service that helps you manage dozens of accounts comfortably from one computer.

In GoLogin, you can create profiles with just one click. GoLogin profiles are completely independent of each other. This means that all cookies, local storage and other profile data are completely isolated.

In the meantime, all your data is stored in the cloud. This is also necessary to prevent hacking of your accounts. All you need is to come up with a good password. Data stored in the cloud is encrypted. Even developers are not able to watch them. Only the password owner can do this.

Below you can see a screenshot of the GoLogin main menu with several profiles.

By clicking on the 'Run' button, you will open the profile in the Orbita browser. It immediately displays the characteristics of the computer that you selected in the profile settings. Also, the browser checks the operation of your proxy connection. If there are any malfunctions, then you will not be able to enter your profile. Thanks to this, you avoid account blocking.

For example, let's go to Facebook. Profile settings in GoLogin are very simple and straightforward. And also your session does not close in the cloud. You do not need to login again. To enter the desired account, just click on the desired profile. All your open pages remain in place, you will not lose them after re-entering the profile.

You can control the access of team members to each profile. You can also use tags to indicate projects or different social networks. Setting up profiles is easy, just try it and see for yourself!

We’d love to hear questions, comments and suggestions from you. Contact us support@gologin.com or leave a comment below.

Are you just starting out with GoLogin? Forget about account suspension or termination. Choose any wed platform and manage multiple accounts easily. Click here to start using all GoLogin features