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Meet GoLogin Proxy Service!

Typically, antidetect browser are used in conjunction with third-party services that sell proxies. For many users, finding a proxy is a big problem. To purchase a proxy, you need to choose a reliable provider, the type of proxy that is suitable for your purposes, and most importantly you need to pay!

Therefore, we decided to make users’ life easier and created the GoLogin Proxy Service. Now you do not need to look for proxies from third-party sellers. Proxies are already built into our program and they are included in the cost of the service. At the moment we have added dynamic proxies, you can see them in the 'Proxies' tab of your GoLogin profile settings. You can also select the country of the proxy provider

After connecting GoLogin Proxy, do not forget to save the settings. Next, you start the profile and the antidetect browser Orbita will open your connection page. Here you can check the IP and provider that the sites see. And that’s it!

GoLogin expands its functionality and with every update it’s easier for you to manage your digital fingerprint. It is especially convenient to do this from a single window. Multi-accounting has never been so easy, try the free 7-day trial period right now.

We’d love to hear questions, comments and suggestions from you. Contact us support@gologin.com or leave a comment below.

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