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IP masking methods

As privacy is violated more and more every year, anonymity on the Internet is becoming increasingly relevant. Threats arise even if the attacker only knows your real IP address. People are starting to use different methods of masking an IP address. Today we will talk about some of them.

Method 1: VPN
The acronym VPN stands for virtual private network, but in fact, everything is much simpler. Roughly speaking, you connect your computer or device to another network and surf the Internet through this network. Any activity looks as if carried out by the owner of that network, but not by you.

When connecting to a VPN, you are replacing your IP address with the IP address of the network you are connecting to. In order to track traffic to your device, the VPN must provide information about you (the IP address can also be found out through a DNS leak).

For more confidence and reliability, it is better to use a paid and proven VPN. Based on the foregoing, we recommend using services that do not save logs related to your activity and cannot give out your IP address even if requested by government authorities.

Method 2: Web Proxies
Web proxy works almost the same as a VPN: you connect to the proxy, after which all your traffic starts going through this server. In this case, your IP address is hidden behind the IP address of the proxy server. However, there are two important differences between a web proxy and a VPN.

First: a proxy server usually does not have encryption. Even if your address is hidden, traffic is available for analysis by providers and law enforcement agencies. In addition, some sites may track your real IP address using Flash or JavaScript.

Second: some browsers only allow redirecting web traffic through a proxy. To use a web proxy, you need to go to your browser settings and specify the IP address of the server. In this case, applications and devices outside the browser, such as Skype, will show your real IP address.

If the server is located in your country, the surfing speed will be quite high. A proxy in another country can be useful in case of blocking some sites and for a slight increase in masking.

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