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Integration of Proxys.io into GoLogin

Proxys.io is a proxy rental service with more than 10 thousand IP addresses from 12 countries. The main product of the provider is IPv4 and IPv6 proxies. All of them can connect via HTTP and SOCKS protocols. The service also provides round-the-clock support and money back within 24 hours after purchase. All proxies are anonymous, and logs are not conducted.

So how can you use these proxies in GoLogin? Log in to your account first. Next, go to the “Buy” tab. Here you can select proxies by location or by task. For example, we need a proxy to work on Amazon. Service will open a suitable option.

Now you need to select the amount of IP, the rental period and the proxy country. For example, Poland. Next, select the payment method and pay for the proxy. They will appear in our account immediately. Go to account and open an order.

Now we have to create a new profile in GoLogin. Click New profile and select HTTP or SOCKS proxies. Then go back to Proxys.io and copy the address, port, username and password. And click Create profile.

Done! Now you can run profile and start using proxies.

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